People who’ve never owned one typically have questions about EDC knives. Kershaw manufactures a wide range of pocket knives that meet those two criteria and much more. So while the blade itself is not huge it performs like a larger blade. You know fifteen little tips and tricks that you can use that knife for to get yourself out of a bind when you need, and help out others when they need it. Learn how your comment data is processed. This ensures that the knives, despite having a folding design, are sturdy and can be used on hard tasks. A: Being the hero with an EDC knife isn’t going to do you much good if you can’t cut through anything. This tactical knife still manages to tip the scales at a svelte 5 ½ oz in spite of all the extra features. The Blur was another one of Ken Onion’s designs for Kershaw during his stint as a designer there, and it’s a beloved knife by many Kershaw fans. It is a collaboration of Kershaw and Rick Hinderer, so you are in for a well-balanced and effective knife. DLC stands for "diamond-like coating", and the material gives a surface high resistance to corrosion while keeping friction low and infusing durability. The blade really shoots out like a whip with can only be described as recoil. Built with reliable 8Cr13MoV steel, the 3” blade is more useful than its size would imply, and at 4.1” closed, the Brawler is stealthy, functional, and easy to carry.

It opens smooth although maybe a bit tighter than some would like and the blade is razor sharp out of the box. The 6061-T6 anodized aluminum handle has a nice DLC (Diamond-Like … Many of the design elements we take for granted were introduced by Kershaw, including knives with interchangeable blades. The best version of the Blur is the one in S30V steel. The knife has a drop tip and can retain its edge very efficiently. Lastly, a big, bulky handle will make the knife unwieldy as far as pocket carry goes so look for a handle that sits relatively flat. Winchester Pocket Knife Review: What’s in a Name? The program enables us to earn money by linking to and affiliated websites. Use your knife to cutaway the cloth that’s hiding a wound. While he was the lead designer at Kershaw, he invented the “SpeedSafe” assisted opening technology, which has made Kershaw Knives famous. For smooth, one-handed opening, all Blurs are SpeedSafe equipped. (-) Weighs nearly ½ lb. Despite its longer blade, it’s still a good sized blade to carry in your pocket. A Kershaw pocket knife offers you so much in terms of features and construction that choosing one can become a convoluted affair. A: Perhaps the best answer to this question is: “Why would you?” Do you really need to carry nail clippers and a pair of tiny, unusable scissors around all day? So I bought one and am amazed at how swiftly it opens. Aggravated display of any knife is illegal as is the commission of a crime using your pocket knife. Many companies have tried to work something out with Emerson, but he’s insisted on doing things independently — until he came to an agreement with Kershaw. It’s become popular in recent years (think 2012 onward), especially with the state of the world and how’s it going.

Designed by Ken Onion. Below are only a couple of the great knives Kershaw has to offer, this list isn't complete by no means. The burst of blue adds a great aesthetic appeal to the overall design. As the 2002 Blade Magazine “Knife of the Year,” it has an excellent reputation – and a big price – to live up to. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. A versatile, drop-point folder, this blade carries a number of features – some that really set it apart from the competition. Interestingly, it has a low price point despite its high performance. The great thing about the Natrix is that there are tons of variations already too, so you can get exactly what you want. They do fixed blade as well as bushcrafting, and most everything in between. Upon first look, the Kershaw Skyline seems like a regular knife, but when it was released in the late ’00s, the knife captured the hearts and minds of knife enthusiasts everywhere. That nasty blade itself is 8Cr13MoV steel that’s as useful for menacing an attacker (or taking one on) as it is at cutting through twine or ropes. That’s no easy feat, so it shows just what these knives can do. Their pocket knives are hardworking, sturdy, and durable. The unisex pocket knife can be used by a broader spectrum of users, including women and youths who find the regular pocket knife bulky and awkward to handle. Combined with the fact that it’s under 5 ounces, this may just be the perfect utility and EDC blade. Finally the handle is made of G-10 glass-infused nylon for supreme durability. They’re intended for general use, are typically moderate in size and price and most of them fold up so they can be carried easily in your pocket (hence the name). I originally wrote and published this post back in May 2018 and while nearly all the knives stayed the same, I had to quick off the budget brawler for the newer Kershaw Natrix.