into a fricken side game (and then arguably retconned part of her story the literal next main game) I wouldn't be shocked if they got brought up sooner rather than later. With what I gathered the most likely period we are looking at is the Roman Empire. Why would they be buried together if they don't love each other anymore and can't even bear to be around each other without remembering their old pain? Also what exactly will be the connection with our main protagonist and Kassandra? Now, although we see Bayek and Aya split up, they were buried together where they fell in love. We want to create an inspiring environment for our members and have defined a set of guidelines. leveling past 40 assassin's creed origins? Bayek is in his 35s-40s he'll probably die in his mid 60s-70 like ezio that's enough years for them to make two more sequel. I’m curious too as to how all of this will work out but the age part is not much of a problem. Doing so would completely go against the reasons they even set aside their personal lives and formed the Hidden Ones. First let’s talk about when exactly in Rome will Legion take place in. The story in Origins is too grounded and realistic for me to even be able to wrap my head around them doing this. I don't get how Aya / amunet has a tomb in Italy in the Ezio trilogy , yet is buried in Egypt. ), • The gameplay was INITIALLY(keep that word in mind) gonna be more like Odyssey than Origins (possible change in gameplay? “Aya is dead.” And with that, it includes motherhood. Yeah man, the writing and story are the worst parts of the game. Wew lad, the ending is dumb as f***. It just seems like having to explain them having another biological child would mean a lot of backtracking and filling in info that wouldn't make any sense based on how the story has been told so far. I will like to talk now about my theory/speculation about a bit more details regarding this game. To have them together all of a sudden and with a child or grandchild as the new protagonist in a game needs to have a logical explanation. You must log in or register to reply here. The only way to access memories outside of the genetic line would be to get them from the source, which Layla Hassan manages to do with her portable Animus and the mummies of Bayek and Aya. It could also just be a descendant of one of them, not both of them. Unfortunately not, I am clearing the map right now (about 75% through it all) and I have just been scanning the map for stuff I have not finished yet. and he will apparently have a connection to Kassandra (note that they didn’t mention Alexios). Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. I think it'd be too much of a happy ending and makes no sense in the context of their story and their arcs. I’d go for the latter if it was up to me, as the dynamic of co-emperors, a first in the Roman Empire, is delicious. • The developer will be Ubisoft Sofia with assistances from Ubisoft Singapore. Or by descendent do they mean someone like Caesarion, who Amunet takes under her wing? They are youtubers and from what I heard they have gotten other informations before that turned out to be true. They could have Forrest Gump'ed Bayek into all kinds of historical events. What’s intriguing about all of this is that there is some level of rewrite because of fan backlash, but which backlash specifically I don’t know. Because Bayek can't have another child or Aya can't have another child, they take in one to train that way they are still able to continue their legacy. What if those flashbacks are the final years of Bayek and Amunet and seeing the birth of our protagonist? I still have yet to beat it though despite getting it at release. Remember in Origins we found at that Aya (not Amunet) has a tomb in Egypt, with Bayek! The game goes out of its way to point out that Bayek and Aya were buried together, but at the end of the game it's VERY CLEAR they've moved on from each other and don't even consider themselves lovers any longer. Press J to jump to the feed. and has any of their predictions before ever come true? And something as big as them getting back together and having a child, IMO, needs a solid explanation since the game left us hanging. That timeline lines up perfectly for Leonius to be Bayek and Aya’s son or grandson (or an ally of their son/grandson if they go that route). Especially if they age like fine wine. One of them will probably be about Aya with bayek making cameo and the other about bayek last years. We can assume Aya and Bayek had another kid at some point, because we we can assume they reunited at some point. Again, them having another kid and everyone living happily ever after takes away everything that's so tragic about their story. Thanks. Secondly, and the biggest reason, is that Bayek and Amunet having a second child would destroy their resolutions to give all of themselves to the Hidden Ones. You put this very well and this was exactly my thought on the matter. I should point out that Jason Schrier already knows what the 2020 game is gonna be, so expect an article by the end of the year or the beginning of next year. I was thinking it seems like there could be a sequel or spin-off game where she is … None of this even makes sense to me. As for nostalgic purposes for locations, the only thing nostalgic would be the names themselves really, locations in Rome will be rendered as if they were recently built, instead of thousands of years old. It just doesn't make sense based on their characters that they would have another child. (SPOILERS). Other than that, I would think that a Rome game would most likely want to deal with the Good Emperors, and of those emperors Antonius Pius, or his successes Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus. Perhaps a child of Kassandra’s bloodline, and either Bayek or Amunet recognised something special in them. But, to me that was the final straw that broke the game's back of whatever nonsense narrative it was trying to tell. My biggest problem with this rumor is the "descendent" of Bayek and Aya. ), • The main reason for Legion’s existence is to hold-off for the Ashraf game (another topic for another day). how credible are these guys anyway other than them saying "we have a trusted friend on the inside"? i was under the impression theyre the guys ubi studios go to when they need a helping hand, which every game needs. She's not going to abandon the Hidden Ones - the one thing she built herself and devoted all of herself to - for nearly two decades to raise a child while in her 50s-70s. Aya's final monologue says Aya has killed her love and her past and is now Amunet. ), • The map is most of Italy will be very fan servicy much like Rogue (how much of a fan service? I wonder if they'll somehow connect Leonius to Cassius Chaerea; I'm already kinda unhappy with all the weirdness with Darius and Persian Emperors. So, either a plot hole or it makes her final monologue meaningless. I would like to know and read the exact source material for a lot of these rumours etc, because while I believe we will be looking at Ancient Rome, I don’t exactly know why assume they are a descendant of Bayek, other details of this are eluding me as well, and I would love to read the source.