this tape is just a small part of the festivities as there was an awsome acoustic set and a new riders set w/jerry onpedal steel too. deep in darkstar have a name? Very good, but not quite 5 stars.

I put this version of NFA among my top three. Pigpen had laryngitis, so he plays, but does not sing. Does riff/jam at 16 min. Ok sound but good enough to enjoy. Of course mislabeling of earlier shows was rife when chronicling the Band's performances was a new thing, but at this point I felt a need to bring this up.

This is a beautiful snapshot of 70's Dead!! Thanx to the archive for allowing me to hear it all over again and again and... What a long strange trip its been. It … See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. I was unequivocally there on 7/11, and the opener was, memorably, Easy Wind. Bobby is mixed in at a competent level and return plays one of his all star performances. If you know what's good you'll LOVE this incredibly high energy show, with acoustic and electric Dead and New Riders, meaning a ton of Jerry, and how can that ever be bad!

An even easier tool to use is free download manager. Plus, I just realized this fantastic 20 minute Lovelight also has the dubious distinction of being the only one I know of where, in the middle of his "hands in your pockets" rap, Pigpen instructs the guys on how to pick up the ladies by saying - "Hey maam, let's FUCK" - and the crowd goes wild! For directing me to this show. sound quality not great, but not bad either. The electric set is one of the best of 70. The quality is better than anything I ever recorded Live. Zias, below, is absolutely correct. The electricity was in the air that night.

Box of Rain is more complex tune chordwise, but they both start similarly. Rip this one for the lost Dawg Music, a truly priceless acoustic set for the ages. This bluegrass Big Railroad is also pretty heady. Wow, one of the finest displays of early Dead there is, period... a MUST LISTEN indeed *drools* :-), youd be hard pressed to find a better deepelm. In Philadelphia we thankfully had Pierre Robert or I may have never heard more than Truckin' and Touch of Grey. This show's acoustic set is an absolute GEM!!! This is one of my favorites! I have mot tried it yet. The notables are obviously 4/8/72, 5/11/72, 11/11/73, 2/13/70 (D.P. If you want to hear shows that destroy this one in playing and sound I suggest the Fillmore East shows from January second and third and of course Feb 11, 13, 14. on May 31, 2004, Set 1, Acoustic GD Set: The Monkey & The Engineer, Don't Ease Me In, I've Been All Around This World, Dark Hollow, Black Peter, El Paso, New Speedway Boogie, So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad), Rosalie McFall, A Voice From On High%*, Cold Jordan*, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot*. One of the best Morning Dews, and I've heard them since the beginning and witnessed some incredible Dews especially 6/14/85. I have the chills thinking back 39+ years later about how they grabbed me from the first notes of Casey Jones this night up to and including today. Must be. Other highlights exist as well.

Between this site and Spotify, I have really been able to get to hear a wide selection of Dead all day if I want and I want more often than not. I think this might be my all time favorite show and this remaster is a true masterpiece!! Turn the TV off, unplug the phone, and turn the speakers up. Great sound, despite some hiccups here and there. While the Truckin' kind of sounds like the studio cut, its still a unique change to hear it acoustic, with crisp and bare vocals. This is laid back, tuneful acoustic dead of the highest order. This is really top form all the way through. I'm "5 Nines", aka 99.999% sure the Youngbloods you hear AFTER the show is AFTER the show, just Bill Graham potting up some exit music to move the crowd.

A recently circulating excerpt from Weinberg's reels supplies the NFA.

get this classic for sure..but are there any sources for the rest of the show? Sound quality is superb. I love this first set it is the beginning and end of an era. These guys in every incarnation they performed in have provided the soundtrack for my life. I just got out of jail last night and have a dire need to hear Jerry sing me Little Sadie. what an introduction to the world's greatest band!i can assure you the youngbloods were not there live and seastones is right. Never more soulful or devoted. While Jerry playing the piano on To Lay Me Down is a wonderful highlight of this show, it's Bobby's inspired playing throughout is what makes this show a winner. . Flag this item for. They begin to show the fruit of growth and maturity as musicians. The recording is a bit warbly in spots, but very listenable.

No, of course not. First off, the mix right on with that extra bit of Phil, right up front. the Dark Star the nigh before may put that night as one of the best too but whose counting? I was fortunate to catch the return of to lay me down in Hampton in 1988 and its great...this version is so pretty. Please consider adding it to the archive. Does riff/jam at 16 min. - hiss has been reduced Enjoy this amazing show! I was so mesmerized by the wonderful acoustic set that the electric set seemed almost a let down! Worth getting! Wonderful recording, awesome performance. The band builds out of it beautifully, morphing into an upbeat, two or three minute jam on the uncle john's band cord progression (I think? A nice one time performance of So Sad, and a good first performance of Rosa Lee, always gotta love the Acoustic Dead. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. grisman is cookin' hard with the dead at this show...but who could be on keys?..doesnt sound like pig to my ears. Sound Quality 5.0; Show Quality 5.0.

Very nice quality taboot. … Anyone else question this set list? Just listen to Jerry's second solo on Sitting on Top of the World which starts at. One of the best NFAs I've ever heard.

Jonathan Aizen There are no other groups like this and there never will be. This is a prime example of not only why we belong to this community, but why there is a community to begin with!

I really like this version ! There had to be one on the run. This show and recording deserve no less than 4 stars. Wouldn't subtlety b e wiser?

Very nice and more than worth getting a copy of. It is possible that it could be from 7-9. No complaints. ", Subject: why chop jams up into diff tracks. --This set (minus NFA) has often circulated as the 6-24-70 early show, or the 6-25-70 late show. Get it.

I was at most of the '70's Fillmore E. shows and if I had missed the Youngbloods someone woulda told me by now :-) Check the crowd noise, during Get Together. Most of this recording sounds fantastic. Opens with a solid acoustic set followed by a huge electric set. Grateful Dead Live at Fillmore East on 1970-09-17 Audio Preview ... by Grateful Dead. Obviously the person who circulated the recording was trying to play tricks on us Deadheads! In order to save batteries, the tape was stopped and started by the recorder just as songs started and ended. The mix is often weird, with Bobby way loud and Jerry very quiet, most of the vocals come out of the right speaker and then there is lots of tape damage. Publication date 1970-02-14 (check for other copies) Topics Live concert. Lovelight is a whopper.