12:6-8) After this encounter with the Lord Miriam was stricken with leprosy. At the time Moses is born, there’s a degree to kill all baby boys. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Miriam had a strong personality in an age when women were not considered leaders.

Her leadership of the women during the song suggests that she had position specific to women. Jochebed was then able to take Moses back to her home and nurse him until he was weaned. They are not “token”  or  “fluff” roles to keep the women busy while the men do their priesthood responsibilities, they are positions of real spiritual power and authority.

Miriam served as a prophet of God, speaking his word as he instructed.

And Bathia lifted up her eyes to the river, and she saw the ark upon the water, and sent her maid to fetch it. I also have named one of my daughters Miriam and love how you tell her tale. Miriam rebelled not only against Moses' authority but also God's. The Lord heard their protests and spoke to Moses, Miriam and Aaron in the tabernacle explaining to them that He had only called one Prophet and that, “…With him will I speak mouth to mouth, even apparently, and not in dark speeches; and the similitude of the Lord shall he behold.” (Numb. And all the Egyptians went down to bathe in the river, on account of the consuming heat which burned up their flesh. Miriam first appears in the Bible in Exodus 2:4, as she watches her baby brother float down the Nile River in a pitch-covered basket so he would escape Pharaoh's order to kill all male Jewish infants. 2:4–8; 15:20–21Num. By small and simple things great things are really brought to pass. Miriam was from the tribe of Levi and was the daughter of Amram (see Numbers 26:59) and Jochebed, who was the daughter of Levi (see Exodus 6:20; Numb 26:59). Also, later in Miriam’s life she would be called “the prophetess” a title indicating that she was possessed with the gift of prophecy. She led them singing, “Sing ye to the Lord, for he hath triumphed gloriously; the horse and his rider hath he thrown into the sea.”. We know, through the Prophet Joseph Smith,  that God’s priesthood organization for women (what we today call the. The Bible first mentions how Miriam saved Moses from Pharaoh’s death decree. hath he not spoken also by us?” (Numb. This is interesting because it seems that God was organizing His church, and priesthood authority,  through them. .

We might make a chart that looks like this: An organization that women are still participating, leading, and prophesying in today! We can easily understand the leadership roles of Moses and Aaron– Moses was the Prophet and Aaron was his counselor and spokesman. Women have the same ability to prophesy, lead, teach, bless, heal, and work miracles as men. For the king had ordered to throw all Hebrew baby boys into the river (Exodus 1:22—2:4). I have been quietly following your blog for years and you have brought so many beautiful things to me, I have always really enjoyed your perspective and insight. In Exodus 15:20, Miriam’s first response to God’s miraculous deliverance of his people from many years of bondage (slavery,) was to dance.

I love visiting this blog. Required fields are marked *. He seeks a fresh approach to faith and following God through the lens of scripture, without the baggage of made-up traditions and meaningless practices. Your words are always so thought-provoking. When we grumble and complain, we show that we think we can handle the situation better than God. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! . However, Miriam's real problem was jealousy: God rebuked them, saying he spoke to them in dreams and visions but spoke to Moses face to face. Miriam’s inclusion in the this list is fascinating to me. I appreciate this a lot especially since one of my daughters is named after Miriam. When they could no longer keep Moses hidden and they “took for him an ark of bulrushes, and daubed it with slime and with pitch, and put the child therin” (Exodus 2:3) and then Jochebed put the ark in the reeds by the river’s edge. Miriam was the first woman in the Bible to be given the title prophetess. After the Israelites had wandered in the desert 40 years, Miriam died and was buried at Kadesh, in the Desert of Zin.

Although her jealously later in life led to disaster, Miriam's quick wit as a young girl helped change the course of Israel's history by protecting its greatest spiritual leader. This is the only time the Bible mentions this wife. Thank you so much for this, Heather. Heritage Images / Contributor / Getty Images. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Moses' sister, Miriam, accompanied her younger brother when he led the Hebrew people in their escape from slavery in Egypt. What Does it Mean for a Woman to be “Unclean” in the Bible?

And all the women of Egypt walking on the river side desired to give him suck, but he would not suck, for this thing was from the Lord, in order to restore him to his mother’s breast. Paul Talks about Resurrection from the Dead, Love God and Love Others: A Call to Christian Unity, Reflecting on Church #30: The Bait and Switch, Martin Luther Supported the Sacrament of Penance. The first woman called a prophetess in the Bible, was a dancer,and singer named Miriam. Miriam might have avoided God’s judgment if she had paused to examine her interior motives before criticizing Moses’ choice in a wife. Miriam was from Goshen, the Hebrew settlement in Egypt. “And God sent forth at that time a terrible heat in the land of Egypt, which burned up the flesh of man like the sun in his circuit, and it greatly oppressed the Egyptians. Mariam started well as a brave and obedient daughter and later as a prophet and worship leader, she let judgment and jealousy define her later life.
Only through the pleading of Aaron to Moses, then Moses to God, was Miriam spared death from the dreaded disease. 12:2). Though Aaron is also at fault, he is not so afflicted, suggesting that perhaps Mariam led their tiny rebellion. (NIV), Meet Miriam: Moses' Sister and Prophetess During the Exodus, Jack Zavada is a writer who covers the Bible, theology, and other Christianity topics.

12 Most Inspiring Leadership Lessons from Bible Characters The Bible has been around for thousands of years. Moses took the lead in these songs singing, “The Lord is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he is my God, and I will prepare him an habitation; my father’s God, and I will exalt him” (see Exodus 15: 1-19). I have issued a standing challenge for all my readers… The Women in the Scripture Challenge… are you super brave and daring enough to take the challenge?