... when I am packing for a hiking tour.

Thanks, • Water treatment tabs Hi Dan, I agree, I would also love to see some good food choices to support a weeks bushcrafting, and think it would make for a great article. Thank you. These are the cheapest method and usually work well unless you largely happen to be trying to start your fire in 30mph winds and freezing rain. When you are looking at measurements for a bushcraft pack, you will notice they are often advertised in cubic inch or Liter capacity. You are very welcome and I appreciate the feedback. No safety compromises though.

If you have any questions let us know. I am currently using various combinations to find what takes up less room in my pack yet without compromising on warmth and a good nights sleep. Regards I don’t carry an ax either but a tomahawk with a poll, a folding saw, large and small knives. I always talk about taking minimum kit, and me and Austin on the taster course competitively discussed this matter a number of times. I am a small frame 60 year old who refuses to give up the outdoors but need to lighten my load.
You could argue why take any sleeping kit at all, why not build a shelter every night. All this thinking about it has convinced me I do need the G4, if I want to carry the stuff in a rucksack. But because the main qualification for bushcraft must be durability and strength, the choices narrow somewhat. Could you do something similar if you saying you can get five days worth of food in that side pouch? I had the same question a while back and if you use compression straps on your synthetic bag, you will be able to get it smaller than you first think, it will fit ! This is an extra-small Exped dry bag containing toilet paper, wet wipes, alcohol hand-gel and a cigarette lighter.”. In my opinion a sleeping bag belongs in the bivi and on top: At last in the day out, at last in, after airing out or in fast start situations. The shirt is a surplus Swedish military shirt. • Knife - preferably bushcraft style. A pole with 8 adjustments, 1 for each layer is used to build igloos with the correct catenary shape and to help support the weight of the snow and form while packing the snow. Thanks again. It’s a change from my faithfull old macpac climbing rucksack – which has nothing wrong with it after about 18 years, it’s just to big and encourages me to pack stuff I don’t reallly need. The obvious one would be that the current status quo of modern survival prepping relies greatly on advanced equipment and purchased stocked resources, and less on physical skills and knowledge of natural resources and your environment. Personally I don’t like to have things on the outside of my rucksack unless it is unavoidable. Croatia, Hi Paul, Marcus. What a great video, I’ve been talking about packing rucksacks for the last few weeks ( well boring the wife about it.

Agreed – the Sabre 45 hip belt is somewhat insubstantial.

Great video do you ever carry a rope I’ve carried a 6mm for years with two karibeners and I use it nearly every trip for all sorts if things and it doesn’t weigh much. Hi Paul, you mention about a weeks worth of food in your blog post about packing the rucksack. Thanks for your comments. Paul hope you are doing well.I would like to know what you think about the lightning strike fire starter by holland shooting supplies &. Now this list won't cover every situation and climate, that's where your necessity for thinking comes into play. The poncho can be used as an extra shelter or groundsheet, also collection of water or materials for a shelter. In terms of storing spare maps, I tend to put them in a large Aloksak then slip them down the back of the main compartment, nearest my back. Hi Paul,Swedish M59 Army Shirt The EU Biocides Directive made it impossible to sell the MWP within the EU due to the iodine content. Great video, well shot, well presented with concise and relevant content. My tools and equipment vary depending on where I’m going. PS: you would make a great TV presenter, you should have a word with Mr Mears!
It is important to keep the carry weight under 15 pounds so we can travel long and fast if needed as most of us are not in the shape we want to be.

Thanks for your feedback Gareth. I struggle to keep my kit to a minimum. Jack Mountain Bushcraft Kit This is a basic kit we were asked to provide for Tim Smiths Students at the Jack Mountain Bushcraft School. But in winter I have that pulk, so space and weitht is not a consideration. In my area we have ‘Farm & Fleet big box chain and has all kinds of them. I use it for extra (clean) water storage in camp. Now I am done with that I have no pressure to kit up for “bad stuff”. ALWAYS have water today people are more concerned if they have the cell phone before water or some other “need” ALWAYS have water. Most useful for the pliers and screwdrivers. For warmth-to-weight ratio it is hard to beat down, particularly top-quality goose down. Great video Paul, only a 45ltr rucksack – blimey. This is as simple as bending a sharp piece of metal to make a hook, or having a pre made pouch with your favorite fishing tools. I’d bet they all do. Pleased you liked my comments about presenting, just to add, I find your style of video instruction unpretentious, informative and very down to earth…Which is typical of a Yorkshireman! For me bushcraft means far distance hiking without equipment. (pack and gear) = 10.98 Hard Shell Jacket Marmot Mica #40990 6.7-Soft Shell Jacket Mountain Hardwear#Microstretch Zip T Top 11.9 Cold weather Sleeping Gear Marmot silk top, bottom, and Wigwam Wool Socks 15.6-Hat Smart Wool Merino Wool Beanie 1.9 Shirt Nike Pro Combat 7.9

Of course it is a question, which smaller bag fits in where and how? Her words not mine ) and I wanted to do a couple of nights about it with my scouts and cubs and now I can and will. What is your toilet solution? After a hard day of chopping wood and setting up camp with a basic sleeping shelter, I don’t mind kicking back by the warm campfire and enjoying the sunset with a little background music, and a sip or two of libation as the night owls and other critters begin their evening concert…, I also like a small first aid kit, a mylar tube tent and a mylar blanket (also good for making a solar still), 50’ of paracord, and a day or so worth of emergency food rations.