Significance . "; says " this is a misrepresentation. The Silvermaster group established contacts not only in Treasury and the Army Air Force but in the White House itself.

It is necessary that the proletariat organize its own statefor the coercion and suppression of the bourgeoisie.”¹.

But just as impressive is the number of lower-ranking officials in virtually all major U.S. government agencies, civilian and military, who passed information to Soviet intelligence.

nobs 20:19, 9 October 2005 (UTC), I have filed a request for mediation on this and related pages, see here:[3] --Cberlet 18:14, 27 September 2005 (UTC). Truman called allegations against Hiss, et al, by Bentley, a "red herring", and a partisan divide between Hiss (rising star in the DNC) and Richard Nixon (backbencher from backwoods California) erupted which lasted decades (other persaonalities involved, too).

Can we spend some time discussing (1) structural arrangements of the various Venona related articles (2) procedural arrangements which may be time saving for everyone involved (3) balancing primary sources and secondary sources etc. The Perlo group developed Soviet sources on the War Production Board, on a key Senate committee, and in the Treasury Department. The British had stopped intercepting Soviet traffic, at Winston Churchill's orders, shortly after Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941 and had no traffic to contribute to the project after that time. At the time, the government feared that many military and diplomatic agencies were compromised to some extent, including the, Government analysts assigned identities to the coded names from the Venona documents.

Ales was a GRU (military intelligence) agent who obtained only military intelligence, and only rarely provided State Department material; Alger Hiss was accused of obtaining only non-military information and the papers used against him were non-military State Department materials that he allegedly produced on a regular basis. Please see, Identities soon emerged of American, Canadian, Australian, and British spies in service to the Soviet government, including, The decrypts include 349 code names for persons known to have had a covert relationship with Soviet intelligence. Rather, I am looking for you to create your own interpretation and discuss some original insight. It appears Army Chief of Staff Omar Bradley, concerned about the White House's history of leaking sensitive information, decided to deny President Truman direct knowledge of the project.

But for the GRU to name Hiss openly and directly, not by a covername, strongly suggests that, no matter which Hiss it was, he was not a spy. The name "Hiss" was not translated by the Venona cryptanalysts, because it appeared just that way in the orginal: "Spelled out in the Latin alphabet" according to footnote iv. Most material went by diplomatic pouch and courier.

Agents who were never identified include "Mole", a senior Washington official who passed information on American diplomatic policy, and "Quantum", a scientist on the Manhattan Project.

VENONA: ONE OF THE GREATEST SECRETS OF THE COLD WAR. Source: H. B. Fletcher, memorandum to D. M. Ladd, October 18, 1949, archives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I do not believe this text is accurate or NPOV: The core question for this text goes to the heart of the dispute. . That conclusion is original research. Clarke thought he had a way to find out whether such negotiations were under way.². Drawing not only on the Venona papers but also on newly opened Russian and U. S. archives, John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr provide in this book the clearest, most rigorously documented analysis ever written on Soviet espionage and the Americans who abetted it in the early Cold War years. For such requests, please contact the Public Affairs Office at 301-688-6524. of State Stettinus). present wave of historiography, one dominated largely by the As of 2005, this is a fact: there have not been one (as in 1) successful proven NSA misidentification in the 10 years Venona materials heve been in the public domain.