Ian was able to test out a pre-production model, Western Digital at FMS 2020: Zoned SSDs, Automotive NVMe And More, Microchip Announces PCIe 5.0 And CXL Retimers, AT Deals: EVGA 500W Bronze Power Supply, Under $50, Intel’s Xe-HP Now Available to Select Customers, Intel Launches Xe-LP Server GPU: First Product Is H3C’s Quad GPU XG310 For Cloud Gaming, IBM and AMD to Advance Confidential Computing, Apple Intros First Three ‘Apple Silicon’ Macs: Late 2020 MacBook Air, 13-Inch MacBook Pro, & Mac Mini, AT Deals: Amazon Drops SSD and HDD Discounts Early, Compute eXpress Link 2.0 (CXL 2.0) Finalized: Switching, PMEM, Security, Kioxia Announces XG7 PCIe 4.0 Client SSDs, AT Deals: Mushkin 2TB Pilot-E Drops 39%, Now $188 at Newegg, @DrUnicornPhD u jelly https://t.co/phQxNxazPK, @jolness1 Yeah, purely for the sake of having something low power and quiet. Das Spiel >Portal Racer von Lego< funktionierte jedoch ohne Probleme. PCMark benchmarks rank the Y700 well ahead of last year's Lenovo Y70 and close to other systems with the same Skylake CPU and GTX 970M or 950M graphics. Außerdem lassen sich mit der Intel RealSense Kamera Gegenstände und Personen in 3D einscannen. The same LP173WF4-SPF1 panel used here can also be found on many other costly 17-inch notebooks including the Asus G751JY, MSI PE70, and GT72. The GTX 960M is a decent pairing for 1080p gaming, and with options of either an i5 or i7 quad-core chip, there should be enough CPU power to keep everything running at maximum. Otherwise, everything else about the notebook is identical to the 15-inch model down to the cross-brushed aluminum outer lid and bottom, rubberized matte palm rests, and glossy plastic speaker grilles. Beide Sockel für Arbeitsspeicher sind in diesem Modell bereits belegt, das heißt, hier könnt Ihr nur wechseln. When idling, the system is completely silent at around 28 dB(A). The baseline option appears to be just the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3265 which is a single stream solution, so the 8260 with 2x2:2 is the way to go. In meiner Freizeit klappere ich Flohmärkte ab und werfe in Science-Fiction-Serien einen Blick in die Zukunft. Die interne Festplatte hat ein Fassungsvermögen von 1 TB, wobei – nach Abzug der Recovery-Partition und Betriebssystem- noch rund 850 GB frei sind. Thus, while fan noise is generally quiet during everyday use, it's quite obvious when the fans pick up in speed because of the sound spike. Die wichtigen Tasten für den Gamer (WASD) besitzen eine größere Umrandung und sind auch ohne Beleuchtung gut zu lokalisieren. Das ist für ein Gaming-Notebook sehr wenig.

Links daneben die Buchse fürs Netzteil. Please share our article, every link counts! Nonetheless, we appreciate the fact that the notebook uses full-size Arrow keys unlike on the Envy 17 or Acer Aspire Nitro VN7. Continuous browsing or video playback will bump fan noise up to the 37 dB(A) range before quickly spinning down to a constant 31 to 32 dB(A) range, which is very odd fan behavior. As per usual for Lenovo products, a wide variety of options are available for warranty extensions. Sound quality from the 2 W stereo JBL speakers and dedicated 3 W subwoofer is good with no static or imbalance when on higher volume settings. Zusätzlich zur SATA-Festplatte (dort ist Windows 10 installiert) lässt sich im IdeaPad Y700 auch noch ein SSD-Modul mit M.2-Interface einbauen. The system offers a primary M.2 2280 slot and secondary 2.5-inch SATA III bay instead of just a single bay as in last year's Y70. 1920x1080 High / On (Interactive Smoke & Paper Debris Off) AA:SM AF:8x. WLAN is provided by a 1x1 Intel 3165 M.2 2230 module capable of theoretical transfer rates of up to 433 Mbps with integrated Bluetooth 4.2 and WiDi. Außerdem sind 12 GB Arbeitsspeicher vom Typ DDR4 verbaut. Für rund 1200 Euro bekommt Ihr von Lenovo ein schickes und vor allem dünnes Gaming-Notebook mit 15,6 Zoll großem Full-HD-Display. Bluetooth wird auch unterstützt. Thus, the right half of the keyboard will feel significantly warmer than the left when gaming or under other high loads. We stress the notebook with synthetic benchmarks to identify any potential throttling or stability issues. Lenovo's updated Y700 series is a reasonable improvement over the previous Y50 and Y70. We also get our first sighting of the latest Intel wireless card, which is the Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260. Mit großem Akku, kontrastreichem AMOLED-Display…. Reply. A good portion of the performance gap can be attributed to the primary SSHD in our older Y70 unit, which will always rank lower than a modern dedicated SSD like the one in our Y700 in PCMark tests. To round out the collection, they also offer gaming keyboards, 7.1 headphones, and even a backpack to haul the equipment around in. Das Lenovo IdeaPad Y700-15ISK zeichnet sich durch folgende spezifische Produkteigenschaften aus: Die Buchsen für USB, HDMI und Netzwerk sind auf beiden Seiten des Notebooks verteilt worden. Whereas plastic would insulate the heat and any localized hot spot would heat up at the specific point and be difficult to dissipate that heat. Further display measurements with an X-Rite spectrophotometer show the Y700 to be slightly better than last year's Y70 in terms of brightness, black levels, saturation, gamma, and grayscale without any calibration efforts from the end-user. Nachricht *document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a84dbfa5749ca5d0e53ba13ccfd3ba88" );document.getElementById("dc77f4484b").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Informiere mich über Folgekommentare per E-Mail! Im Turbomodus erreichen einzelne Prozessorkerne sogar 3,2 GHz. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Die Tastatur besitzt zudem eine zuschaltbare Hintergrundbeleuchtung. Auf dieser Seite sind auch der Kartenleser für SD-Karten und die Buchse fürs Headset zu finden. In comparison: 51 % of all tested devices do not use PWM to dim the display. If that sounds like your requirements for a portable SSD, @sabre…. @chrisheinonen You are still using THAT DS415+?!! The notebook sports just two slots maximum even if its large size may suggest otherwise. The 15.6 inch IdeaPad Y700 series are Lenovos new gaming machines, euqipped with the latest Intel/AMD/Nvidia hardware. We commend Lenovo for addressing the issue directly and improving rigidity where it was needed the most. Lenovo offers a very impressive entry level price on the Y700, with it starting at just $899 for the 15.6-inch model. This is not the only Y700 they have on offer, and Ian was able to test out a pre-production model with AMD’s Carrizo APU and R9 M380 graphics. Mit dem Lenovo IdeaPad Y700-15ISK bekommt Ihr ein 15,6 Zoll großes Display, das zum einen entspiegelt ist und zum anderen mit einem IPS-Panel ausgestattet ist. As the headline says, my Lenovo ideapad y700 shuts off without giving warning while I am working. We saw no such issues on our 15-inch Y700 test model, so this is a bit peculiar.

Neben dem Subwoofer findet Ihr den Akku, der nur verschraubt ist. No WWAN or GPS options are available on the Y series. Außerdem wird…, Mit dem Reno2 feiert der Elektronik-Gigant OPPO endlich seinen Eintritt in den deutschen Markt. Das heißt, die Betrachtungswinkel sind sehr hoch und Ihr könnt den Bildschirminhalt aus fast jedem Winkel verlustfrei einsehen.

Options. https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/uINRC83tlTA. With the impending launches of virtual reality headsets, we’ve seen even notebook manufacturers getting prepared to drive these new devices, but it takes a lot of compute to do it. Manufacturers going after sales of gaming notebooks are going to be able to eke out better margins too, so it’s an area many of them focus on. Thinner and more powerful models like the GS70 can be even louder while thicker models like the G752 will run noticeably softer under similar loads. As for size and weight, the Y700 17ISK is quite dense at just over 3.5 kg compared to the 3 kg Acer Aspire Nitro VN7, 3 kg Aorus X7, and 2.7 kg MSI GS70. Im Displayrahmen hat Lenovo auch eine Intel RealSense 3D Kamera verbaut. Viewing angles are good as expected from an IPS panel with just slight changes to brightness and colors if viewing from extreme angles. The high quality of the LG Philips panel is shown by its high AdobeRGB and sRGB coverage of 56 percent and 85 percent, respectively. Once inside, users get direct access to the dual SODIMM slots, dual storage bays, dual fans, battery, and WLAN card. The hot spots grow more obvious when under maximum load as they concentrate around the right side of the notebook on surfaces adjacent to the heat pipes. Those figures are lite… https://t.co/awcYNZUWAQ, @geofflangdale @lemire @FPiednoel @thecomp1ler Besides the fact that doesn't work on a phone :P Plus those scheduli… https://t.co/aooJSab4RM, @lemire @FPiednoel @thecomp1ler Fact is SPEC thinks we're running things responsibly and well. Nur ist das Spiel nicht für meine Altersklasse gedacht. Das Gehäuse misst stellenweise nur 2,59 cm. See our full review on the GTX 960M and our dedicated GPU page for more technical information and benchmarks. Dual bays are especially important for gaming systems where users are more likely to invest in both primary SSDs for speed and higher capacity mechanical drives for storing games. Zum Einsatz kommt ein Core i5-6300HQ, der bei einem Grundtakt von 2,3 GHz arbeitet. Nonetheless, costlier gaming notebooks tend to have additional and separate inputs for microphone and SPDIF/optical for more external options. What they were thinking! LOL. Darunter Widgets und eine neue App Library. RAM is provided by two DDR4-2133 SODIMM modules for a total of 16 GB.
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