return to the home. may include but is not limited to: Evidence that indicates the individual sought safe haven in a shelter for abused persons; Protection order issued against an alleged abuser; Copy of verdict and judgment or sentence against the abuser for committing an act The home exclusion applies to all buildings on excluded land. Shared ownership. If you want to talk to someone in person, you can go to your local Social Security field office. continued ownership interest in the home, the home is an excluded resource through If the individual has left his or her home but intends to return to it, see SI 01130.100E. Instead of returning to the home, the recipient develops a rental agreement (g) Failure to reinvest proceeds timely.

(1) If the proceeds (e.g., installment amounts constituting payment against the principal) from the sale of an excluded home under a promissory note or similar installment sales contract are not reinvested fully and timely (within 3 months of receipt) in a replacement home, as of the first moment of the month following receipt of the payment, the individual's countable resources will include: (ii) That portion of the proceeds, retained by the individual, which was not timely reinvested. If the individual has left his or her home due to domestic abuse, determine whether General rule for property that no longer serves as the principal place of residence submit one of the items of evidence listed in SI 01130.100C.2. expressions of intent. A dependent relative is one that depends on you for any reason (such as for financial or medical help.). that he intends to return to the former residence as soon as possible. evidence of how the land is treated for tax assessment purposes. On February 5, the recipient's wife TABLE OF CONTENTS (LINKS): Introduction Information About the Social Security Administration Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overview SSI General Information SSI Eligibility Requirements ... Student Earned Income Exclusion Payment for Travel to Medical Exams or Tests Getting SSI … to return. brother or sister, stepbrother or stepsister, half brother or half sister; An “equitable” ownership interest in property can result from personal considerations In addition, the home must be your primary place of residence. expect to be out of work for at least 12 months? but also to any adjoining land. If you have any other evidence such as bills showing that you paid for additions or repairs to the home or you made mortgage payments, you should provide those as well. However, see §§ 416.1220 through 416.1224 when there is an income-producing property located on the home property that does not qualify under the home exclusion.

property; or.

for Evidentiary Documents (NDReD). However, previously received proceeds that were not timely reinvested remain countable resources to the extent they are retained.

home is a resource, it is a countable resource, unless excluded under another provision and whether a co-owner consents or refuses to sell). (. (2) The note remains a countable resource until the first moment of the month following the receipt of proceeds that are fully and timely reinvested in the replacement home. Management and Operations Support (ARC MOS), for an opinion from the Regional Counsel. provision, is included in determining countable resources as of the first moment of Shared ownership is when you legally own the property with someone else (your name is on the deed). a question about the correctness of the original determination or indicates that the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), How to Apply for Social Security Disability.

If an individual alleges equitable ownership (e.g., an unwritten ownership interest

The SSA may still allow you the home exclusion if you have to leave your home but can't return to it for reasons beyond your control.

You will need to provide the SSA with the evidence needed to show you meet the requirements of the home exclusion. Copyright 2020, SSI; profits from selling home to buy a new home. personnel. “other circumstances” (such as damage to your home).

Obtain evidence related to the individual’s allegation of domestic abuse. EXAMPLE:  If an individual lives on his or her own land in someone else's trailer, the land rendering the home no longer excludable, unless excluded under another provision. left it with no intention of returning. Report of Contact It doesn’t matter who you own the land with or how the ownership is titled (tenants-in-common, tenants by the entirety, or as joint tenants). that has been agreed to. Absent evidence to the contrary, accept the allegations. SSI allows a single person to have only $2,000 in assets to stay eligible for SSI, and a married couple can only have $3,000 in assets. SI 01110.115 - Assets That Are Not Resources, SI 01130.130 - Real Property Whose Sale Would Cause Undue Hardship, Due to Loss of Housing, to