Richard Wade Farley (born July 25, 1948)[1] is an American convicted mass murderer. "His life mattered, he made a difference. By providing false information to the ESL HR department through pretexting, Farley was able to obtain Black's home address and home phone number. On January 17, 1992, Superior Court Judge Joseph Biafore Jr. sentenced Farley to death. RICK FARLEY'S death was as tragic as his life was remarkable. [5][6] He had been working for ESL for nine years and spent several months stalking Black full-time, then found work at a rival company, Covalent Systems Corporation in Sunnyvale.[7]. "He was always absolutely straight. He was in the process, as I understand it, of recovery only to sustain another tragic accident that ultimately claimed his life. She added: "He never recovered from the aneurysm … but he put up the biggest fight I have ever seen anyone put up.". They Vote For You | Because of his poor performance, his employment with ESL was terminated in May 1986. [4], That same year, Farley ran for the Australian Senate as a candidate for the centrist Australian Democrats.

Brooke Shields played Black and Richard Thomas played Farley. [1] They separated in 1996 and Farley went on to date Australian Labor Party MP Linda Burney, the first Indigenous member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly and the former Deputy Leader of the New South Wales Opposition. He was, until his death, a member of the New South Wales Reconciliation Council. [7] 98 rounds were fired. Farley was described by those close to him as having had "an extraordinary ability to persuade, negotiate and build bridges to gain bipartisan support for the matters he was passionate about". He was there, I think, from 1976 until he joined me at the National Farmers Federation, and even then he was of course still representing Queensland cattlemen, amongst other farmers around the country. His father was in the military, therefore the family frequently relocated, and eventually settled in California. Meanwhile, Black regained consciousness and managed to prevent her wound from bleeding further while she and other survivors hid from Farley. Together, they had one son and one daughter, Jeremy and Cailin Farley. Rick’s passing is very sad for his wife, Linda; his lovely children, Jeremy and Cailin; his stepchildren; his mother, Joan, whom I know well; his extended family; and also his first wife, Cathy Reade, who was a big part of his life for a long time—and they continued to have a very amicable relationship despite the fact that they moved apart in later years. Farley was also known to have befriended the custodial department in an attempt to copy keys to Black's desk so he could rifle through her files to gain an insight into her life. Black obtained a temporary restraining order against him on February 2, 1988, with a court date set for February 17, 1988 to make the order permanent. [7] Rick Farley information Birth date: 1952-12-09 Death date: 2006-05-13 Birth place: Townsville, Queensland, Australia Profession:Art Department Spouse:Linda Burney.