This is the true form we're talking about. Wiz: But as long they’re the Golden Arches, Ronald Mcdonald will be they’re giving out Hamburgers to all the children in the world, and trapping two kids into a dimension full of monster along the way. The Spider roared as it attempted to slash at Jack,but he dodged and turned in black fog again,and turned back to normal,but suddenly Jack felt confused,because...his memories suddenly were wiped out. Boomstick: He also defeated Ben Drowned,Sally,Clockwork,Ticci Toby,Hoodie,and Masky,and we all know how powerful those guys are,especially Ben with his technology manipulation,and Clockwork with her overpowered strenght,talking about her,how did she manage to win against trained cops? What about have a ballon, balloons always make me happy. Reply Preview Topics for this thread: Smokey Bear VS McGruff the Crime Dog Edit Topics Topic. Honestly i feel like all of these are stomps i mean hell he lost to a bunch of kids, That's a mega stomp if anything Sinestro can keep up with GreenLantern who's at minimum universal so unless if Pennywise has some form i'm unaware of it's a stomp.

The Losers finally defeated Pennywise in IT Chapter 2, but how different was it from the novel and the miniseries? Inside the playground, Charlie that is the child of Oswald is crawling inside the playroom when he saw a butterfly that is the color red. There will be a evil clown that will come for you with a red balloon! Butterfly: Hello little child, what about follow me, I have something special. Weakened, IT runs away to tend its wounds and is chased by Bill, Richie, and Ben, who stays behind to destroy the eggs laid by IT. He have many inventions from a wooden bat, time machine, robot that can lift him named Wally, remote controller that put tutus on monsters, a magic wand that shoot magic that can fly on his own to attack anything in it path, giant horrid rabbit that jump from a magic hat that stomps on foes, magic dust that make him fly in the air, apple bombs, net, and those strange strange Happy meal boxes. But also Caps and Leafs), or wondering what life would have been like had Pushing Daisies, Firefly, and Limitless not been cancelled. Wiz: You haven't seen anything yet Boomstick,anyways,one day while they were playing,Laughing Jack accidentally crushed a cat to death with his arm,they had to hide the dead cat,and so they threw it over the fence into the neighbors' yard. Boomstick: He also is stealthy,capable of sneaking in houses,and can use telekinesis,being able to move toys around as an example. Henry: Get away from me! Laughing Jack....started chuckling,as some tears came out of his eyes. Now every 27 to thirty years it would wake up again from his hibernation to kill the people in Derry again.

The black and white clown was chuckling...and then laughing... Pennywise was confused,yet angered,who was this other clown? Soon I will show how evil clowns are by capturing one.

Bill enters IT’s mind through the Ritual of Chüd, but after some trouble with it, Richie jumps in and enters IT’s mind too, getting lost in it with Bill. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. How can you do that? Boomstick: Oh,now here comes my favorite parts!. Insanity and fear. Note: Composite Movies only Pennywise is being used. Wiz: He also in general has dark magical powers. However, "It" soon finds itself on the receiving end when a group of children teamed up and made a pact to kill the creature. ??? Wiz: Jack dragged Isaac across the room and started torturing him with his own tools Isaac used to kill his victims,before eventually leaving him to die,but before he did,Jack stated he was gonna "bring joy to all the other kids in the world". Suddenly the child bumped into something,or rather,someone... A black and white clown,with a pinocchio like nose,and black hair,along with long arms,and sharp claws,with sharp teeth,and a malevolent grin. Breakfast food is life and coffee is what makes the world go round. Stephen King’s IT was published in 1986, and even though it was initially met with mixed reactions, it is now considered one of his greatest works, with Pennywise becoming one of the scariest clowns in pop culture. Wiz: Throughout the years Ronald have done many feats that are very powerful. Pennywise: You better do better than that if you want to face me. Not bring nightmares. Boomstick: He also can bring tin soldiers to life,presumably other inanimate objects too,man that sounds terrifying. Jack was getting stressed. It was great. you killed your own friend,and now you're lonely,killing kids,poor souls...", Isaac: "You're all alone now you will die here.....all alone,forgotten,and to never be remembered.". Yes, I finally have an opinion here that isn't massively unpopular! ??? Death Battle. As he look inside the gutter, he met it that would be his downside. The illusion vanished,confusing Jack who tilted his head,It smiled as it turned into Judith,the creepy woman of the painting and rushed at Jack screeching. This sub is meant for simple matchups, if you would like more detailed match-ups, we recommend r/whowouldwin . Ronald Mcdonald Vs Pennywise, which of these two iconic clowns will win in Death Battle? He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick! Oh, I can smell you fear… oh… I gonna really like stripping your flesh out of your bones. Boomstick: In its leper form,it could make plants die,and it is capable of teleportation. Wait a minute, does it mean…? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Pre-Death Battle. Boomstick: Who is coming with all of this? With the battle end with Pennywise grab Ronald by his shoulders. The miniseries aired on ABC over two nights in 1990, and like any other book adaptation, it changed a couple of details, most notably the setting – the first part is set in the 1960s and the second one in the 1980s. Wiz: Both, but it was clear that Pennywise would win in. Jack was confused,for the first time in his life...he felt a bit of fear. In IT Chapter Two, Henry Bowers attacks Eddie but he survives, and later goes after Mike, but is killed by Richie before he can hurt his friend. The werewolf then lunged at Jack again,swinging its claws,but Jack countered this by grabbing the werewolf's hands as they both were in a struggle,eventually due to the werewolf's strenght It won by sending Jack a few meters back. Is he an evil spirit that haunt the town, is he a crazy maniac who sell his soul to the devil, or is he is from another planet. Pennywise: Oh, I wonder how he will taste! Boomstick: Obviously meaning he was gonna kill kids,he then disappeared,and the police later found Isaac's dead body,ouch,it feels like Karma for Isaac being tortured with his own tools... Wiz: So,with Jack's backstory done,let's talk about his stats.

Now look what you have done now, but at least I have a main course. From then on, waking up every 27-30 years and assuming the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, "It" would spend a year feeding on the fear and flesh of the town residents with children being his preferred prey. 2017 Boomstick: And Pennywise, It that haunt kids and eat their nightmares. Pennywise followed the source of the noise,and found the black and white clown with its claws covered in blood,and the child's face was mutilated horribly along with slashes on his chest. We'll play Hide and Seek then!" Wiz: And there was demon elementals that feed on fear, and so it arrived on Earth that similar to an astroid impact in North America. ", Isaac: "No,you killed me brutally,without any mercy!