762mm (30"), Without cover, Outlet 210x100mm, Motor 0,37 KW, 220/380 Volt, Sieve perforation 15x15mm, With extra sieve decks (mesh size also 15x15mm), Mounted on wheels , Floor space 1,2x1,0 M, Total height 1,0 M, Weight 250 KG, Extra information sieve without cover. One of the weight assemblies typically has adjustment for the amount of eccentric weight only.

Vibration is accomplished by eccentric weights on the upper and lower ends of the motion-generator shaft. SWECO offers small lab-scale equipment suitable for processing small batch or continuous processes in reseach settings. Vibration is accomplished by eccentric weights on the upper and lower ends of the motion-generator shaft. generation, ROTARY VIBRATOR WITH ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT MEANS, <- Previous Patent (Electronic insect re...). Time-tested technology provides three-dimensional Vibro-Energy motion for all SWECO Finishing Mills. A. SWECO Long Radius Finishing Mills provide a convenient means for separating parts from media. The lower eccentric weights 54 and 56 are then positioned according to the desired lead angle and eccentricity. This maximizes engine life and results in the industry leading fuel economy! a first eccentric weight assembly fixed to the shaft; a second eccentric weight assembly displaced from said first eccentric weight assembly along the shaft, said second eccentric weight assembly including a support fixed to the shaft to extend laterally of the shaft, said support having a ring of slots displaced laterally of the shaft, a first eccentric weight rotatably mounted about the shaft and having a first pin extending to said ring of slots, a second eccentric weight rotatably mounted about the shaft and having a second pin extending to said ring of slots. Any type of rotating vibrator, that includes rotary electric (RE), ball or turbine vibrators generate their “vibratory force” by rotating a mass around the center of the unit or shaft. This configuration will reduce the productive life of the vibrator and may produce destructive forces within a piece of equipment. This motion subjects parts and media to a consistent high frequency tilting movement as they travel in a helical/orbital path around the chamber. This energy is measured by mm of amplitude between 1 and 9, with 9 indicating higher energy. Additionally, if the vibrators are mounted to a piece of equipment i.e. This lower eccentric weight assembly 40 includes a support 42. Document the amplitude and unload time before adjusting weights so you can measure improvements and get back to a known process if required.

SWECO Batch Finishing Mills are ideally suited for use with external separating systems, manual parts unloading and for processes that have no media and the entire load can be easily discharged out the bottom door. The collar 48 may then be molded in place. Parks and Recreation Kason Vibroscreen | Weight Settings & Assembly - Duration: 7:17.

In the photo, the vibrator is shown at its factory setting, 40%. & Terms of Use. Vibro sieve (1x), Make Sweco Europe S.A., Type S-30 S, No. These stops 62 may be placed at convenient intervals such that the ring 60 is divided into regular angular spacing.

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The invention, therefore is not to be restricted except in the spirit of the appended claims. Using the appropriated sized wrench, remove the four bolts that hold the vibrator’s weight cover in place. When adjusting, change only one variable at a time. Q. If accessibility requires, they may change position with the eccentric weight assembly 14 for convenience.

Rotation of the top weight creates vibration in the horizontal plane, which causes material to move across the screen cloth to the periphery. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Thus, an easily adjustable counterweight assembly has been disclosed. 7:17. How do we adjust our self-unload bowl vibratory machines to increase their energy and get them to unload faster?—G.F.

The slots 64 and the pins 66 and 68 are so arranged that the pins fit into the slots without substantial play. The first pin 66 associated with the weight 54 extends radially outwardly from the periphery of the fan shaped plate. Such devices, particularly with circular chambers, use an electric motor having a driven vertical shaft with a weight assembly at each end. If the openings are tight compared to the size of the media, forward feed needs to be reduced to eliminate media carryout over the screen deck. Make notes of the starting point before changing weight settings.

Your email address will not be published. Consider these five variables to determine what fits your application. In adjustment of the eccentric weight assembly 40, maximum eccentricity is achieved by lining the weights 54 and 56 up with one another.

These New CAT engine with fully electronically controlled Hydraulic System to allow optimal performance at very low engine RPM. Because of the vibratory environment in which these devices are used, the weights are normally positioned and the lead angle selected using fasteners securely fixed with tools. First, let’s delve into everyone’s favorite subject, math, to get a better understanding of the importance of weight setting and its impact on the operation of the vibrator and, more importantly, the piece of equipment. The top weights and the positioning of the top weight carriage will affect the media’s forward feed. Machine manufacturers attach amplitude measurement stickers to the outside of the bowl to indicate measurement of the energy and forward feed.

In the same way, the weights can be adjusted so they oppose each other and become balanced.

The shaft 12 is driven by the electric motor 10. 40 Under 40: Dean Bell, Precision Finishing, Copyright © 2 is a detail perspective view of the second eccentric weight assembly of the present invention. This eccentric weight assembly 14 includes an eccentric weight hanger 16 having a central collar 18 for association with the shaft 12. No tools are required for such adjustments. Authentic Sweco Aftermarket Products Superior Screening Solutions After tightening the weight clamp bolt, double-check to make sure that the weight didn’t move while being tightened onto the shaft, if the punch mark is off the desired scale plate mark, loosen the bolt and reposition the outer weight. If you have any questions or want to learn more, our team is here and happy to help! The geometry of the weights allows each to have equal eccentricity in spite of the variation in outer diameter. The collar includes a hole 20 with a key way 22 and set screws 24. To have no eccentricity in the weight assembly 40, the plates would be positioned with the pins 66 and 68 diametrically opposed. 1 and bolted in place by bolts 34.