They tasted AMAZING but they also crumbled when I picked them up. Thanks for stopping by! I like to bring my own when I can. Please let me know. Thanks for asking! He’s doing keto for Type 1 Diabetes. And, it doesn’t seem to cause digestion issues like most other sweeteners. We use the USDA Food Database, which is most reliable to calculate nutrition information for our recipes. Use a hand mixer to mix your butter and sweetener together. Oh my goodness, I just made these, just ate two of them. So, you can see that making some keto almond shortbread cookies to enjoy with your favorite bulletproof coffee or tea is pretty darn simple, but here are some tips for choosing these ingredients: These four-ingredient almond flour keto cookies are so easy to make… and oh-so-delicious. Happy baking, everyone! I left them on the tray until they were cool, topped with some sukrin gold and coconut cream caramel and finished the lot off with some sugar free chocolate. I would like to make lemon bars with a healthier shortbread crust and I came across this recipe. Yummilicious!! I had to weigh in on this one as I had no erythritol so was using stevia but out of fear of the bitter aftertaste I under shot the sweetness a lot and ended up with delicious savoury biscuits that go great on the side of soups! Your crust won’t be fully baked, because it’s in a large pan instead of individual cookies. I don’t know if this is what made the difference, but I needed to add double the butter and add an egg in order for the batter to stick. Hi Kimberly, Without the bulk from the sweetener, it’s probably got a little too much butter in it and creating crumbly cookies. liked the cream cheese version better. Hi Shalini, It really depends on the type of stevia you are wanting to use. This low carb almond flour shortbread cookies recipe was originally published on November 12, 2016, and updated in November 2019 with new pictures and additional tips. Of course, you can also add some flavorful extras if you wish but make no mistake, these cookies are pretty darn tasty as is. Hi Muna, You don’t need a cookie scoop to make these cookies. He loves shortbread and is on a low carb eating plan, these cookies made him so happy! Lastly, because we’ve been making our own almond milk and have a lot of leftover almond meal, I used 1 cup almond flour and 1 1/2 cups almond meal. Hi Beatrice, Yes, swede is another name for rutabaga. Plus, those low carb substitutions make these keto chocolate chip cookies fuel-filled and SO much cleaner. Shortbread is my favorite cookie and now that I have this gluten-free version I’ll be making these all the time! I tried making these cookies. This shortbread recipe is wonderful. And how can I make it low sugar still? I’ve been forming mine into 2 logs and freezing it, and then pulling out to slice and bake. I put the second half of the dough in the frig to see if I could roll them out and use cookie cutters. So the next time you're craving a keto sugar cookie recipe, reach for this keto shortbread recipe instead. Thanks so much for the simple and yummy recipe! I did use monk fruit sweetener instead, and reduced the amount by a bit as they were almost too sweet at first (Keto is making my taste buds change) and adding fresh sliced strawberries on top makes it go from good to amazing! It could be that the dough wasn’t mixed well enough? Just four ingredients? shortening and trans fats), and any number of other questionable additives, these keto chocolate chip cookies are made with all clean, nutritious ingredients. These were the some of the best sugar-free cookies I have tried! The baking time will definitely vary depending on how thick the cookies are, the pan you use, and slight oven variations. My cookie crumbled (sorry I couldn’t resist). Either that, or just reduce the total amount of flavoring all together. Your email address will not be published. They taste like real cookies. Just a bit overpowering. I am a pastry chef, Hubby & I design wedding cakes, but this arena is very different. Thank you! Might try adding other users ingredients, like nuts. I was wondering if I could replace the butter with coconut oil? Mmmm. Thank you so much. So happy to have a Christmas cookie treat that I can enjoy this year ❤️. Very good. I found them really dry and crumbly. Hi Sandra, The holes are a traditional mark for shortbread recipes, they don’t have function. If you can’t see the card, please make sure you aren’t viewing the website in ‘reader mode.’ You can verify this in your internet browser settings.