In the week ending 31 October, the GB all prime average cattle price remained unchanged on the week, standing at 367.3p/kg. Canada Cattle Report:   Holiday buying and cooler weather should enhance beef demand, Alberta direct cattle sales saw moderate volume trade last week with average prices easing around $1.50/cwt lower. Calf prices decreased by -0.4% year-over-year in September 2020 to $168.56 per hundredweight. In conclusion, understanding behaviour of the cash and futures markets is necessary for a successful risk management program. Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | © 2020, Glacier FarmMedia Limited Partnership. Since July, cow slaughter has consistently been below last year, and there is a good chance cow slaughter will stay below year ago levels for the duration of this year.Bull--Out front fed supplies should tighten moving forward--Holiday buying and cooler weather should enhance beef demand--Beef is competitive with Pork and Poultry on the retail shelfBear--Chinese feed grain demand continues to fuel higher grain prices--Carcass weights are significantly larger than year ago--Non-fed slaughter volumes will seasonally swell larger and take away fed hooks. Our modern assembly yards with government inspected scales help facilitate top dollar for our smaller producers through our presort calf and feeder sales. If a producer bought feeder cattle during the price lows last October, it would be difficult to hedge or use the price insurance program at reasonable levels. Click here for link to a Canadian Cattlemen article about our Outlook, SK operation published March 11, 2015. This is the difference between the CME feeder cattle futures price and the … Highland cattle prices vary based on a number of factors including age, DNA, health, and breed characteristics. Home  |   Reliable and current market prices that matter to the Agriculture industry including Grain & Oilseed, Livestock and Dairy.
This is the largest drop on record. Our extensive network of producers always ensures a supply of all classes of cattle including feeders, cow/calf pairs, bulls, and bred heifers. Conversion Live Cattle Price Price; 1 Pound ≈ 0,453 Kilograms Live Cattle Price Per 1 …

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Using an estimate of $1.50 per pound of gain for fat, the cost of the excess fat in 2015 was a rather staggering $93.9 million. Higher barley prices and spring/summer 2021 live cattle down 3-400 points weighed on calf and feeder prices. Slaughter Cattle D1 - D2 Cows: $65.00 - $78.00: $64.00 - $75.00 — - — D3 - D4 Cows: … Cattle prices … For more detailed information on markets this week please visit the Canfax website * PERMISSION TO CONTACT YOU BY EMAIL By providing your e-mail address, you confirm that you are providing consent to Glacier Farm Media LP, on its own behalf and on behalf of its affiliates, and carrying on business through its divisions, to receive emails containing news, updates and promotions, including third party promotions, as well as product and/or service information, including that of third parties, that may be of interest to you, and that you understand you may unsubscribe at any time. Get the latest Live Cattle price (LE) as well as the latest futures prices and other commodity market news at Nasdaq. He can be reached at 204-504-8339. This is the difference between the CME feeder cattle futures price and the local price at the auction market.

Western Canadian steer carcass weights for the same week eased 6 lbs lower than the previous week but were significantly heavier than the same week last year. 4 November 2020. Cow-calf producers and backgrounding operators need to have an idea of the market direction for fed cattle so that they can plan their hedging or insurance purchase. USDA reports Canadian fed cattle/cow exports for the week ending October 10th were 9% larger than the previous week at 9,762 head.Both spot and forward barley prices continue to edge higher. Therefore, I thought this would be a good time to discuss the feeder cattle futures market for North American feeder cattle. For the week ending October 17th, Western Canadian cow slaughter totaled 5,484 head. You'll receive current daily news every morning free, as well as market updates and special features. Forward contracts of calves, feeders, and fat cattle are also available. Feeders ended the session 12 to 52 cents higher, which helped push Dec contracts to 30 cents above last Friday’s close. One of the most important factors for western Canadian cow-calf producers to understand is the basis.