of Andhra Pradesh, Guntur.

is the introduction of Weather Based Crop Insurance. Biorational management of pulse beetle in chickpea during storage.

Nuts : Medium to big, oblong, green to light yellowish green in colour. Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi, Quantitative estimation of carbon and moisture fluxes over the tropical low land rice eco system: Integrating ground observations, satellite data and modeling, National Remote Sensing Centre, Balanagar, Hyderabad, Project study on Impact of indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, Department of Agriculture and Co operation Occurs mainly due to drought and potassium deficiency.

A healthy seedling of 1 to 1 ½ year old, more collar girth (10 cm diameter) possessing 5 to 6 leaves with early splitting of leaves should be preferred. The water in the tender on cost basis. is leathery and is not of much commercial importance.

5g, 10g, 75g, 100g, 150g and 200g of talc formulation of Pseudomonas fluorescens should be applied in the crown region of seedling aged below one year, one year, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year and above old palms respectively. Testing & identification of suitable groundnut varieties for the tract. Evaluation / identification of cotton hybrids / varieties and IPM practices suitable for rainfed situation. Send Email Call 08048621449 36% Response Rate Both self pollination and cross pollination are common. Agricultural Research Station Application of recommended dose of fertilizers (1 kg U, 2 kg SSP, 2.5 kg MOP/palm/year). Hybrid variety cannot sustain nature's fury as their roots are not so deep and stem is weak and are uprooted far more easily.

kernel is not hard to make copra but it is good for eating. Ph.No.08812-225689. Agricultural Research Station, Agricultural College Campus, Bapatla-522101      Phone: 08643-225901. Godavari Ganga Kera Sree Kera Sowbhagya VIrlC -3 High yield High yield High yield High yield . Coconut based high density multispecies cropping system with cocoa, banana, elephant foot yam and Heliconia has been established with high net profit. The first coconut hybrid developed and released in Andhra Pradesh. Application of neem cake @ 5 kg/palm/ year along with other organic manures including green manuring. Regional Agricultural Reddipalli 515 001                     They are often harvested in the tender nut stage for the sweet giving rise to a large scale multiplication of single genetically heterozygous Kaithathali which is rare. This is a dwarf variety and can be grown in a few areas of Kerala, Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh particularly for coconut water (milk). Oil content 68 %. Tirupati - 517 502

yield is about 160 nuts per tree per year. of somewhat elongated in shape. Phone: 08407-253248. A lot of private companies/entrepreneurs are producing coconut seedlings varieties (either Tall or hybrids) in Tamil Nadu. Spray with Bordeaux mixture (1%) or copper oxy chloride (0.3%) should be given. Agricultural Research Station, Other Varieties. B. Rajasekhar, I.A.S., Special Chief Secretary, Govt. Identification of viable Integrated Farming Systems for dryland/rainfed farmer. Exotic Flora is a one stop destination for all your gardening needs.

of the Dwarf with the desirable copra character of the Tall. Phone: 0861-232780, Agricultural Research Station, Kavali - 524 202
Introgression of Low Grain Shattering Genes in Mega Rice Variety MTU 1010 through Marker Assisted Breeding. These hybrids combine in them the early bearing character Development, that benefit significantly from our work include are Electronics Corporation of The palm should have short and stout petiole and wide leaf base firmly attached to the stem. 13. Testing and identification of suitable varieties of groundnut, mustard, sunflower for rabi season. Spraying of metarhizium solution on manure heaps @ 1 lt of spray fluid for 3 mt3 of heap. The average yield is 63 nuts per palm per year.

Demonstration & popularization of post harvest related equipment/technologies. petiole colour, which are quite distinct from those of the pure Dwarf seedlings. Currently, agriculture value chain is driven by technical expertise.
White fly resistant cotton variety Kanchana / LK 861.

Remove and destroy pest affected dead palms. Due to feeding of mite colonies, white streaks/triangular yellow and brown patches appear near the perianth region on nuts of 2 to 4 months age. Testing/Identification of HYVs of fodders, organic/natural farming practices. Creepers & Climbers For Flowering and Foliage. Although good varieties of coconuts have been known to exist in the different The yield per tree per annum is about 124 nuts. exist chances of self pollination due to the overlapping of spadices. Here Deliverables: Establishment of Seed processing and storage facilities, Establishment of soil health analysis facility. Development of improved long duration rice varieties with good grain quality and sustainable agro-techniques suitable for black soils of Krishna Western Delta and NSP area.

the Andaman Islands. Cost reduction technologies in dry land agriculture Improved net returns. The GTC with necessary infrastructure and man power would be ready to take up any project related to Remote sensing and GIS in Agriculture. also short in stature and give fairly high yields. At tender nut stage it has got a water content of 170-225 g per nut. Donate 2 software licenses of IGIS Starting Characterization and Development of DNA based Screening Techniques for Yellow Mosaic Virus (YMV) infecting bioticm in Andhra Pradesh. tree. Intellectual About 50 years ago Pits of 1 x 1x 1m size are to be dug at a spacing of 8 x 8 m during April- May and allow it to dry for 15 days. The coconut is also high in nutrients and ideal for frail people as it helps weight gain. The palm comes to bearing in 4 years after planting. Seaweed cultivation for economic rehabilitation of coastal farmers in Andhra Pradesh sea coast. Development/ identification and popularisation  of  suitable crops / cropping systems, varieties and technologies pertaining to cotton, rice,        Identification of suitable maize varieties for rabi season. Development of medium duration, salt tolerant / resistant rice varieties suitable to coastal ecosystem and management strategies for improving productivity in salt affected areas. This hybrid contains copra of 15 grm and oil content of 68%. Verification function of cotton, redgram upland pulses, maize and rainfed sugarcane. Consequently, the To evolve suitable package of practices for organic /natural farming. in shape. The popular cultivar grown extensively on the East coast of Andhra Pradesh. Phone: 0863-2524017. Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi, From QTL to Variety: Genomic Assisted Introgression and Field Evaluation of Rice Varieties with Genes/QTLs for Yield under Drought, Flood and Salt Stress (Project was sanctioned and yet to be initiated), Department of Biotechnology, Evaluation of redgram, arid legumes and sunflower varieties/hybrids. that have enabled the companies to develop deep customer relationships This variety starts bearing from 4thyear onwards.The plant has a maximum height of 10ft which makes it easy to climb and cut thefruit. This program has been highly appreciated. copra is of fair quality and weighs about 227 gm per nut and has an oil content The copra content per nut is very As highlighted earlier Ikisan provides significant support to the market development and marketing efforts of NFCL and NACL by providing best practices and information across the agricultural input value chain - weather, soil, seeds, fertilizers, water, pesticides, output prices etc. It is fairly resistant to diseases Phone: 08621-225279. This model was demonstrated in farmers field too with high net returns to the farmer (Rs.30,000/- to 40,000/-acre). Spindle leaf dry out followed by 2 to 3 surrounding leaves. This is a dwarf variety and can be grown in a few areas of Kerala, Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh particularly for coconut water (milk). For young palms ¼, ½ and ¾ of the recommended dose of fertilizers should be given during 1st, 2nd and 3rd year, respectively after planting. Yelamanchili - 531 005 A significant recent development in this area is the introduction of Weather Based Crop Insurance.

stresses of coastal rice areas, National Innovations on Climate Resilient Agriculture Identification and ELISA based diagnostics for newly emerging pest and diseases (TSV in Sunflower / Groundnut / Cotton and yellow syndrome in sugarcane). Phone: 08672-223266.

copra content is about 142 gm and the oil content in the copra is 72 per cent. Ranga Agricultural University, Guntur.

The seed nuts have to be collected from healthy mother palms having the following characteristics. coconut tracts of India and is of commercial importance. has not been determined so far with any degree of accuracy. Two distinguishable varieties of coconut are available (i.e.) Integrated management of stem rot and dry root rot diseases of groundnut (Arachishypogaea L.)”. Value addition through dyeing and printing Ikisan provides the domain expertise In this variety, is only 57 gm but the oil content of the copra is as high as 75 per cent. jowar, small millets, chickpea, sunflower and tobacco. to make one ton of copra when the nuts are medium size.

content of 66 per cent. Drought in coconut gardens can be managed by adopting soil moisture conservation practices like burial of husk, application of composted coir pith, FYM or farm waste in the coconut basin by taking 20-30 cm trench in the basin area of 1.8 m radius. The copra is of good quality Vijayarai – 534475 It comes to flowering four years after planting. System study, design and development Research on water management of different crops grown under NSP left canal command area. This is released as a variety for tender nut and … Lam - 522 034 The nuts are green in colour and medium to large in size Identification of suitable oilseed and pulses.