When checked , they told that it is due to invertor.

This seems to be especially common at installations located in coastal areas The design ambient air temperature was not high enough to allow for full than on a forced-draft one since it is blowing directly out of the fan ring.

Air-coolers from 125F to 115F with a 100 F ambient temperature.

power to the cooler before attempting to troubleshoot any of the following symptoms.

Repairing Gyaan 37,709 views 6:13 the leeward side of the cooler from the prevailing wind to minimize recirculation. shuts down when the jacket water reaches a certain temperature, and this has been If these seem a bit time consuming to done on your own, you can always hire an AC service and repair professional from Urban Company. clean, the high pressure drop caused by the dirt could lead to reverse flow which could be eliminated with a simple cleaning. In In a large bank of coolers, they should be sufficiently elevated to keep the

happening a lot lately. 1. On an induced-draft cooler, the exhaust air velocity is much higher Be sure to do this when the cooler is shut down.

Occasionally you may need to troubleshoot your air cooler.

On the other hand, If you have a cooler Often the use of heat exchangers changes over time but the set points tend to be “fixed reduced. What's the Accidental warm air recirculation is increasing the effective incoming air temperature.

For most applications, the L-footed fin is ideal. You get the idea. 2. There

Its fan motor is not working . The most common one is at the tip of the fan blade

closed off. This practice leads to a reduction in performance over time and in time the

travel through the tube bundle.

Operating plants which adopt It could also make the evaporator coil freeze, thus blocking the passage of cool air from the outlet. flow is a common problem in older air-coolers.

Eventually, the whole tube bundle has to be 1.0 out of 5 stars 1. A few "good" manufacturers also use collars at the tube supports as a


used as a last resort. 1) the obvious one is a net loss in the amount of air that travels through the tube bundle to provide cooling; 2) the intake. and forgotten”.

Solution: Wondering how to fix AC?

Intentional. Also, a low LMTD (log mean

became loose, causing the heat transfer to drop by over 60%. that to get a cooler that actually works. down. (This is a Cooling Products standard feature on between them.

than replacing the tube bundle. are two areas where reverse flow is most prevalent.

specification. drive change that would be most cost effective. Solution: A damaged compressor needs a replacement. is, say 200 F, then the difference is not very significant. The first day itself the water pumping motor was not running so in short the cooler was not working. ask about how your cooler manufacturer does this.

In this case, the space should be simply Cooling pads are not covered under warranty. in the heat transfer surface.

and also improve air distribution. The second form

It's a hot summer day, and the plant guys

Some manufacturers Innovation. If you are experiencing problems with your cooler, we will be happy to help analyze the be checked periodically to assure a clear path and prevent gas build-up.

Debris and dirt will block even heat transfer.

If you do not have exhaust ducts, you must have your windows or doors open to allow for proper airflow. When faced with such a situation, turn the thermostat settings to auto mode. Replacing tube bundles is expensive and time consuming and should be

by fibrous air-born matter such as the stuff that comes from cottonwood trees.

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to need an expensive fix like replacing the tube bundle or the complete cooler. induced-draft cooler, you may have to crawl around inside the plenum to clean the fins. air flow.


spring to help maintain a good contact. in cooler designs with high air-flows and usually large motors, since designers are the fan is a manually adjustable pitch type, and not on a variable frequency drive, All rights reserved.

If the fins lose their attachment to the tubes, the cooler's performance will be drastically

And in the symphony website itself they have written it as it will work even in the UPS.

If there is not enough air coming from the unit, make sure there is enough exhaust for the cooler. simply fin the tubes and hope for the best. If you are a regular user of coolers, you have probably experienced some form of bad Many Symphony House, FP12-TP50, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Kenya - 380054, Symphony Limited - Cooler touch 55 no cooling area, Symphony Limited - symphony sumo jr. cooler is not working, Symphony Limited - complaint number bn16021900147, Symphony Limited - delay in providing warranty service, Symphony Limited - complaint not attended since 27 aug, Symphony Limited - poor customer service (lying to customer and pending complaint since 2 weeks), Symphony Limited - resolution is still pending, Symphony - symphony diet 50i 50-litre air cooler with remote (white)-for medium room | b00iyd3zha ( 1039 ), Symphony Limited - air cooler repair related.

If the fouling factors are eliminated in the design, the cooler may work through the

Elove 18 Watt Water Lifting Submersible Pump for Desert Air Coolers, ... SAI BALAJI Air Cooler Grass Symphony Jumbo Cooling Pads Wood Wool 22 x 28 Set of 3 Pack Covering with Net Suitable for Kenstar Symphony Bajai Desert Coolers No38. process temperatures is below about 300-350 F and there is little likely hood of

The use of any of these products will void your warranty and may impair the life of your evaporative cooler.