If you want Shaw 300, they have, fro m what I can see, the capacity to do it (I did many tests over the last few years). for 24 months, then $105/month. Telus has by far the worst customer support i have ever seen, and their internet service is unstable at best.

This includes to major points across Canada, the USA, and Europe. Discount applied after your order is processed. The CEO and his criminalized wife owe me a payout for murdering my family. $45 + $13 = $60/mo - $150 Bill credit (~$75/mo savings). The higher the bandwidth, the better image. happy enough to stick with shaw for now. I have both, Telus (100) at home and Shaw (150) in a now rental, So far I find Telus to be far more stable and doesn't ever slow down, I haven't tried the new 150 from Shaw as I bumped it up for the tenants but I suspect it … I was on Telus DSL up until last summer. IPTV, which Optik TV uses, opts for a different approach. With Telus I have virtually no ping and consistent speed 24-7. I was a happy customer of PUBLIC mobile for over 2 years. They now, from every location I use (I use 3 of them in 3 different cities) have adequate capacity, it is NOT an issue. 150 Mbps. -US channels basic channels (Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC) affiliates are Seattle for Telus and Spokane for Shaw. Never been with Shaw only Videotron 25 years ago ;-). Also good when you're in a packed condo unit. I’ve had the TELUS 150 for 18m and it’s been amazing. But I do find that Shaw has much faster internet. Look in the ongoing deals section of RFD. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Former TELUS employee, 22 Year IT professional my job was off sourced so am a little biased at times....But I am currently with them and on Fibre for 85$ a month they sell me 150 mpbs both up and down and but give me 175 mbps with 1024 gigs a month data with a $ 15 option for unlimited data which I have not come closed to using....Considering 25 years ago I was using dial up @ 9600 KPS and was tracked by hours used....quite the change eh? I wait on hold another 45 minutes. You will be able to edit the text before publishing. Edmonton's Local Subreddit! They might be offering you package deal. The Internet normally costs $75 plus tax per month, that means we are saving $648 a year. Fast, stable, and reasonably priced. Sapporo Sword Bottle Opener with 6-pack Purchase Now Available, [Shoppers Drug Mart] Use an American address.

Our website collected and compiled various consumer reviews about Shaw Cable and Telus Communications as well as customer ratings and recommendations for these brands. if Telus PureFibre isn’t available, Shaw offers much higher speeds, you value fast download speeds, and you don’t care about the fastest upload speeds: Go with Shaw. Obviously 3x the speed with Shaw is a huge benefit if you're downloading a game that's like 80-100 GB.

They have limited bandwidth to shove hundreds of channels using MPEG2 or MPEG4 compression into cable. Not sure how the wifi is with Telus but Shaw's wifi is everywhere and I rely on it with a crappy data plan on my mobile. However, if you have a chance to get fiber, that's the best option, because not only do you get better speed, you also get less latency (response time) which is somewhat of a big deal. It's fine for what we use. If some of you are on Shaw where you have lower than promised speed, get on their case about it. My Telus fiber is pretty awesome 176Mbps Download and 178Mbps upload, getting it installed was beyond asinine but I've forgotten about that after the amazing speeds and have had zero issues with connectivity over the course of almost a year now. Furthermore, a Tier 1 provider must have connectivity to at least three major convergence points. Personally I prefer the upload vs the download as a I have more of a use for it versus the download. You can have the technician doing your install confirm the trainrate before completing the install, just ask for TELUS to not disconnect shaw. Thanks. Goes up to 240mbs for 3 seconds, then down to 80mbs, then.. Every time I call I get sent to business department. Since I'm in the business of saving money, I'm just asking you guys if switching to the lower speeds of Telus would have an impact on my day-to-day internet speeds, or if it should be fine and switching to Telus is the best idea.