Some went to town on sugar and took inspiration from cakes and nostalgic pick ‘n’ mix (lemon drizzle and lemon sherbert were among the varieties we tried). If you have any questions or suggestions for future reviews, or spot anything that has changed in price or availability, please get in touch at But Sipsmith’s Orange & Cacao gin is reminiscent of an entirely different holiday. The Dundee Gin Co Marmalade Gin Liqueur  (50cl, 26.5% ABV). The English Drinks Company – The Orangery Gin. With its perfect balance of the bitter sweet orange blended with festive spices, Boë Spiced Orange Gin Liqueur is best enjoyed with tonic, soda or lemonade. Pin Gin – Valencian Orange (40% ABV, 70cl or 35cl), £35, Gin Kin Shop. Think copper pot stills, one shot distillation and relatively small batches. Read More . Sipsmith Orange & Cacao Gin (50 cl, 40% ABV). Masons Grapefruit & Mandarin Gin (70 cl, 40% ABV). This review was last updated in September 2020. In a nutshell: Most citrus-infused gins will have you longing for lazy summer evenings or dreaming of the Mediterranean, thanks to their Spanish and Italian influences. It’s hard to imagine a time when we were happy with just ice and a slice as we now lavish our balloon glasses with pink grapefruit wedges, peppercorns, thyme and mint. Flor de Sevilla, Tanqueray’s Spanish-inspired gin, was the resounding winner in our tasting session. The result is a sweet and zesty spirit with notes of fresh orange juice alongside orange marmalade with creamy vanilla and gooey dark chocolate fondant. It’s a taste that’s not quite salty (that would be too obvious), more of a light mineral tang to the finish. Citrus gin was actually far more popular centuries ago, but it’s been making its way back onto our supermarket shelves recently, so much so that even supermarkets are launching their own citrus-inspired gins. It’s still gin – not a sugary chocolate cocktail – so notes of juniper and aromatic botanicals will please traditional gin lovers. A citrus gin that will make you think of breezy walks on the beach. Next we add an array of botanicals from orange blossom to cacao nibs, before resting the … With a base of Sipsmith London Dry, the brand’s Orange & Cacao Gin combines a syrup made from raw cacao nibs and fresh orange peel. The result is a sweet and zesty spirit with notes of fresh orange juice alongside orange marmalade with creamy vanilla and gooey dark chocolate fondant. Hand crafted by the talented distilling team at Sipsmith, our Zesty Orange Gin pays homage to the classic London Dry style whilst dialling up the citrus. It makes us think of Christmas and smells very much like a chocolate orange – the most festive kind of chocolate there is. While some gin brands go in for the ‘more is more ethos’, Tanqueray isn’t one of them.

The City of London Gin Distillery made quite a name for itself when it launched in 2012. Sipsmith London Dry Gin: is the quintessential expression of a classic, traditional London Dry Gin. Excellent with a premium tonic, soda or lemonade or mixed in cocktails. All are unique and innovative, plus the range itself was incredibly varied. This Sipsmith gin, flavoured with citrus and cocoa nibs, might just be for you. Gin and tonic might not be a drink that we’d naturally gravitate towards in winter, but we absolutely would with this offering.

Sipsmith Gin review . Beer 52 exclusive offer: Get a free case of craft beer worth £24. Beefeater London Dry remains a classic but the brand has also successfully branched out in creating some of the nicest flavoured gins out there in recent times.

Their take on blood orange gin is simply bursting with zest and has become a bar classic.