a) L is in position of Sherlock and is against Moriarty (Show version). © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Can they solve all riddles? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. They both get each others' DNA but only H's DNA leads somewhere, as L's DNA. Round 4: Chess match: Could go either way, I vote L. Hand-to-hand fight Sherlock. a) L and Sherlock work together.

If somehow Sherlock had arrived to the case later, and Light tried to kill him (since he is a public figure) he would have failed as Sherlock isn't his real name. Not necessarily lazy writing, but it serves a similar enough purpose that it might even the playing field. Really.

Regardless of the case, L will have a lot more information a lot sooner than Sherlock. Sherlock takes this fairly handily - this version of Sherlock is more mature, calm, calculating, thoughtful, and insightful into the human mind. His existence is only know by a handful of high ranking Goverment officials across the world, and even fewer people(all of whom are incredibly close to him) know his secret identity. Both detectives solve the riddles at the same time, L finds Riddler in 2 riddles.

Round 1: L vs. Cumberbatch? This will be a game of who is the better detective or who can figure out someone's identity first. This will allow Chimp the buffer time to catch L. Bonus Round 3: L vs. Moriarty from "Elementary". Remember the first episode of Sherlock? Because he's a PSYCHIC. a) Sherlock and L are both tasked to find out Batman's identity. L 9/10, with the one victory being that Moriarty comes into possession of the death note and discovers L's real name by going into his mind palace or something like that. First off, it's been a long while since I read Death Note so I may be off the mark in some locations. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. And again, since L barely has an identity to speak of, and does what he can to be shrouded in complete anonymity, I'd be surprised if Batman would even hear of L until something big like the death note case.

c) Sherlock is curious about L's identity and tries to find it out. Who can catch him first? If all of Batman's enemies can't catch him then a couple of detectives certainly will not. b) Both would get bored, so a draw I guess? Which one will do more important job, L or Sherlock?

Round 2: L, I think Sherlock is a lot more famous and it would be easier for him to figure it out. Sherlock has better tools than Light did and also has the advantage of magic. Unlike Bruce Wayne, who is a fairly public figure who happens to have a second life, L is just L. He does not have an alter, more well-known ego. Round 2: L vs. Batman? b) Sherlock and L are working together to catch Batman. @chocolatenova: I almost forgot, welcome to Vine. The end. c) I think Sherlock would find people progressively closer to L, and eventually find someone who has knowledge of L's general whereabouts. Again, Sherlock is the one getting caught and solving the riddle. ), Same as round 1, but this time, Sherlock has Mycroft and L has Near. In a matter of days, he creates and executes(ha) a plan which narrows down Kira to being in the Kanto region, and being a student. L, of course, has never shown evidence of this kind of brainpower. ", Go is likely entirely unfamiliar to Holmes and L is Japanese. The caveat here is that L will ONLY find out who H is IF L is aware of Sherlock before his death. Alongside L, he is tasked to catch Kira (Light Yagami). Sherlock has big amount of resources. Good points and thanks for detailed answers. 2) I know virtually nothing about Riddler, but Sherlock spent an entire episode just cracking riddles, some of which I think L could not possibly figure out. Meanwhile, L has much better empathy than Sherlock. I think Kira fucked up real big by sticking mainly to heart attacks and unlikely deaths. I think he has better resources, knowledge of the city and is definitely more willing to kill and probably has a better fighting build. In that time frame more people have tested and refined Sherlock's method. He goaded Kira into killing a scapegoat, and when Kira took the bait he used the info gathered to "track" Kira to a region. In the Death Note universe, criminals start dying for absolutely no reason. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend.

If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. (Maybe Mycroft will work with the NSA on that one.) Round 3a: Considering it took magic to find out the real identity of L, sherlock is hooped.

I am trying to compare two great fictional detectives. This gives him a massive time advantage against L in catching the villain. b) I think Batman in some cases would be considered Sherlock's detective equal with wealth that should far surpass what L has to offer. b) Sherlock lives in DN universe, he has alias of H and his identity is unknown.

I think L would receive his information AFTER Sherlock has solved the riddle left behind. I am not certain that this search will pin down Bruce Wayne, and if it does not Sherlock will seek all suspects to find which is Batman. With moriarty, it seems like many of his feats are just plot convenience, and that his plans require too many coincidences to succeed. L has access to all his resources, Sherlock has access to Mycroft's resources and has John Watson helping him. Who catches Kira? Neither can come close to Batman's combat ability and experience.

L is tasked to find out who "H" is, he must prove it with proof. I don't think L gets his way on this one. L murders Sherlock. Also it's L vs. Batman, not L vs the Justice League. L almost immediately correctly suspects Light. He causes chaos by his crime riddles. Sherlock is also crazy enough to make H its own identity. Moriarty decides L isn't worth his time and goes back to being a consulting criminal, and I don't think L could catch him because he is completely hidden unlike Light. And 600 years old, with enough resources to run a country. This goes to Chimp not because L is not smart enough, but because L will be unable to find in favor of a Chimpanzee without a rather large amount of evidence, which Chimp will not provide. When Death Note begins, he's doesn't think people are dying from diseases, chemical weapons, bioterrorism, or governmental power - his first thought is "All of this is happening because of someone who acts like a god and is definitely a student. Round 1: Sherlock wins. Let's think a little about L's main feat of detective work. Before he does so, he plants evidence to throw Sherlock off his trail, and causes Sherlock to erroneously believe someone else was L, most likely another cadaver.

If his identity is a secret, then all he needs is 5 minutes with Light. Round 3, L has the same advantage he did over Sherlock, but Moriarty gets the generic Genius Antagonist boost and "I did it offscreen to facilitate the plot" boosts. I made a really big mistake by overlooking this is BBC Sherlock.

Sure, his homeless network has proven to be quite useful, but L has basically all of the Japanese police force at his disposal, and then some. L has the powers of superhuman intelligence and lazy writing, so he godstomps in round 1 where Sherlock is constrained by merely superhuman intelligence. One's clothing, body language, appearance, etc. 4a) I am not completely clear on the Death Note's rules, but it can influence people before their deaths right? Win by bringing Magnussen to justice. Round 4b and c: Sherlock is turbo dead. But the thing is Bruce has no leads to L unless L wants Bruce to find him (like when Light met L). If some shlub who's not even half as intelligent as Batman, let alone L can figure out Batman's secret identity by following the money trail, L would be able to find it out no problem.