Make it bendable, like a conveyor or pipe… Make it come in a 2x, 4x, 6x 8x segment… The more you add, the faster our game runs. Who needs that much fabric? Relative to the Solid Steel Ingot recipe, this produces only ~60% as many Steel Ingots per Iron Ore input, but requires only 45% as much Coal *per Ingot* (at the cost of requiring an equal amount of Sulfur). Also, the horrible z-order fighting of surfaces is causing major issues when trying to build simple things. You know what this does. (Also, stop telling us it is an invalid place to put things, when there are MORE post-movement factors to account for. (Give smart-spliters as an early game item. PLEASE remember these are simply my opinions, formed mostly by the numbers but also somewhat by gameplay. I’ve had times where I’ve been unable to retrieve them after dismantling a 2+ level building due to them being too high to reach. 4x space, 6x power, but more than double the copper. In all seriousness, this is a late game recipe but it does add a lot of complexity requiring crystal oscillators and beacons both. A bunch of existing assets were tweaked and improved to fit the new look and level of quality. To obtain that focus we decided that oil should be a challenge of logistics and not nasty numbers. Unlocking pipes together with coal and Automated Vehicles got overwhelming. Alternate recipes; M.A.M. Besides that, we made some changes to address the current meta (the ‘most optimised playstyle’), because copper was getting sad, and our screws were starting to question the meaning of their existence. Transporting fluids will be a different challenge than transporting your regular solid resources. We are mainly talking non-essentials, such as walls and walkways. 4,754 . 50 votes, 20 comments. Now i can check for possible mistakes i made, Awesome! Essentially similar to any of the production machines, but they simply make an “unseen” transport of goods, along any set length. People have talked me up to C on this recipe. Ramps need a different set of rules than “platforms”… You don’t normally stack ramps one directly above the other and when they are side by side, they, presumably, should be oriented the same. And then, when they are familiar with a new feature you start combining it with others to create new levels of complexity. So I’m setting up production for wires or reinforced iron plates 20 times in 20 different locations, Otherwise, I would need 40-50 belts coming out of a megafactory, and setting that up is pretty much the antithesis of fun. Цей файл неможливо відкрити, оскільки у вашому веб-переглядачі вимкнено JavaScript. The alternate recipes Infused Uranium Cell and Nuclear Fuel Unit drastically improve this ratio. They shifted the ratios around after the patch but it's still great! We mostly got rid of this, allowing players to use their existing production lines or storage to make the Project Parts. Relative to the normal Steel Ingot recipe, this is 1.67x as efficient on Iron Ore, and 3.33x as efficient on Coal.