It generally takes 21 to 28 days of feeding before they’re ready to lay eggs, so your first goal is to kill the adults before this happens. No matter how scrupulously you clean your kitchen, you may still open your cabinets one day to find them crawling with tiny beetles.

Larval root weevils will look like white grubs or worms and will be found in the soil. But have no fear! At this stage, it can also lead to girdling. This will prevent having excessive moisture, and hence, make the environment less favorable for their survival. When the notching is only light to moderate, which is the case most of the time, it will not cause too much problem to the plant.

Remove Mulch. This damage will appear in the night, as root weevils come out to feed at night.

You can also hand pick the adults off the plant at night while they are eating. These destructive little insects will invade the root system of a healthy plant and then proceed to eat the plant from the roots up. Be sure to practice good garden hygiene and clean up dead plants and do not over mulch. The most serious sign is a sudden wilting of growth at the top of the plant but without any signs of damage to the leaves.This means that the larvae of the Weevils are attacking the roots of your plant.

Adult weevils are beetle like insects that can be black, brown or grey.

Their eggs are laid on leaf litter or the soil. During the day, they hide in soil cracks, garden debris and mulch. Insecticides can be applied to plants’ foliage, to kill and repel adult weevils, and both insecticides and nematodes can be used as a soil drenching application to kill the insect’s eggs and larvae.

Everything has to come out—canned goods, spices, aluminum foil, whatever you store in there—in order to get rid of every weevil. They lay eggs in soil from March to September, which hatch into white, C-shaped grubs that feed voraciously.

Sealing openings will also be a good way to prevent their entry. This eventually makes a great option to get rid of weevils fast and permanently.

Black Vine Weevil Treatment.

Always remember anyone can post on the MSE forums, so it can be very different from our opinion. Before returning anything to the shelves, proceed to Step 3. A google on "Vine weevil"+control brought up all sorts of sites that you'd have to evaluate for yourself but to start you off take a look at This One. Root weevils are a plant pest both indoors and outdoors. Circumstances depending, that may or may not involve keeping children and pets away from the pantry temporarily. What do vine weevils look like? The most common in the garden is the black vine root weevil or the strawberry root weevil. Disclosure: participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for publishers to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Black Vine Weevil Sitting on a Leaf with Gnawed Margins. Items you don’t think will withstand freezing—dried herbs, for instance, that may lose their zing—can go in a sealed bag or container and be stored elsewhere.

While these suggestions might seem like overkill, all it takes is one female weevil to start another invasion. Black Vine Weevil Control. Weevils are also attracted to moisture, so a shallow pan of water can be set out at night and the weevils will climb into it and drown. It will chew the stems or veins of the host plant, which can inhibit the flow of nutrients. Everything has to come out—canned goods, spices, aluminum foil, whatever you store in there—in order to get rid of every weevil.
They are small (1/2 inch long), white, C-shape…

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So in order to oust them, you’ve got to purge your pantry of unsealed dry foods, including oats, rice, barley, flour, corn meal, pasta—even pre-packaged box-type dinners that don’t have sealed internal pouches. Adult black vine weevils (3/4 inch long) are large slate-gray to black insects that cannot fly. Find licensed pest control experts in your area and get free, no-commitment estimates for your project. Identifying and controlling root weevil in your garden and houseplants can keep your plants from suffering unnecessary damage. Their numbers can vary from year to year. Controlling root weevil is possible. Adult vine weevils are 1cm in length and wingless.