Wellness. As far as the three modes go, I liked the “Gentle” option best. Toggling the plus sign sets it into motion, with a flashing indicator dictating what cleaning setting it is on. It felt solid in my grip, but not weighty enough that I'd liken each use to #armsday.

It doesn’t come with a Bluetooth connection to monitor your brushing techniques, charcoal-infused bristles to “absorb toxins”, and bacteria-busting LED light attachments. Convinced, I decided that perhaps it was time I upped my oral hygiene efforts. And who doesn’t want that? It convinced me, any rate. The hard tooth. Zenyum Sonic review: Does this sonic-powered toothbrush give a cleaner, whiter smile? Efficacious and largely fuss-free to use, it'd probably sway even the staunchest of manual brush users. And it’s true what my friends said: “all you need to do is glide the device across your teeth and let the device do all the work”. It was a little uncomfortable, but maybe I’m just a bit sensitive. I felt they were being a tad dramatic. Designed to remove 21% more plaque at a speed 10 times faster than conventional electric toothbrush picks, I caved at the possibility of pearly whites bright enough to rival Chris Evans. The Zenyum Sonic boasts its efficacy by vibrating at 30, 000 times a minute at a speed that’s 10 times faster than an average electric toothbrush, and prompts you every 30 seconds so you’ll complete your brushing routine in two minutes flat. To my relief, Gentle mode was a lot less intimidating. Another plus point: it utilises inductive wireless charging, which means I don't have to fumble around looking for the right wire to plug in once it winds down. They said it would be “life-changing”. The device is straightforward, making it easy to get used to. Bearing this in mind, I suppose it's ironic that my aversion to said toothbrushes stems from a place of inherent laziness. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm looking up a spankin' new toothbrush holder to house my new addition. It vibrated at a mild and comfortable speed, yet it effectively cleaned my teeth without leaving any residue. The Zenyum Sonic is available on its site, selected Guardian outlets, as well as on Lazada and Shopee. There’s no need to fix anything that’s not broken, right? Not having to brush with splayed-out, crusty bristles? Perhaps it is because I've saddled myself with enough arduous demands, beauty-wise, or maybe I find it pointless to exert exorbitant effort for what constitutes as basic hygiene.
And “White” for those who want to remove stubborn surface stains gradually. We’ve got you covered. Not an unwelcome sensation, but definitely one that required getting used to. All Rights Reserved. Should You Ditch Your Manual Toothbrush For An Electric One? The two-year-old local brand has been appearing on ads everywhere recently, offering various at-home dental accessories. Despite it being made for everyday use, the “Clean” option took a bit of getting used to, especially for electric toothbrush virgins. The Mido Ocean Star GMT Is Made For Adventurers, Dior Collaborates With Snapchat To Allow You To Try On Sneakers Virtually, Three Virtual Exhibitions To Bring Art Into Your Home, 3 Erotic Podcast To Spice Things Up During Your Stay At Home, Honda Wins World-First Approval For Level 3 Autonomous Car, Formula One Unveils Biggest-Ever 23-Race Calendar For 2021, Bar Trigona Is The First Malaysian Bar To Enter World’s 50 Best Bars 2020, Caps Me Reusable Coffee Capsules Reduces The Hassle Of Refilling, Tropicana Corporation Berhad launches Courtyard by Marriott Penang, 8 Hotels That Allow You To ‘WFH’ During This Pandemic, Connectivity Has Become Necessary For Peak Performance Of An Athlete, Pfizer And BioNTech Develop A Promising Covid-19 Vaccine, The A-List 2020 Campaign Intimate Launch Dinner, 5 Of The A-List 2020 Men Get A Fashion Makeover From Shahrin Bahar, Sneaker Drops: The Latest Sneakers To Hit The Market In 2020, 5 Free Apps You Need To Make Working From Home Easier. Beauty Sign up to receive it all. I realised I haven’t reached for my manual toothbrushes since using the Zenyum Sonic, so I guess this means that I’ve been converted. Who would have thought? They promptly assured me an electric toothbrush is a worthy investment, and even promised it would leave my teeth feeling cleaner than ever with minimal effort. And so, I initially baulked at the thought of having to incorporate an electric toothbrush into my day-to-day regimen. They weren't kidding when they said the brush goes at 10 times the speed of mass market options. Maybe I haven’t been diligent enough about oral hygiene. For more information on the Zenyum Sonic, and to own one, see here. Vanity always wins out, in the end. They  implored me to give electric toothbrushes a try. All in all — and at the affordable rate of $39.90 — I'd say the Zenyum Sonic is a worthy investment. I used it straight off the bat without charging it, and it lasted me a whole month without faltering. What can I say? Emily Heng . “Clean” for an intense deep cleanse. Separately, a 2013 study by Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigative Dentistry found that while both manual and electric options reduce plaque buildup and gingivitis, powered toothbrushes delivered better results. © 2011–2020 Buro 24/7. Here's what I discovered after a solid month of use: Zenyum Sonic comes in two sleek, minimalistic designs: black or white. Time to build a healthy new habit. In the hand, the device felt solid and sturdy, showing no sign of flimsiness. Tell us so we can display what you want to see.

The vibrations were intense, where each whir made it feel as if I was exhuming and removing all built-up debris and tartar. I emerged feeling as if my teeth were well-cleansed without having to stop to assess its state throughout. Text: Emily Heng. It was superb at cleaning teeth for sure with its jet-strength vibrations. What made all the difference to me was the Zenyum Sonic's long battery life. The only complication, if I could even call it that, is having to download the app on our phones to register for the one-year warranty. Enter Zenyum. Polaroid Eyewear Introduces Its New Visor To Protect Eyes, Comfort Reigns: Fashion Trends In A Time Of Covid-19, Race On With The Carrera Sport Chronograph 160 Years Special Edition, The Ronde Louis Cartier Straw and Gold Marquetry Watch Furthers A Classic Metiers d'Art Technique.