The cover also helps stiffen the rear suspension for precise sport riding. In 849 and 846 other indecisive battles were fought, but the precise constitution of the coalition is not recorded.

He laid the foundation of what will probably prove to be a new and more precise form of chemistry (see CHEMISTRY, and MATTER, CONSTITUTION OF). nonferrous metals, and for precise working in hardwoods, softwoods and panel products. The general period of the four fasts being roughly fixed, the precise date appears to have varied considerably, and in some cases to have lost its connexion with the festivals altogether.

The shrine at this time stood on a raised platform and apparently contained, as a characteristic feature, an artificial mountain or peak, a so-called ziggurat, the precise shape and size of which we are, however, unable to determine. His ethical system was reproduced, though in a more precise and philosophical form, by Hutcheson, and from him descended, with certain variations, to Hume and Adam Smith. His intellect was logical in the highest degree; he was clear and precise, an enemy of loose reasoning, and quick to refute prevailing fallacies. Cause The precise cause of hypertrophic osteopathy is not yet understood.

That the artists were conscious of their poverty of thought is shown by some precise imitations of the style of early monuments. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples ... and therefore to give a precise definition of its significance is not an easy matter.

preordained positions, fanning magazines to a precise esthetic.

Again it does not behoove the historian to speculate or embroider on the precise significance of the words employed. And this Analogy 'twixt colours, and refrangibility is very precise and strict; the Rays always either exactly agreeing in both, or proportionally disagreeing in both. The precise method of fertilization in the Scots Pine was followed by V. keep content precise, relevant and too the point. The latter question can only be treated in connexion with the dynamical theory (see below, § but under all ordinary circumstances the result is independent of the precise answer that may be given. Much will depend upon the precise wording of the provision in question. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f0f242a0a61cd7b Please contact your hosting provider to confirm your origin IP and then make sure the correct IP is listed for your A record in your Cloudflare DNS Settings page. By "popery " must here be understood the belief that spiritual doctrines always lend themselves to a precise embodiment in black and white, and can thereafter be dealt with like so many clauses of an act of parliament. It is generally admitted that there was some connexion between the ancient civilizations of China and Babylonia, but its precise nature is still uncertain. There is no precise arrangement; but the subjects, following a general introduction, are the bishop and his duties, penance, the administration of the offerings, the settlement of disputes, the divine service, the order of widows, deacons and deaconesses, the poor, behaviour in persecution, and so forth. Knowledge resides not in sense but in reason, which, on the suggestion of sensations of changing individuals, apprehends, or (to be precise) is reminded of, real universal forms, and, by first ascending from less to more general until it arrives at the form of good and then descending from this unconditional principle to the less general, becomes science and philosophy, using as its method the dialectic which gives and receives questions and answers between man and man. south of Beersheba (the southern end of Israel as opposed to Dan in the north), and the precise borders must always have been determined by political conditions: by the relations between Edom and its neighbours, Judah, the Philistine states, Moab, and the restless desert tribes with which Edom was always very closely allied. The earthquake occurred at precisely 9:02 this morning. 100 examples: About their methods, however, we can be much more precise. Students of the original romances are aware that there is in these texts an extraordinary diversity of statement as to the nature and origin of the Grail, and that it is extremely difficult to determine the precise value of these differing versions.'. He writes about it sensitively, with due modesty and a sensible regard for the precise chronology, the details, the sensations. Examples of precise in a sentence, how to use it. The absence of the musical titles, however, ma y be taken as an indication that the last collection of psalms was formed in a different place from that in which the earlier collections had arisen; and if, as seems probable, we may identify this place with the Temple at Jerusalem, the absence of musical titles is easily explained, for the number of skilled musicians who there ministered, and who would, of course, possess the tradition of the various modes and tones, would make precise musical directions superfluous. Diagnosis, or recognition of the disease, must have been necessarily imperfect, when no scientific nosology or system of disease existed, and the knowledge of anatomy was quite inadequate to allow of a precise determination of the seat of disease; but symptoms were no doubt observed and interpreted skilfully. The most common cause is that your DNS settings are incorrect. It was probably due to an invasion undertaken by Brythons 1 from Britain, but it is impossible to assign a precise date for their arrival. The importance of their heliacal risings, or first visible appearances at dawn, for the purposes both of practical life and of ritual observance, caused them to be systematically noted; the length of the year was accurately fixed in connexion with the annually recurring Nile-flood; while the curiously precise orientation of the Pyramids affords a lasting demonstration of the high degree of technical skill in watching the heavens attained in the third millennium B.C.
micronutrient status can affect cognitive function in the elderly; however, there is much to learn about the precise effects.

in the account of Arthur's birth and upbringing) common to all the Aryan peoples, in others specifically Celtic.

Please handle this precision instrument carefully. They are divided by precise chronological headings into three sections - (a) chap. actuarial assumptions applied to more precise data, an additional liability increase of £ 3.4m resulted.

On a visit to Rome La Condamine made careful measurements of the ancient buildings with a view to a precise determination of the length of the Roman foot.

Bruce's work is deeply independent and technically precise. Ctesias (q.v.) By the time of the ninth edition (1875) precise details are no longer considered worthy of inclusion; and the age of scientific comparative mythology has been reached. The absence of marked natural boundaries makes any precise north and south limitation difficult.

In some cases the value of this electromotive force between two points or conductors is independent of the precise path selected, and it is then called the potential difference (P.D.)

When light passes through a small circular or annular aperture, the illumination at any point along the axis depends upon the precise relation between the aperture and the distance from it at which the point is taken.

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In the first we have the precise history of the Grail, how it was the dish of the Last Supper, confided by our Lord to the care of Joseph, whom he miraculously visited in the prison to which he had been committed by the Jews. Special commissioners were to have concurrent jurisdiction with the U.S. circuit and district courts and the inferior courts of Territories in enforcing the law; fugitives could not testify in their own behalf; no trial by jury was provided; i The precise amount of organization in the Underground Railroad cannot be definitely ascertained because of the exaggerated use of the figure of railroading in the documents of the "presidents" of the road, Robert Purvis and Levi Coffin, and of its many "conductors," and their discussion of the "packages" and "freight" shipped by them. In all these species he found the vocal organs to differ essentially in structure from those of other birds of the Old World, which we now call Passerine, or, to be still more precise, Oscinian.

Or are they actually not infinitely precise, given the practical limitations of measuring them with a finite universe? The information we possess as to his degree of instruction is scarcely more precise or less conflicting.

Performance & security by Cloudflare. the Assyrian chronology is certain and precise. 88), although now discarded, received countenance from the finding of Juno by Harding, and of Vesta by himself, in the precise regions of Cetus and Virgo where the nodes of such supposed planetary fragments should be situated. There is no precise Babylonian or Egyptian equivalent, though attempts have been made to produce points of contact with Babylonian or Egyptian beliefs.
Their language is vague and allegorical, full of allusions and pious Mussulman invocations; the author continually announces that he is about to speak without mystery or reserve, but all the same never gives any precise details of the secrets he professes to reveal. do something to get the gradient more precise.

Statistical data (lists of names, genealogies, and precise chronological notes) are a conspicuous feature in it.

Handling is sublime, with a supple ride that does n't insulate the driver from the car 's precise responses.

You've got to be so precise with your lines and braking to actually make the thing go round the comers. The precise species of dog that was cultivated in Greece at that early period cannot be affirmed, although a beautiful piece of sculpture in the possession of Lord Feversham at Duncombe Hall, representing the favourite dog of Alcibiades, differs but little from the Newfoundland dog of the present day.