For others perhaps the image of the American Indian as a wild and independent spirit, or simply the beauty and grandeuer of America’s western scenery. Roy enjoys a diverse and varied background in the arts, and his unique talent has given him an incredible opportunity to express himself in his paintings whether the subject is Native American art, aviation, western, and wildlife illustration. As his respect for them increased, so did his sense of duty to portray them as they really were. James was inducted into the Illustrator’s Hall of Fame June 28, 2000. Contemporary paintings break away from traditional forms and styles, freeing artists to discover new and individualized techniques for interpreting their experiences and creative expressions. Traditional paintings are those influenced by Dorothy Dunn, founder of the art program and teacher at the Santa Fe Indian School in the 1930s. Frank McCarthy’s art works are treasured throughout the world as classic examples of contemporary Native American & Western Art. There is a long tradition of artists capturing the scenes and deeds of the old west on canvas, and we are fortunate that so many of today’s fine artists continue this tradition. Indian Arts and Crafts Association: Addresses of Native American artists who are members of the IACA. When you view Roy’s art, you will be amazed at his versatility. He began studying historic photographs of Native American Indians, fascinated by the differences among tribes.

Martin Grelle began drawing & painting when he was very young, and was fortunate to have James Boren & Melvin Warren, two professional artists and members of the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America.

This style is used to give a visual narrative of daily experiences and … There are many truly fine works depicting the Native American life, wildlife and scenery of the western states, and a wide selection of pieces portraying the characters who populated the west in days past, and in some cases still do today. 1 - 72 of 148 famous native american paintings for sale, Indian Attack At The Little Big Horn Painting, Ojibwe Indian Encampment, Sault Ste Painting, Young Omahaw, War Eagle, Little Missouri, and Pawnees, 1821 Painting, Buffalo Hunt White Wolves Attacking Buffalo Bull Painting, Petelesharro, Generous Chief, 1822 Painting, Plains Indian Chiefs, Young Omahaw, War Eagle, Little Missouri, and Pawnees Painting, Native American And African American Painting, Native American Indian Warrior, Fort Painting, Sioux Indian Warriors, Fort Garry Painting, Henrik Hudson entering New York Harbor, September 11, 1609 Painting, Native American Warrior, Fox River Painting, Native American Medicine Man Mask Painting, Native American Indians, Horse Racing Painting, Native American Clackamas Indians Painting, Native American Indians, Mount St Painting, The Man That Always Rides, Native Painting, Distant View of the Mandan Village Painting, CHARLES M. RUSSELL 1864-1926 On the Warpath or Brave circa 1892 Painting, Drying Salmon At The Dalles, Columbia Painting, Odawa Indian Chief, Lake Michigan Painting, Rocky Mountain Indian Encampment Painting, Chinook Indian Plank House, Columbia Painting, Cree Indian Warrior, Fort Pitt, 1846 Painting, Ojibwe Indian Chief, Fort William Painting, Cree Indian Guide, Fort Edmonton Painting, Indian Encampment, Winnipeg River Painting, Ojibwe Indian Warrior, Lake Michigan Painting, Northwest Coast Indian Tribe Masks Painting, Klallam Indian Winter Encampment Painting, Wyandot Indian Encampment, Lake Huron Painting, Cree Indian Warrior, Fort Carlton Painting. Frank McCarthy’s art works are treasured throughout the world as classic examples of contemporary Native American & Western Art. We've shipped over 1 million items worldwide for our 500,000+ artists. Howard Terpning chronicles the history and stories of the American Plains Indians with unusual insight and exceptional detail. Phone: (800) 647-8217 For some the attraction may be the tales of heroic deeds of the pioneers, the native American warriors or their nemesis – the US Cavalry. 221 Canyon Road Original Painting of Two Young Diné Men on Horseback by Harrison Begay, Original Painting of Three Diné Hunters of the Navajo Reservation by Beatien Yazz, Enormous Navajo Painting of a Man and Many Horses by Harrison Begay, Diné Mother and Her Children by Navajo Painter Harrison Begay, Original Navajo Painting titled “Navajo Madona” [sic] by Beatien Yazz, Original Painting of Medicine Man and Sandpainting Imagery by Harrison Begay, Untitled Navajo Painting of Round Dance by James Wayne Yazzie, Pair of Paintings of Diné Children Under Rainbows by Harrison Begay, Untitled Navajo Painting of Mudhead Trio by Johnny Secatero, Original Hopi Pueblo Painting of an Antelope Katsina by Kyrate Tuvahoema, Published Hopi Pueblo Painting of a Pair of Nataska Katsinas by Raymond Naha, Jemez Pueblo Painting of Women Grinding Corn by Indian School Student Lawrence Tosa [SOLD], Original Painting of a Pueblo Maiden with Pottery by Felicitas Lucero, Original Painting of Five Turtles by P’otsúnú, Ohkay Owingeh Eleven-Figure Original Painting by Gerónima Cruz Montoya, Original San Juan Pueblo Painting of a Deer Hunter and Deer by Robert Montoya, Unsigned Original Painting of Pueblo Scene with Sunface, Original San Ildefonso Pueblo Painting of an Eagle Dance by Tonita Peña, Original Painting of a San Ildefonso Pueblo Basket Dance Procession by J. D. Roybal, Painting of Indian Archer on a Blue Horse by Tony Da of San Ildefonso Pueblo, San Ildefonso Pueblo Buffalo Dancer Painting by José Encarnacion Peña, Original Painting of a Pueblo Basket Dance by Quah Ah, San Ildefonso Pueblo Painting of a Male Corn Dancer by Soqween, San Ildefonso Pueblo Painting of Female Koosa Clown by Soqween, Original Painting of a San Ildefonso Pueblo Eagle Dance by Tonita Peña, Original Painting of a Male and Female Buffalo Dancer by Quah Ah, Pair of San Ildefonso Antelope Dancers by Romando Vigil, Original San Ildefonso Pueblo Painting of Warrior on Horseback by Pocano, San Ildefonso Pueblo Single Figure Dog Dancer by Richard Martinez, Original Painting of Mountain Sheep - Big Horn Dancer by Pablita Velarde, Santa Clara Pueblo Painting of Tewa Clown by Pablita Velarde, Mineral Earth Painting of Eagle Dancer by Pablita Velarde, Painting of Two Santa Clara Pueblo Koosa Clowns by Pablita Velarde, Pablita Velarde Mineral Earth Painting of Yei Figure, Original Hunkpapa Lakota Painting titled “Tawacin Wasté Win” by Sheridan MacKnight, Untitled Taos Pueblo Painting of Woman Shucking Corn by Eva Mirabal, Zia Pueblo Painting of a Male Dancer by Rafael Medina, Untitled Zia Pueblo Painting of Male and Female Buffalo Dancers by José de la Cruz Medina. Adobe Gallery Choose your favorite famous native american paintings from millions of available designs. Roybal, San Ildefonso Pueblo Painter, Tony Da, San Ildefonso Pueblo Painter and Potter, José Encarnacion Peña, San Ildefonso Pueblo Painter, Romando Vigil, San Ildefonso Pueblo Painter, Julián Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Painter, Richard Martinez, Opa Mu Nu, Native American Painter, Pablita Velarde, Santa Clara Pueblo Painter, Sheridan MacKnight, Hunkpapa Lakota Painter, José de la Cruz Medina, Zia Pueblo Painter. Choose your favorite native american designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more! Adobe Gallery reserves reproduction rights to all images and content on this website. Overseas: 1 + (001) + (818) 352-7357, 2018 Brooks Art - Developed by SEO Web Design. In traditional pueblo art style, there are no background figures or ground plane. Frank McCarthy’s dynamic paintings frequently featured Native Americans with a special emphasis on the Plains Indian, mountain men and cavalry that comprised the lore and lure of the Old West. Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive deals, discount codes, and more. R. Tom Gilleon is best known for his paintings of Native American tipis illuminated from within by an evening fire, or from without by the haunting gleam of the setting sun. JPY (¥) Each purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Browse our curated collections!