37. How to use quell in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word quell? That system uses the stability control to quell trailer sway once it begins. Fortunately, leading nutritionists and medical experts were able to set the record straight and quell concerns. She wore the same clothes she'd been wearing several days ago, when she walked into the ocean. A conference of ambassadors was held in Constantinople, and the sultan was invited to quell the revolt; but he hesitated to employ his troops against Mussulmans who were professing merely to oppose Christian aggression. Julius Severus, sent with an immense army by Hadrian, came to quell the insurrection.

A 523 error means that Cloudflare could not reach your host web server. In 1815 he went to America as a captain under General Morillo, who had been made commander-in-chief to quell the risings of the colonies on the Spanish Main. He was accused of failing to quell the rowdy behavior of fellow members ' guests. Most of his reign was, however, occupied with revolts on the part of the Syrian amirs, to quell whom he repeatedly visited Syria; the leaders of the rebels were the ami~s Newruz and Sheik MabniudI, afterwards sultan. 2. In the formidable machinery of state, above all in the creation of the Legion of Honor, the Concordat, and the restoration of indirect taxes, they saw the rout of the Revolution: But the expulsion of persons like Benjamin Constant and Madame de Stael sufficed to quell this Fronde of the salons. As was to be expected, they were worsted; eleven small flying columns of the Moslems, sent out in various directions, sufficed to quell the revolt. For sheer subsistence he had to hire his sword to the pope and quell petty rebellions with a handful of men.

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A 523 error means that Cloudflare could not reach your host web server. An army of 4000 passed through Chester on their way to Ireland, to quell the rebellion of Tyrone. Jessi shook her head, occupied by trying to quell the frantic fear within her. she called,[www.Sentencedict.com] trying to, 24 Outside stood untold thousands of protesters and 10,000 state troops to, 25 Christopher Jabelman, above left, was haunted by anxiety and depression, which he attempted to, 26 The numbers were in line with economists expectations and did nothing to, 27 After 10 days of gun battles, Federal troops were called out to, 28 The other is use of protease inhibitors, a class of drugs with an unusual ability to, 29 An argument erupted between Marvin and Boyd which the President had to, 30 Or at least we would have had action to.
Soldiers were sent in to quell the riots. The principal tapped the microphone to quell … He was killed at La Reole in 1004, in endeavouring to quell a monkish revolt. refused to truckle to the municipality, placed it under an interdict (1155), and allied himself with Frederick Barbarossa to quell an insurrection which respected the rights of emperors no more than the rights of popes. Use "quell" in a sentence. In 1522 and 1523 he assisted to quell the rising of Franz von Sickingen, who had raided Hesse five years previously, and in 1525 he took a leading part in crushing the rebellion of the peasants in north Germany, being mainly responsible for their defeat at Frankenhausen. MAFF and DH issued press releases notifying the public of the discovery and attempting to quell growing consumer fears. The invasion was a blatant attempt to use the flag waving patriotism of war to quell unrest in the working classes.

They were even able to quell the first attempt at a reaction, by seizing and beheading Edmund, earl of Kent, the late kings half-brother, who was betrayed while organizing a plot for their destruction. Check your DNS Settings. A good pediatrician can help to quell the fears of new parents, but he can also spot any developmental or physiological problems early on, which can often lead to more effective treatment. The labour unions took advantage of this trouble to force Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Colorado and several other states to pass anti-Pinkerton statutes making it illegal to import irresponsible armed men from a distance to quell local disturbances. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f1054371e8073fd quell in a sentence - Use "quell" in a sentence 1. The council of Constance thought to quell it by condemnation of Wycliffe's teaching and by the execution of John Huss (1415). Source. What they have done will not quell the population fighting for a fairer form of taxation. 4. It was occasioned by the discharge of the Macedonian veterans, and only the personal magnetism of Alexander and his threat to entrust himself altogether to the Orientals availed to quell it. opening The government was weak and despised, and its agents of the were afraid or unwilling to quell outbreaks of disorder. 235. Various means were tried to quell the rebellion. The tumult continued all the day, and the next morning a body of troops sent out by the pasha failed to quell it. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. A'Ran made no response, unable to quell the tremor deep within him. Quell says Time is its weapon. Additional troubleshooting information here. He sent a division Please contact your hosting provider to confirm your origin IP and then make sure the correct IP is listed for your A record in your Cloudflare DNS Settings page. The proprietor applied to the Mayor who exercised himself to quell the tumult by swearing in two constables and reading the Riot Act.
9 This latest setback will have done nothing to, 10 'Jerry?' Performance & security by Cloudflare. Paraphraser. sending legates in 865 to quell disturbances and check evil practices in the island. Better that we have some contact and hopefully quell any investigation. The old man drinks warm milk to quell his upset stomach. 85. Her words did nothing to quell the anger boiling within him.

Quint knew he should quell the ire that surged up and pounded in his neck. The most common cause is that your DNS settings are incorrect. 8,000 men under Clausel and Decaen guarded the Pyrenean frontier; whilst Lamarque led 10,000 men into La Vendee to quell the insurrection in that quarter. He also advised the use of Federal troops to quell the disturbances in the city, on the ground that the government must prevent interference with its mails and with the general railway transportation between the states. ix.

2. Toying with the necklace, Jessi tried hard to quell her panic. Patty snapped upright to quell the insurrection, causing Splash to leap for safety. Thomas More attempts to quell the uprising with wise words pleading for racial harmony. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. Among the factors, economic, geographic, political and social, which combined to bring about the decline of the Hanseatic League, none was probably more influential than the absence of a German political power comparable in unity and energy with those of France and England, which could quell particularism at home, and abroad maintain in its vigour the trade which these towns had developed and defended with their imperfect union. Before Sarah gives a speech, she always drinks a shot of whiskey to quell her nerves. 64. Quell in a sentence. When water did n't quell the rushes, she drank more and more. The troops sent to quell the revolt went over to him, and Macrinus was defeated near Antioch on the 8th of June. In 1988, AARP, The National Sheriff's Association, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police banded together to not only reduce criminal victimization affecting seniors, but also to quell their fear of crime. When they stop, they stand in pairs, arms crossed, leaning against one another to quell the dizziness. the Marches of Verona to quell their insurrection. 3.

He rushed among the crowd, but was powerless to quell the tumult. It was said that armed mounted troopers were grouped outside the oval to quell a possible riot. On the other hand, since this drug is designed to quell anxiety, it may be difficult to distinguish the difference between addictive behavior and an anxiety disorder. On being liberated he returned to Tuscany, and the grand duke Leopold II, knowing that he was popular with the masses, sent him to Leghorn to quell the disturbances.

The militia, it seems, managed to quell the disturbance without too much difficulty. Studies have found that generalized anxiety responds well to these drugs (benxodiazepines are the most common), which serve to quell the physiological symptoms of anxiety. I'm amazed - you people actually read these memes. Check your DNS Settings. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. I stared at Quell and waited. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. 5. Various means were tried to quell the rebellion. The rain was cold, and she was alone without as much as a jacket. How to use quell in a sentence. True, that might quiet the populace and quell the rebellion. Then being generally recognized as king he was able to do something to quell disturbances in various parts of the country, and, in April 1220, to bring about the election of his young son Henry as king of the Romans. Quell gathered us to him again. I took up an oar and tried to quell the mutiny; I cried no! It would keep her entire system in mind, not just the need to provide calories or quell her hunger. He smelled Katie.s, too, and was unable to quell the surge of lust that ran through him. • Dhaher revolted against the Turkish government and el-Jazzar was commissioned to quell the rising; his long residence with Dhaher having given him knowledge which marked him out as the most suitable for the purpose. He had to find his mate and Darkyn's, quell a rebellion and find a way to reopen the portals to the dealers trapped on the mortal plane. Then the king intervened personally; not to quell the commons, as the senate insisted, but to compel the nobility to give way. As the consequence of a palace intrigue, which Kait Bey was too old to quell, on the 7th of August 1496, a day before his death, his son Mahommed was proclaimed sultan. The 14th Light Dragoons had been used to quell riots here before, were nicknamed the Bloody Blues and hated. In less than five weeks a few thousand men properly handled sufficed to quell the cantonal risings in Cordoba, Sevilla, Cadiz and Malaga, and the whole of the south might have been soon pacified, if the federal republican ministers had not once more given way to the pressure of the majority of the Cortes, composed of "Intransigentes" and radical republicans. • Although there are medications available that could quell some of the symptoms of antisocial personality disorder, noncompliance or abuse of the drugs prevents their widespread use. He crossed his arms, unable to quell his sudden desire to wrap his arms around her and promise her he'd find a way to make things right. A draconian law to quell demonstrations has only galvanised public support for young Quebecois protesting tuition fee hikes. During the riots, over five hundred policemen worked to quell the uproar. Police used live ammunition to quell the disturbances.

Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Had the mutinous troops early in the day received the order to attack, they would have carried the waverers with them; but they hesitated to fire on comrades whom they expected to see march over to their side; and when at last the emperor had steeled his heart to use force, a few rounds of grape-shot sufficed to quell the mutiny. 36. quell definition is - to thoroughly overwhelm and reduce to submission or passivity. He sat up, bloodied and lightheaded, unable to quell … Governments used to relying upon force to quell dissent are unlikely to make the reforms necessary to preserve social cohesion. Unable to quell the panic flying through her, she wasn't willing to test the waters to discover if demons were restricted from harming their mates like Immortals. 22. Before that, she didn't think it was possible for her life to get worse. The company being unable to quell the revolt, Captain Hermann Wissmann - subsequently Major Hermann von Wissmann (1853-1905) - was sent out by Prince Bismarck as imperial commissioner.