The main complaints are that it comes unseasoned, and has a rough interior surface. It ensures that the wok is evenly balanced over the heat source. Hand wash only. Then we’ll go over some product reviews, covering both customary and modern versions of this superb cooking pan. Before making a purchase, decide how you’re going to use it and what type of stove you’ll be cooking on to get the best pan for the job.

It comes with a deep, tempered glass lid, and is both oven and dishwasher safe. — Caroline Goldstein, Product Tester. ", "The exterior is brushed stainless steel for an elegant look. It’s oven safe to 350 degrees, and it’s also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The All-Clad fans report this pan to be sturdy with solid construction, it has a nice balance and good heft, the entire cooking surface heats quickly, and it’s easy to clean. If you love the flavour and ease of stir fry’s, using a wok will allow for the fast frying that is necessary. Calphalon Tri Ply Stainless Steel 12-Inch Wok Stir Fry Pan With Cover, Calphalon Triply Stainless Steel Wok Review, Best Carbon Steel:

It is very important to season your wok before trying it out for the first time.

This pan should be hand washed without any abrasive pads or cleaners. Lodge Pro-Logic 14-inch P14W3 Cast Iron Wok. Correct Answer: Any three (3) of the following: i. How nice to grow up with that influence, and you make good points Bella. There are two complaints about the nonstick coating peeling off, even though it’s not nonstick – they probably just needed to be re-seasoned. Donna Currie is a food writer and blogger specializing in recipes and kitchen gadgets. So, to help with the decision process, let’s have a brief look at the history of the wok and its characteristics.

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our — Caroline Goldstein, Product Tester. Carbon steel is a wonderful wok material rz.

A good kitchen knife can take the place of a cleaver, and rice can be boiled in a saucepan instead of steamed, but it is hard to find a satisfactory substitute for a wok. Thanks for your comments FoodieAlert, glad you found the post helpful and interesting. It is a bit of a tug between the stainless and carbon models… Seasoning cookware isn’t difficult, but it is important to keep in mind that it’s a process and re-applications will most likely be needed, it’s not necessarily a one-time thing.

Summary of League of Legends Popularity However, if you don’t have the time or inclination to develop your wok hei skill set, very satisfactory results can still be obtained with a standard stir fry pan in your own kitchen.

Modern woks that have one long wooden handle, like a skillet.

She covers kitchen tools and gadgets for The Spruce and is the author of Make Ahead Bread. And if you like the idea of wok hei, you’ll probably enjoy the seasoning process… it’s a bit like creating an heirloom as you go.

This pan is made of 14-gauge carbon steel with a blond wood stick and helper handles, and it is made in the US. Don’t like them?

This comes with a tempered glass lid, so you can use it for steaming or other cooking purposes, and you can watch what’s cooking. Because of the wooden handles, it is not oven safe. Since cast iron requires seasoning to protect its surface, this model comes pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil—all you'll have to do is maintain it.

A fairly recent development in cookware, its use can be verified in China some 2,000 years ago. It must be seasoned before using and hand washing is recommended. This wok is about as far from traditional materials as you can get—which makes it great for the modern cook in a contemporary kitchen.

Hand wash only. Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Flat-Bottom Wok, Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Stir-Fry Pan Review, Best Budget: Here is more about what we do. Carbon steel woks are often sold with a protective coating that must be removed before the wok is seasoned before its first use.

However, historians and metallurgists can’t agree if it was invented there, or if the wok is a utensil originally borrowed from other cultures. ", "This 16-inch wok is made from cold-forged carbon steel, which requires special seasoning. Originally, all woks were round-bottomed and made of iron since they were designed to be used with the traditional Chinese wood stove. Read all of the customer reviews on Amazon now!

I tend to use my big cast iron skillet for most everything since it heats up well, can go in the oven, and food does’t seem to stick to it nearly as much as my stainless steel pans. However, there are a number of complaints that this wok is not fully clad as advertised, but rather is a disk bottom only with hot spots, sticking food and interior staining. Made in China. ", "Flat bottom sits easily on a gas stove but also works with induction. However, those materials do have the usual drawbacks: nonstick treatments may release toxic chemicals at high heat and aren’t suitable for use with metal utensils, and ceramic coatings can chip and crack. It’s important to read the specific instructions included with the wok for the proper way to remove the coating. If they’re now in their promos to Platinum and are about to beat you, then you’re driven to play more just to get there first.

Some of these complaints seem to come from those that aren’t aware carbon steel may require more than one seasoning treatment, but adequate seasoning does seem to take a long time with this model.

50% lighter than traditional cast iron, this wok comes with stainless steel riveted stick and helper handles, and a slot in the stick for vertical storage. The 6” bottom and 4” depth are a good match for the 14” diameter, and the flat bottom works well for gas and electric stoves. On the negative side, there were a couple of complaints about it not sitting flat on glass top ranges – but, as it’s not recommended for glass tops, perhaps the problem was more in the selection. It includes a domed cover for steaming, or you can use the wok for simmering, braising, or frying.

Carbon steel is a very traditional material for woks, but it has some downsides that a home cook needs to be aware of.

Good score on that Bozusaki… and I have to agree with you, I believe there’s a distinct flavor difference in cooking with one and a regular pan. What is the difference between carbon steel wok and iron wok? If it’s too shallow, you’ll lose the ability to toss and move foods up the sides, losing workable surface areas. Hand wash only, season before using, and re-season as needed.

One complaint so far about a warped bottom after heating. Wow.

Good for use on all stove tops, it’s also oven safe to 500°F, and can be washed in the dishwasher. Historically, Chinese ovens where made of brick with openings in the top for a wok to sit in, directly over the flame. And cleaning won’t be a problem. Seasoning removes the preservative oil manufacturers place on the wok to prevent it from rusting, replacing it with a light coating of cooking oil.

FOODAL® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF ASK THE EXPERTS LLC. Cast iron, on the other hand, may scratch the surface of your stovetop, and materials such as porcelain-coated enamel may actually melt and fuse with the surface of your cooktop.

The pan is also broiler safe.

Cast iron is another popular choice because of its superior heat retention and conductivity, and it too will form a nonstick surface if care is taken in seasoning and maintenance. With a 14-inch diameter, this wok is large enough to quickly cook your favorite stir-fry dishes for a crowd. — Caroline Goldstein, Product Tester, Big enough to cook several portions at once, Not as attractive as other woks on the market, Woks are not typically expensive pieces of equipment, but this one is particularly wallet-friendly. That’s too bad as I was loving your article and leaning towards them. This is a very in depth and helpful article! And hope you find a good one! Made in the US, this pan is suitable for gas and electric ranges.

Cast iron is well known for its superior heating and heat retention properties, and this pan has a large surface area.

And like you say, easy to clean once it’s seasoned… thanks for your thoughts! However, there are many models to choose from. A large wok can be a bit difficult to fit into a dishwasher, but this is nonstick inside and out, so it’s easy to wash by hand, too.

Pre-seasoned and ready for use, this one-piece construction cast iron wok features two loop handles, making it oven safe, and the sturdy flat bottom is good on all stove tops.

It refers to the richly blended, smoky taste imparted when food is stir fried over high heat, with just the right amount of oil in a wok with a well-seasoned patina. Donna Currie is a food writer and product tester for The Spruce Eats, specializing in all the latest cookware and kitchen gadgets.

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With both carbon steel and cast iron, washing with soap and water isn’t recommended, as this may remove the patina of seasoning. 2. I have been using woks almost every day for most of the last 30 odd years. Made in the US by Lodge, one of the best known manufacturers of cast iron cookware, this pan should be washed by hand only.

I have a carbon steel wok, and it is a good weight and pretty easy to clean afterwards, even when using some of those sloppy sauces. For the traveler, the wok heated fast and food could be cooked quickly, requiring very little cooking oil or fuel for heating. A wok is a great tool to have when cooking Chinese cuisine, particularly because of how great it is for stir-frying. I never knew there were cast iron options for these, so I am really interested in those.