And then, lo and behold, your book might turn into a TV show or a movie. I think that we added 65,000 followers to our book club in that month, in January, last January--, Harden: We just hit one and a half million followers. You know, we have been, in fact, I spent the morning looking at, we're running a competition for our book club. Harden: Well, yes and no. Because they love her? And I do think, when we started the company a few years ago, you know, it was prior to the #MeToo and sort of Time's Up movements, but I think really driven by this white space and this opportunity that Reese certainly saw, and also, like many great companies, born of frustration. Same with Kiley Reid's book we just picked in January, Such a Fun Age, again, a debut author. And, you know, she really, she thinks a lot at the time of the year that a woman is in too, and what we love reading. Today, Sarah's business is female authorship, female-driven stories made for a diverse audience. Alongside founder Reese Witherspoon, Harden leads Hello Sunshine’s growth as a premium content studio and direct-to-consumer media brand developing films, scripted and unscripted television series, podcasts, live events and more. A lot of them ask us, "I'm already a member," because following us on Instagram feels like a member, "How do I get the books? And she had already, you know, been utilizing her own capital to fund her work as a, you know, as a producer for many, many years. So she's really in it as a parent. And, you know, we're not about exclusivity and all of that. But really so much of what we're talking about are things that people are often doing alone, and that sort of, I think what people have a harder and harder time dealing with, which is the amount of time that, you know, 30 strangers are sitting in a cafe, all staring at their phones. You know, when the writer's strike happened in 2008 and 2009, the midmarket of the movies just dropped off. I think in our part we are saying, "We have to be part of this solution." I mean, I think the same convening mission, putting women at the center, obviously. I mean, we certainly engage men and male book clubs, and you know, I know of a lot of, like, cross-gender book clubs. And I think for us that putting books at the center of building this community, and I think there's lots of ways we're looking to do that and deepen that conversation online, certainly in real life. (LAUGH). I mean, she's everywhere. The entertainment industry is at an inflection point in terms of female representation, both on and off camera, and Sarah is in the middle of it all. So I think we did two unscripted shows, actually, Shine On with Reese and then a show with The Home Edit, and I think which really helped us get our unscripted business off the ground. And then go, like everything, go out and try and set it up in the marketplace and get someone to buy it, to enable us to make it. And we've just gotta go make entertaining TV shows. Sarah Harden, CEO of Hello Sunshine, arrives for a premiere in New York on Oct. 28, 2019. The full episode transcript for Byers Market, Hello Sunshine’s Sarah Harden. We do get asked, sometimes, if there's a competitive process for, you know, it's a really competitive marketplace if we're looking to option a book, which happens really early in the process. Some like to go to their local, independent bookstore. And so I think that's something we're thinking about a lot. So, which, and you know, we do a lot that centers around books, so which books we choose to option and how we choose to involve in that process. That's what it takes to make anything great. It's really. We have a looming writers' strike in May. And that's, I mean--. And that's just, that's a book that when people, when we announced it it was like, "Oh, it sounds like it's got history (LAUGH) in it." So without further ado, my conversation with Sarah Harden. And all the way through to the premier in March. And the best premium storytelling invites audiences of all types. Sarah Harden has officially been named CEO of Reese Witherspoon ’s production company Hello Sunshine. I’m thrilled to have her lead this talented Hello Sunshine team.”. I think we've really tried to build that rand love, I guess, and engage that audience in conversation and a big focus for the (MUSIC) next 12 months is deepening that relationship with our book club followers. And I think Jenna Bush Hager's picks, I'm always curious to see what other people have picked and why they've picked them. And we are, you know, I think that change is happening and has to happen everywhere. And power follows money. You're looking to laugh. What am I gonna get? We have production help from Tanner Robbins of Neon Hum and Allison Bailey of NBC News. And I think one of the first things we said when we started the company too, look, starting a media company, it wasn't from scratch, but certainly, you know, was both creating content, but also important to have a curatorial voice for our brand. So I think what we said for the first two or three years of the company, let's just build that followership and influence. They loved that. We're not trying to build the world's biggest book club. “Sarah is a force of nature. In fact, I think Reese is gonna do an Insta story about how great some of the names are, and (LAUGH) why they've come together, virtual book clubs. And I think in addition to that, I think, you know, really allied and working in partnership wherever we can with other great, distinctive creators as well. That gives her a profoundly unique perspective, not just on the business of Hollywood, but on the politics of Hollywood as well. Byers: Right. I do feel hopeful. But I do think it reflects that--. I will also say, you know, I was watching The Oscars recently, and I was sort of, on the one hand, you know, and my wife and I talk about this. But I think providing more opportunities for our members to get together in real life, and certainly I think, you know, looking at making it easier for people to access our books in whatever format they like as well. Because nothing talks like success, (LAUGH) is one part. Can These Execs Save ViacomCBS’ Storied Cable Brands? I mean, the scripted content is so expensive. And we never thought about that, as that for men. And then we've also announced, I think we sort of prioritized our relationship with AT&T and HBO and Warner Max, focusing on this rom-com slate deal that we've done with HBO Max. Byers: And it sounds to me like there's a lot of potential to sort of keep that community. Finally Cut Ties With Johnny Depp, OG Internet Star Cindy Margolis Downsizes in The Valley, Megan Thee Stallion Details Debut Album ‘Good News’, Urwerk’s New UR-100V Iron Watch Can Tell You How Far You’ve Traveled Through Space, Manchester Utd Loses $40 Million as TV Rebound Can’t Cover Game Day Hit, Barack Obama’s Memoir “A Promised Land” Is Here To Save You from Your 2020 Woes. And if you see some of our book club submissions, oh my god, they're so funny. Byers: So if you go home, if you have all of the streaming apps like I do, because it's my job, Reese is everywhere, right? I think now since the Warner Media acquisition and the announcements there, and we are partnering with HBO Max. And so, you know, we think a lot about that. I really do. And I look at the dynamics of what's happening with the broadcast nets as well. And so I think we talk about this excellence and passion bar for everything we do. So how do you change the makeup of Hollywood? Byers: Right. “From the moment I met Sarah Harden, I have been in awe of her vast understanding of business development and digital media brands around specific communities,” Witherspoon said. Sometimes you haven't even read the book. And so that's been a two and a half year journey if you followed our handles with that. And look, I read all of Oprah's picks. HBO's Big Little Lies, Apple's The Morning Show, Hulu's Little Fires Everywhere, which just dropped today. And we're not tryin' to crack an algorithm or get people to follow us who, you know, who don't wanna be there. And then explaining that to the community, and then engaging the conversation around it. And a lot of our members borrow from the library--. What's the sort of? Byers: Just because the Oprah Book Club does exist as well, do you think about, is there a sort of philosophy about how you differentiate yourself in terms of, or are you fine to have a sort of big Venn diagram overlap of those two communities? We started off saying if we're talking about, you know, at the end of the day our stories are about, you know, they're about women's identity and agency. And I think they serve a really important function. And, you know, we have From Scratch coming to Netflix, Daisy Jones and the Six, we're about to go into production. And we'll sometimes have people say, "Well, we'll give you this option, but you have to guarantee it's a book pick." And the sort of seven or eight months before that I was doing it, but not publicly. So we've just finished production on a show for Netflix with The Home Edit women, title TBD, not yet announced. And so when we talk about what we're trying, we're trying to build the most meaningful book club for women, and however that's interpreted for any one of our followers. And we never, we don't link the two. Sarah Harden has officially been named CEO of Reese Witherspoon’s production company Hello Sunshine. Harden: You know, it's one of that Reese is very, I mean, she just, she really picks the books. And I do think, you know, there are many I think vocal voices demanding change. Byers: So is there something in those sort of two years, thinking about the future of what you guys are working on, which is greater female representation, female authorship, do you feel bullish about the sort of, that future? All rights reserved.Designed by digital, darling. Byers: (MUSIC) Okay, so let's switch over to the sort of film and TV side of this all. Again, you know, these incredible shows, you've got Little Fires Everywhere coming out. Byers: Thank you for taking the time to do this. Some will borrow from the library. Britney Spears Loses Bid to Remove Father From Conservatorship, How Clea DuVall's Lesbian Christmas Movie Radicalizes a Conventional Genre, Amy Adams and Glenn Close’s Oscar Chances Try to Stand Above ‘Hillbilly Elegy’, Why Warner Bros. And I think she's really having fun with it. And I think there's such a thing as the right show for the right platform with the right talent at the right time. And then there's some great creators too. And so I think all of our shows, you know, we do spend a lotta time putting together, like, that magic fairy circle. Harden: Well, I think what we express is as we put women at the center of every narrative that we champion.