Also referred to as upside down or out-of-the-money. A higher turnover of tenants potentially leads to higher leasing costs such as; leasing agent fees, loss of income through vacancy periods, incentive payouts, advertising fees, legal fees, and valuers fees. Web. The WALE is calculated across all the tenants in a property and is weighted by either the tenant’s lettable area or the tenant’s income against the total combined area or income of the other tenants. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. The Severn and Wye, two of Britain’s longest rivers, lie partly within central and eastern Wales and drain into the Bristol Channel via the Severn estuary. Meaning; WALE: Weighted Average Lease to Expiry (investment metric) WALE: Washington Association of Library Employees: WALE: Wall-Adapting Local Eddy (viscosity model) WALE: Wide Area … 2. Famed for its strikingly rugged landscape, the small nation of Wales—which comprises six distinctive regions—was one of Celtic Europe’s most prominent political and cultural centres, and it retains aspects of culture that are markedly different from those of its English neighbours. If buyers snap up 100 homes per month, the absorption rate is 10% (100 homes sold per month divided by 1,000 homes available for sale). "WALE." This equation can also be reversed to identify the amount of time it would take for the supply to be sold. The absorption rate is also important for buyers and sellers to follow as they make decisions on the timing of purchases and sales. Among the lesser rivers and estuaries are the Clwyd and Conwy in the northeast, the Tywi in the south, and the Rheidol in the west, draining into Cardigan Bay (Bae Ceredigion). Commercial buildings with a low WALE (1 to 4 years) typically have small to medium businesses who commit to leases no longer than 3 to 5 years. What is the capital of Sweden? Wales consists of six traditional regions—the rugged central heartland, the North Wales lowlands and Isle of Anglesey county, the Cardigan coast (Ceredigion county), the southwestern lowlands, industrial South Wales, and the Welsh borderland. Get the top FA abbreviation related to Finance. DEXUS Property Group General Manager, Research, Peter Studley says the WALE is an extremely important measure for owners and investors of commercial property. It is usually weighted by the rental income from each lease but can also be weighted by the amount of space or square metres tenants rent. The WALE is a way of measuring the average time period in which all leases in a property will expire. But the WALE does more than indicate stability of tenants – it can also affect the value of buildings. This means that the WALE (based on income) may be lower than the WALE (based on area). Wake Tech’s school code is 004844. The Property Council of Australia define a WALE as ‘the weighted average lease term remaining to expire across a portfolio, it can be weighted by rental income or square metres.’
Wales is bounded by the Dee estuary and Liverpool Bay to the north, the Irish Sea to the west, the Severn estuary and the Bristol Channel to the south, and England to the east. A long WALE of five years or more indicates income streams are secure well into the future. Other plateaus give way to coastal flats that are estuarine in origin. An underwater asset is worth less than its notional value, like a home worth less than its outstanding mortgage. Commercial property investors may have seen the term WALE in property sales reports and wondered what this term means. The term WALE stands for ‘weighted average lease expiry’. “Leases provide the secure income streams which make up a large part of the investment return for commercial property, so the length of those leases help underpin the value,” Studley says. The varied coastline of Wales measures about 600 miles (970 km).

Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). Real estate professionals, such as brokers, use the absorption rate in pricing homes. An absorption rate does not take into account additional homes that enter the market at various times since it only provides a figure based on the current available data. Weighted Average Lease Expiry (or weighted average lease to expiry), is a metric used to measure a property portfolio's risk of going vacant. The country stretches some 130 miles (210 km) from north to south, and its east-west width varies, reaching 90 miles (145 km) across in the north, narrowing to about 40 miles (65 km) in the centre, and widening again to more than 100 miles (160 km) across the southern portion. These two abbreviations are more common in America and Britain. This is for local authorities. Welsh engineers, linguists, musicians, writers, and soldiers went on to make significant contributions to the development of the larger British Empire even as many of their compatriots laboured at home to preserve cultural traditions and even the Welsh language itself, which enjoyed a revival in the late 20th century. Working out where to go to find finance and choosing the right type can be tricky. Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? n. 1. Acronym Finder, All Rights Reserved. Conwy Castle, along the River Conwy, Wales. WALE is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms ... the UK Government's FinTech Envoy for Wales, at the annual Innovate Finance Global Summit at the Guildhall in London. Famed for its rugged landscape, Wales retains aspects of Celtic culture that are markedly different from those of its English neighbors. Author of. Institute Of Chartered Accountants In England and Wales (ICAEW: A group of accountants and finance professionals who have met various industry competency standards in England and Wales. In general, appraisers are responsible for analyzing market conditions and maintaining an awareness of the absorption rates for all types of appraisal values. Where can you catch a Real Madrid game? This also indicates that the supply of homes will be exhausted in 10 months (1,000 homes divided by 100 homes sold/month). PSP, HIPAA Looking for online definition of WALE or what WALE stands for?

Omissions? The absorption rate in the real estate market is used to evaluate the rate at which available homes are sold in a specific market during a given time period. A financial asset is a non-physical, liquid asset that represents—and derives its value from—a claim of ownership of an entity or contractual rights to future payments. The main difference that occurs in the WALE for the area and income is with properties that have tenancies with different areas and rent rates, such as a shopping centre or office building with lower level retail tenancies.