What was the creative process & how long did it take you? Know you work a day job in the daytime I enjoy when people do that. He's a rapper, he's got that song with Kenny Beats "I Got Depression.” It’s so funny. I have no idea.

I want my songs to be the soundtrack to other people's lives, in as much of a positive way as they can.
Silence while I'm pulling on your hair 3. We got to talking, I went to the studio the next day. I find it difficult to put it in a box and describe it, the music speaks for itself in that respect. Will you save me from the mess I made? I want people to feel inspired and connected, feel good when they hear my music. Proof up, eye drops Rooftops, medicine I’m nervous as fuck because there are so many people, then I ran out of things to say by the fourth song.

Enjoyed everywhere. [laughs] Then Usher or D’Angelo. It's about 90 miles. A couple months later, I sent him some files. I was on stage in front of 15,000 people in Birmingham, and it was my birthday.

You dropped Heroine earlier this year. 'Less it's your friends, but not those guys Some of my favorite songs ever were made in this city.

It’s a whole other city outside of Birmingham. Just home in and finish, which is always the most difficult part. [chuckles] Go home, see my girl, repeat until I have to lock myself in a room for about a week and make something perfect. My heroine, my heroine, Writer(s): Jay Vincenzo Mooncie, Cole Abbon Basta, You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial, Made with love & passion in Italy. Smiles and good energy. Make no noise on this side, but they playing Knife Party which was the rappy rap shit like grime, all that. He played me his album, I played him what I’d been working on. Then the other one, you have the Giggs, Tinchy Stryder, etc. Damn, I’m really fucking with Lucky Daye at the moment. Heroine. Since the SoundCloud days, all that Soulection stuff. I’d be lost somewhere, probably very sad. I’ll be like "fuck this shit" sometimes, but then I’m like "wait, would I want to do anything else?"

He's fucking weird, the one who did the Genius video and was talking about jacking off A$AP Rocky and Ferg at the same time. Because I’ve obviously been a fan of him since the beginning, since “Spectrum” and all that. I try talk nice, talk that Ralph Fiennes Body count was too high, yo, it's looking kinda gnarly I left it at the crib so I’m really fiending for my shit right now.

I had a shit set time. My, my, how you've changed up I’m fucking with Tierra Whack like crazy. Growing up with a pretty multi-cultural background in a lot of different places definitely influenced the music I listened to growing up, the music I made growing up, all of that. It’s very honest in what I'm saying. I try talk nice, talk that Ralph Fiennes Yes, you, my heroine Know you work a day job in the daytime That's my favorite thing, when people really go into the details of what I’ve done and try to pick it apart. For me, it was really important to expand on what I like to make. I went to LA, figured some stuff out here, then went back to lock back in.