If you follow me on stories, you know that I make, On the blog today, we're talking about the great C, on the blog today, I’m sharing about tweaking my, As I was working in my studio today, I was admirin, On the blog today, I'm sharing October's books of, On the blog today, I'm sharing about the antique p, I'm not decorating for Christmas, yet, but I am th, On the blog today, I'm answering a reader's questi. That must be why you loved the chairs so much! Love the blue! Thank you so much for posting this. You don’t have to be intimidated by the thought of making a slipcover any longer! If you’re tempted to paint upholstery, you can read my thoughts about that in THIS POST. You can do it! to come play with her. Can’t wait to see the final covers!! I did get a bid from a professional and it was $1500. I am devastated – I finally decided to do something with my cat-shredded but comfy wing chair rather than pay someone hundreds and hundreds of dollars to reupholster it and the best-sounding thing on Google was your series. The curtain fabric was the one I would have chosen for that space, too! your own Pins on Pinterest What have you got to lose? Required fields are marked *. I so agree that late July is no time for this job but it is done and looks so nice. The curtain fabric is the best. A more tailored slipcover without the ruffles would be perfect I’d rather use a 10 to 12 ounce or #12 weight natural canvas by the yard. Most slipcovers are held in place by seat and back cushions and even having arms helps, but this is one big L that shifts relatively easily. Love the slip covers! Yes, they are the blue checked wing chairs. So, I got two for the price of one! All-in-all, they’ve held up remarkably well and have shown drop cloths to be a good option for slipcovering. My plan was to take it into a laundry mat to use an industrial size washer to launder it after soaking it at home but the bleach process isn’t going so well. Oh yes, the Covington Canterbury is the right decision, it all harmonizes perfectly. I just noticed a bagel sandwich on the back of the sofa!) I used a wing chair as an example, but you can take these skills and make a slipcover for any piece of furniture. your own Pins on Pinterest Have you found anyone from here to where you are? I needed something that was a heavier weight. It reflects all the lovely choices you have made. In other household news, I worked on the garden this week and finally got the mulching done! One of my readers sent me a sample of inexpensive linen she thought I would like for slipcovers and she was right! Then suddenly they were not stiff enough to use as floor covering so I cut them into large pieces and added a white cotton ruffle all around. Hi, I loved your ideas using drop cloths for slip covers! I’m Marian, aka Miss Mustard Seed. Melissa– I am right at the border of Toledo, in Michigan. stiffer so the ruffles may not feel as relaxed. Going to do an online search and visit our local Harbor a Freight and Lowes stores. constantly running back and forth from my sewing machine to the computer to see what I was supposed to be doing. I slip covered a love seat with wing back 8 years ago I used white duck canvas and I too was skimpy on the allowance for the seams here and there… (it was my first time at making a slip) however… when it rips a little I would just zig zag over the rip and it stayed! I have been saving some thinner hemp sheets for just that job. A couple of my favorites are antique hemp sheets or THIS inexpensive linen (4C22 weight). Oh, I know they are bad! Accidental entrepreneur. The other chairs look adorable with the ruffle. Curtain fabric will be perfect and look so nice with the rest. And, best of all, they are washable, making them ideal for busy families with kids and pets. and receive a FREE e-version of my planning sheets! I’m Marian, aka Miss Mustard Seed. I saw the Harbor Freight drop cloths that Mz V mentions; maybe this is a good time to check that out. And it’s gone! I just finished painting my entryway tile for the second time and I love it soooo much! Will we be seeing hemp slipcovers on your wingbacks anytime soon? If you found this helpful, you can check out my other sewing-related posts HERE. At the end, I had a pretty good looking slipcover for my couch. Thank you so much! That would be so interesting and useful! Currently you have JavaScript disabled. I love the look of drop cloth slipcovers, but I agree with you Marian, the quality of drop cloth canvas is not what is use to be. I’m hoping to cover large couch and love seat. Very impressive! It’s always such a pleasure to read your posts. Anyway, just buy one of each and wash (or bleach) them. READ MORE to learn more about me, my blog and my business…. Are there better quality drop cloths available? Thanks. There are little imperfections but I am loving the color change so much I don't mind. Subscribe today and receive a free e-version of my daily & weekly planning sheets! I would do more of a straight slipcover and let the ruffles shine on the other chairs. Your email address will not be published. hemp sheet slipcovers | Miss Mustard Seed. Being able to sew a slipcover is one of the best skills to learn when it comes to buying (or accepting free) used upholstered furniture. I stirred it up and left it soaking, but am not to sure what to do. I did a chair and a half plus The curtain fabric by far! Help!! We inherited Big Brown from my parents about five years ago, and while the way it fit in our family room worked great, it has always been, well, big and brown. They look great! Discover (and save!) It coordinates nicely with the checked side chairs. I just gritted my teeth and kept sewing. A slipcover can give it a new look while addressing those issues. You are a very talented gal Marion! You have such exquisite taste when it comes to decorating! So very, very brown. What happened to the videos? It’s very calming with the smaller check of the other chairs around the table. I moved & never got around to making those curtains but am now trying My hand at slipcovers & upholstery.They bleach from an Oatmeal to a pretty ivory creme but definitely not the creamy white that I want & that will blend well with My stark white cotton twill slipcovered sofa from World Market’s “Spring Collection 2014” where they sold a white slipcover with turquoise piping for that season only..But now I have 12 packages of dropcloths that I better learn to love! The quality of their drop cloths is amazing…provided the country of origin says India. Your email address will not be published. Best of luck! and where did the rug come from? Just a suggestion…..happy 2015…. Just my two cents , You have inspired me to try this….wish me luck. I love the covington-canterbury-indigo-fabric best. And some summer birthdays, AP 115: How to Boost Productivity in Lasting Ways (hint: DOABLE!!) I usually don’t work on the weekends, but it’s crunch time as Lucketts is quickly approaching. I think the busier pattern will be more forgiving with spills and stains, too. But I still have issues with criss-crossing the piping at the end of the day. That was interesting Marian. Kelly@imperfect homemaking. I would love to know the name of the curtain fabric. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. The way you have the fabric draped on the chair looks to me that the motif is upside down. I love the curtain fabric! When you pull the fabric to get a smooth, tight fit, it rips right out of the staples. You’ll see what I mean. LoL. Fell in love with several fabrics, this might be a problem….or not. Heidi from Ohio. It adds a bit of contrast, yet fits in perfectly with all the patterns of blues in the room. So, I got two for the price of one! What should I do? like you have to with a drop cloth. So, why am I always using antique hemp sheets and grain sacks now? No contest! Well, that started a whole thing between me and drop cloths. Required fields are marked *. YES! You can totally do it! So I went with grey. It would really customize the look! I can't wait to try it. (Sorry, I have an aversion to checks since I received my first checked duck towels as a wedding present in the 80s.). You make it look so easy! Given the challenges with the chair shape, I’m happy with how they turned out. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. About 2 years ago,I was living in a 100 year old,drafty Duplex in Our Historic city of Wyandotte,Mi which is 1/2 in between Detroit,Michigan & Toledo,Ohio..The windows were new but the walls themselves were sooooo cold!! Having said that hemp is my absolute favorite fabric….the old stuff as well as the new! I should have sent you a thank you two years ago. Can’t wait to see how they turn out. I’m very partial to Buffalo check, but I like the curtain fabric better too. || with Tonya Dalton of inkWELL Press, The Stages of Life Through the lens of Macaroni & Cheese. Some were even sewing for the very first time. Hello! . Every time I look at it I feel such a sense of accomplishment and I owe it all to you.So point to drop cloths for removing last obstacle to trying something different. So, after sitting out in the rain most of the morning to cheer my boys on at soccer, my mom and I spent a few hours in the studio to cross some more things off the to-do list. I always love your choices. READ MORE to learn more about me, my blog and my business…. Sigh… The seats have a few stains on them, which is expected, and I have had to restitch a couple of the seams where I was a little skimpy with the allowance. 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