Press J to jump to the feed. Why would the locking method during a crucial battle be who I aim my mouse at? I'm using a GTX 550 Ti and it never crashed on me once. Welcome to hell! I'm not super far in, I've been distracted by other better games, so I just met George Washington and I've mostly been doing side activities. None of the side stuff was meaningful, all of the Desmond stuff was just awful, and the game lacked the giant, beautiful cities with magnificently tall towers that you could climb. Back when it released along side Mass Effect one I choose the latter and never looked back.

Email Address Required. I believe a factor is that the game loop hits "fail states" too easily and forces a brutal restart. Then they officially annualized it and I thought Revelations was terrible. The movement of Connor seemed a huge step backward to me. Ezio handled it a lot better in his games since all he did was throw money at it to open up new fast travel points.

The menu's work fine on a console. I hope you agree! They are floating in the world of nonsense! How many people are legitimately going "Oh man yes I can't wait for another Assassins Creed next year" I might be wrong, but almost every persons opinions I've read seems like they wouldn't mind if the franchise took a year or two off to get its shit together.

I guess we just had different experiences, you should probably stick with it but it's okay to have different opinions. I agree with this. AC1 and 2 were about the gameplay, and the cutscenes complemented that gameplay with good stories. Ubisoft sadly went overboard with neat menus of the Animus and turned them into a slow, flashy and inefficient mess. Lo tengo al 99% lo que me he fijado es que en el sotano de la casa me aparecen todas las armas que he comprado menos el tomahawk de asesino que tambien lo tengo comprado pues voy con el al sotano lo cambio por otro y este no se guarda. The game felt like minigames rather than a coherent whole. It's like they've taken steps backwards ever since Brotherhood. NOTHING in the game has been enjoyable in any way so far. Take a few years off.

all felt disjointed.

The wilderness is amazing. What was once a series that surprised and delighted me is now a known quantity that I still enjoy, but don't think about much once it's over. Brotherhood was significantly better in every respect. @OfficeGamer You said that Max Payne 3 wasn't a good experience. It's been 5 years, Ubisoft! Max Payne 3 was not a good experience, mainly because of that. Ask YOUR question: •Own every weapon available in stores in assassin's creed 3? But AC3 just manages to make everything worse. Si son las normales las tengo compradas todas. I say their useless because your entire time fighting will be spent countering, breaking defenses and countering again. The underground fast travel locations was a pretty pointless mechanic. Its when you start to compare it to the previous games( 2 and Brotherhood ) which were much more cohesive and far less frustrating, that 3 starts to become really disappointing. I'm a fan of the franchise, but AC3 was just trash from start to finish. I was allowed to call in for assassin help in maybe 2 or 3 missions. suspect121, I haven't gotten to Connor yet, but I'm starting to think I'm never going to make it. AC2, Brotherhood, and Revelations did the economy perfectly and they should've stuck to that. First post nails it. They pushed the consoles to far and didn't give them self's enough time to correct major issues on the console versions.. (Xbox 360 version i played). Also, I think building up a guild of assassins is much cooler than, say, a dirty butcher man with a meat cleaver.

So the whole time Connor is like "I must revenge my tribe!" Sure the combat is not great and all but I really liked Connor and Haytham. The Desmond parts of the game were terrible. By Don't spend one or two hours of any game in this series and expect to know what you're talking about.

I was surprised when I liked it.

I never started recruiting assassins until I had already beaten the game. It's not a horrible experience. I honestly have a blast with AC3 running around the wilderness, but I think the story and the mechanics have become too much and very unfocused. I loved the verticality of previous AC games, but AC3 trades some of that in for more varied environments., Dive into the water from a height of 50 meters, Discover the location of every Trading Post, Discover all of the Underground Network Entrances in New York and Boston, Own every weapon available from the stores, Defend yourself from a firing line 10 times with a human shield, Escape from open conflict by using escape or hiding 10 times, Perform 30 stealth kills without being detected, Steal everything a rich citizen has without being detected, Successfully attack and loot a convoy three times. Traversal, fighting, building a "brotherhood." Not much in this game actually works. It was clearly made for people who invested a ton into the series regardless of how I feel about its ending. And is it just me or has the system where you can use different items in fights (stabbing a dude, then grabbing him and shooting another) gone? The liberation missions were dumb and monotonous. The only thing I didn't like about the game was how the "silent" bow was advertised as "silent" and that when you shoot someone with it "silently" they will die "silently", but in reality it alerts every enemy in a ten mile radius and initiates world war three.

I liked the game, weird I know. let. NO! Hopefully with the update is resolved but it gives me no. Still, I had a great time playing this game. I'm sorry you had a horrible experience with AC3. Then I read a few places they patched a fix the day after release for this issue, so I figured I was out of luck, since I don't have internet connectibity atm.

First of all, your right their enemy AI is terrible for stealth and you feel clumsy when trying to stay stealthy, this especially stands out this year when you can compare it directly to Dishonored and Mark of the Ninja.

The game deserves a "Brotherhood-esque" follow up that fixes all of the issues it has and improves what it does right. It wasn't a horrible experience at all (well, the framerate did occasionally suck, but not as much as some people claim). Additionally, all of the assassin recruit stuff was basically pushed aside. But even that approach didn't change the discomfort or confusion. I don't hate AC3, and honestly, liked it more than 2. Now, I'm not opposed to a good, intricate story but it was getting ridiculous. You spend the first 10 acts becoming Rahdunehahgaydune, and it's not until the near end of the game you have everything you'll need; all mechanics and items and whatnot. Weapons are mentioned many times in The Hunger Games trilogy and used by many characters, especially during the actual Hunger Games event. I came here trying to get the every weapon achievement, and lathough I bought all the weapons fron the shops it wouldn't work. Sorry, I disagree. Worst part of most games. love. By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. Why would they remove this? They seemed to ditch everything that made Brotherhood a great game. Is the last Brawler Challenge I have to complete. Better crafting and trading. I love the other games and thought every one of the first 3 made great improvements and I thought the systems and controls in Brotherhood were just about perfect. This obviously was accurate for the time period, but still, Boston and New York were not as enjoyable to be in as Rome, Venice or Constantinople. Sign up for a new account in our community. So if im right just use every weapon, No, I have already accomplished that one, the one you're speaking of its from the 2nd batch of challenges. But why is that? Objectively I think AC3 did a lot of cool stuff, had some great mechanics, story, etc. Trying to simply run from point A to point B is still a long journey riddled with Connor/Desmond humping a railing or a barrel or a door step. After the shocking ending of Brotherhood, I stopped trying to understand. Welcome to hell! GOOD WRITE UP. I went as far as to do everything I could in each game. You're sure all weapons don't need to be crafted?---®î©

Going from the complex and challenging surfaces of 16th century Italy to the smooth and simplistic wooden/brick walls of colonial America is a big big downgrade.