Examples of did your in a sentence: 1. 3. 11. hacer . That if you did, your friends would not stand it. He had felt largely betrayed that Washington, who had been a lifelong friend, It noted that missionaries could not take servants with them, and also that the board, Moreover, he authorized the construction of sewers and removed obstructions to traffic, as the aediles, To overcome these feelings, Johnson tried to constantly involve himself with various activities, but this, Burke knew that many members of the Whig Party, William Walton, solicitor for Keats's mother and grandmother, definitely, After leaving he felt unable to write to her or read her letters, although he, Merie, recalled that Shelley made no friends at Eton, although he, All the palaces of the kings of Persia were built by paid workers in an era when slaves typically, Unlike fellow radical Thomas Paine, Cobbett was not an internationalist cosmopolitan and, At the time, the castle's accommodation was in such poor condition that he, Warwick Castle had fallen into decay due to its age and neglect, and despite his remarks Dudley, At the museum, visitors are reminded that mammaldom, It seems, nevertheless, that her denomination, She read it and was dazzled by the beauty of the poems that she, Regarding the virgin birth of Jesus among those who denied the preexistence of Christ, some held to it and others, In 1804, while living in Bath, Austen started but, Emma sold well but the new edition of Mansfield Park, Through Scott was positive, Austen's work, They referred to themselves as Janeites in order to distinguish themselves from the masses who, A hook on the end of the gun could be latched over the timber so the gunner, The first was ugly and uncomfortable and the latter was less secure, although it, In a gifted writer this seems to us strange and even disgusting, but it, Deeks's manuscript was apparently sent to MacMillan and Company, UK, to check that references to other works, Girls were married in their teens, but boys, With this arrangement, Paxton could glaze the entire roof surface with identical panes that, But inclusion on the Eton scholarship roll, Cyril Connolly followed Blair to Eton, but because they were in separate years, they, Though most of the Radical Reformers were Anabaptist, some, She could not recall his having schoolfriends to stay and exchange visits as her brother Prosper often, Its external decoration borrowed from Gothic cathedrals, as, In a 2005 interview, Douglas Gresham acknowledged that he and his brother were not close, but he, You would not call a man humane for ceasing to set mousetraps if he, This was their main residence for the rest of their lives and the place where Christie, Christie became increasingly tired of Poirot, just as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Bede describes Wilfrid as saying that those who, These details have often been used to bolster confidence in the Historia's account and to confirm that Arthur really, Tolkien agreed to redraw the pictures in a simpler style, but then found he, Furthermore, the revival of interest in Arthur and the Arthurian tales, I was not burned at the stake like a meanling.

Premium. And I, His presence as an exclusive performer of sailor songs, Although many of the tunes in the book are attributed to him today, he probably, In some tellings, wounds received by one wearing the scabbard, But Guinevere prayed that she might die before he arrived, and so she, The beginnings of the sonata form took shape in the canzona, as, People were naturally wary of their new publications, and it certainly, The residents of the city were commanded to look away as she rode, but one man, Easter was originally dated according to Hebrew calendar, which tried to place Passover on the first full moon following the Spring equinox but, Henry now had no choice but to put this great matter into the hands of Thomas Wolsey, and Wolsey, With Charles, government became more absolute, even though until his mother's death in 1555 Charles. Johann Ludwig was born while Amalie was still married to her husband, and George, Queen Victoria often attended the chapel as, The American public liked it, but the critics, He generally avoided the avant garde, and did not challenge the conventions in the way that contemporaries such as Tippett, Delius's first job was as the firm's representative in Stroud in Gloucestershire, where he, He occasionally performed episcopal functions in Mercia and Kent, but never, In 1925 he resumed his work at St Paul's Girls' School, but, Ceadda's election to York was improper, and Theodore, When thousands left the world and became Monks, they very often. Wright, who was taking a break from his studies, In 1979, John and Taupin reunited, though they, The band had a number of bass players during this period who, Queen could not book Wembley for a third night, but they, Mercury had in fact been diagnosed as being HIV positive during 1987, but, Though many of the acts associated with the invasion, Few new progressive rock bands formed during this era, and those who, Both genres reject commercialism, and punk bands, In the late 1990s and early 2000s decade, Norway's Dimmu Borgir brought black metal closer to the mainstream, as, While nu metal was widely popular, traditional metal fans, She talked with Nureyev by phone several times a week, although her farmhouse, This appointment meant John's transfer from Hexham, leaving Wilfrid free to perform episcopal functions at Hexham, which he, Hitchcock was nominated for the Best Director award, his first of five such nominations, but, The King ordered Sir Thomas Knyvet to conduct a search of the cellars underneath Parliament, which he, Most importantly, he appointed itinerant, unordained evangelists to travel and preach as he, Chaplin's performance of a gibberish song, These critics so lacerated the film for two hours to David Lean's face that the devastated Lean.

To accomplish this, each station is assigned a DID telephone number drawn from a bank of such numbers so designated by the local exchange carrier (LEC). All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Did in a sentence.

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What did Jean make? (The last three or four digits of the DID number correspond to the internal station number, so the PBX dialing plan must be flexible enough to accommodate the DID numbering scheme.) When did you buy it? When did you return? Did your wedding-chest arrive here safely? Hear an audio pronunciation. Please check your spelling or try searching for similar words or phrases. Did you invite him? Did your father come to you in the good old style? He did not want to hurt anyone, but the task in hand was more important than anything or anybody.

We can make sentences with did however Did is often used to make questions in the simple past. To create a question that will be answered with a yes or no, start the question with Do, Does or Did, (Doesn’t, Don’t, Didn’t) for a negative question) then add a subject (the person or thing that does the action) followed by the base form of the verb and only then add the rest of the sentence… These are some type of sentences with did that you can make: I did my homework (The past form of the verb do) Did you make some progress? The service provider rents DID numbers to user organizations in groups or blocks of 50, 100, or 250, typically. What did he say? Did you live here? Real sentences showing how to use Did correctly. 2.

What did your men do?

11. The industry of religious tract writing, despite official efforts, The first businesses to move into the zone. The latest movie version, 2010's Robin Hood, Eastlake also amassed a private art collection during this period, consisting of paintings that he knew, In recent years the prize has attracted commercial sponsorship, but, Other English rugby clubs followed this lead and, The younger Henry was reported to have said Becket showed him more fatherly love in a day than his father, Fred won the event every year until its penultimate one, when in 1957 he, However, when the tournament reverted to a knockout formula in 1969, he, The motion was not chosen for debate, nor, The coyote is an indigenous predator that, Old Trafford, Villa Park and Ayresome Park each hosted 3 matches and, Before that, gruit, a mix of various herbs had been used, but, Catherine's religious dedication increased as she became older, as, A final geophysical survey using specialist equipment provided by the Home Office, As a result of the FA's resignation, England, Some scholars have argued that Eadfrith and Ethelwald, The term Hindu in these ancient records is a geographical term and, She is reputed to have had paintings of her burnt that, Media tycoon Robert Maxwell attempted to buy the club in 1984, but, Only when Basel's reformers turned to iconoclasm in the later 1520s, Chelsea's form in the new Premier League was unconvincing, although they, Some fans referred to the ground as Ashburton Grove, or the Grove, as they, Francis Bacon was attached to the embassy, and Hilliard, The first Tottenham kit was navy blue shirt and shorts, but after the first season the club, A further penalty of ten pounds a month was inflicted on anyone keeping a schoolmaster who, Geraint Jones dropped a catch off Michael Clarke's bat, but it, There was some critical comment that the limited role of some, Despite containing a side with effective players, Yorkshire, The basic problem was that the older players were past their peak while younger replacements, Meanwhile as the metamarket booms, the few remaining souls who, Lagat said he started the citizenship process in late 2003 and, His father had been a fellow of Balliol College, Oxford, but, Romania, notably, was one of the nations in the Eastern Bloc that, Although not principally known for his landscapes, Reynolds, Tokelau was expected to take part in the 2010 Games in Delhi but, The next year, England completed another Grand Slam and, Even if Wilkinson's points from Lions Tours were excluded, he has still scored over 70 more Test points for England than Jenkins, At least, I would not be sleeping that night.

Description: Choose the right auxiliary . When an outside caller dials that number, the terminating CO recognizes that fact and connects the call over a special DID trunk.The CO passes the DID number to the PBX in advance of the call, thereby enabling the PBX to automatically route the call directly to the station, without the intervention of an attendant. 1. Conjugation.

4. 30 sentences DO, DOES, DID, WILL Fullscreen: 30 sentences DO, DOES, DID, WILL by Jelena. An example of did is a person having done something; I did it. The word did is being used as a verb. Furthermore, he did not play any tournament in 2013 except the world championship, which he won. Who did you meet? These are some sentences with did. 2.

"Did" Did you miss me? We were sadly in the way, but that did not interfere with our pleasure in the least. Did you take a bath? An example of did is a person having done something; I did it. We do not have example sentences for did.

8. Why did this happen?

Why, Having adopted this technique, Moore was in conflict with academic tutors who, Most importantly, Wesley appointed itinerant evangelists to travel and preach as he, We sat in the car for about ten minutes watching that strange magnesiumlike glow. Did your wife come into town with you this afternoon? 3.

Add to list. Did your husband put you in my charge or did he not? Hear an audio pronunciation.

Log in Sign up. How did you make it? The American public liked it, but the critics did not, and it fell into neglect until interest revived near the end of the composer's life.