Creamy shrimp with spinach and Alfredo sauce is unbelievably easy to prepare and cook. This rich and creamy ritzy chicken casserole requires only six ingredients, most of them probably already in your pantry. Think of it as a healthier, five-ingredient eggplant Parm. Your guests will have no clue how little effort it took to make. Cozy fall flavors and seasonal produce are highlighted in this all-star collection of fall dinner ideas. The rich pumpkin flavor makes everything even better in this creamy meal.

Like a ray of warm sunlight on a crisp fall day. We’re all about puréed squash.

An easy, tangy homemade barbecue sauce flavors the meat, making them taste a whole lot like pulled pork (minus the long cooking time). Easy to make, but complex in flavor, this beef tenderloin with mushroom gravy is sure to become a family favorite. Skip the clam chowder and serve this corn and potato version instead.

Potatoes, carrots, celery, and onions round off this vegetarian soup.

This delicious, savory and sweet sausage and cabbage stew is chock full of good-for-you ingredients. It’s officially cauliflower season. Fall means soups and stews and this simple slow cooker stew with potatoes is not just a crowd-pleaser, it's incredibly easy to prepare in a crockpot. RELATED: The 3 Best Recipes from Chrissy Teigen’s New Cookbook, Hands Down, No Contest. We officially give you permission to eat a plate of fancy snacks for dinner. Virtual Babysitting Is Winning Over Parents, Why You Have Vivid Dreams During Quarantine, The Best Indoor Plants to Liven Up Your Home, Butternut Squash Spaghetti with Sausage and Sage, Pork Chops with Apples and Cider Pan Sauce, Lemon, Pepper, and Rosemary Rubbed Chicken, Ravioli with Sautéed Butternut Squash and Thyme, Harvest Chicken Skillet with Sweet Potatoes Brussels Sprouts and Sautéed Apples, Chicken Drumsticks and Vegetables in Mustard-Tarragon Sauce, Beef and Sausage Meatballs in Tomato Sauce, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. The squash doubles as the serving dish, and it's an easy recipe to make vegetarian or vegan if needed.
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Best paired with dry white wine. When we think about fall food, we think about pumpkins, slow-cooker suppers, and hearty entrees that feed our souls. The sage offers a bit of earthiness and Pecorino cheese sprinkled on top creates a nice gooey finish. Try this lemon roasted chicken recipe for Sunday dinner this fall. Our love for our cast-iron skillet runs deep. It's also a very easy recipe, with only six ingredients if you don't count the salt. Packed with some of fall's best flavors, this easy dinner will be ready in 30 minutes. Hearty “meat” pies without the stomachache. RELATED: 7 Cheater’s Recipes for Classic, Fancy French Dinners. Prop Stylist: Sarah Smart, Con Poulos; Food styling by Vivian Lui; Prop styling by Marina Malchin, Steve Giralt; Food styling by Anne Disrude; Prop styling by Megan Hedgpeth, Erika Lapresto. The liquor is used to baste the chicken as it's being sauteed. Garlic, lemon, cilantro, mint, lemon—these cauliflower steaks are loaded with flavor. Few things in life are perfect, but this dish one of them. Apples switch from sweet to savory in this simple-to-make Sunday dinner that's perfect for fall.

Your family will start demanding sandwiches for dinner once they've tried this awesome pork barbecue sloppy Joe sandwiches recipe. Time to pull out the slow cooker. This veggie-centric pasta dish doesn't taste the same without seasonal squash. Which European country will inspire your culinary journey tonight? Our two favorite pasta dishes just collided in this mouthwatering recipe.

In this recipe, crushed whole peppercorns and coriander seeds add an appealing crunch, and rosemary gives this dish a lovely fragrance. We mean it this time: We’re never going back to angel hair again. A good chili doesn't have to take all day: This recipe takes just 20 minutes. Infuse your winter stew with the personality of the Southwest. This easy recipe is really a meal in itself, though you could serve it with a green salad on the side. Using a crockpot means you can set it and forget it. Coterie member Gaby Dalkin believes in the power of cheese. Instead of roasting the whole bird, try just cooking the legs instead. Making your own pizza has never been easier or healthier. Coconut milk? It actually gets better after a day or two and can also fill tacos, burritos, and the like.

Prop Stylist: Allstar Turnbull, Con Poulos; Food styling by Anne Disrude; Prop styling by Erin Swift, PHOTO CREDIT: CHRIS COURT; FOOD STYLIST: JUSTINE POOLE; PROP STYLIST: LUCY TWEED, Christopher Testani; Food styling by Maggie Ruggiero; Prop styling by Megan Hedgpeth, PHOTO CREDIT: CHRIS COURT; FOOD STYLIST; JUSTINE POOLE; PROP STYLIST: LUCY TWEED, Iain Bagwell; Food styling by Simon Andrews; Prop styling by Megan Hedgpeth, Steve Giralt; Food Styling by Anne Disrude; Prop Styling by Erin Swift, Romulo Yanes; Food styling by Stephana Bottom; Prop styling by Megan Hedgpeth. This slow cooker chicken tinga recipe is an easy way to enjoy the classic Mexican stew.

Colorful and fragrant, this vegetarian and vegan ginger carrot soup makes a wonderful light dinner with a salad and crackers on the side. You love ordering sirloin at restaurants—why not make it at home? RELATED: 18 Cold Weather Recipes That Will Warm You Right Up, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Tropical Storm Eta dumps blustery rain on Florida west coast, Analysis: Beijing gives up on even the pretense of allowing opposition in Hong Kong. You can whip one up in 45 minutes. This one-pan egg dish takes just 30 minutes to whip up. Seniors On Medicare Are Getting a Big Pay Day in 2020, Expert: “This credit card is so good I signed up personally”, © Photo: Liz Andrew/Styling: Erin McDowell, © Photo: Michael Marquand/Styling: Jodi Moreno, © PHOTO: LIZ ANDREW/STYLING: ERIN MCDOWELL, © Photo: Jon Cospito/Styling: Erin McDowell, © Photo: Matt Dutile/Styling: Erin McDowell, © Photo: Michael Marquand/Styling: Nisha Vora, © Photo: Michael Marquand/Styling: Jake Cohen. Lemon and pepper are a classic combination. Coterie Member Monique Volz knows the way to our heart. Coterie member Jess Larson gives you permission to toss back a cold one while you’re whipping it up. This method of roasting means the chicken remains moist and succulent, accented with soft flavors of lemon and garlic.

Food Stylist: Simon Andrews. A store-bought crust makes this one-pan beef pie even easier, and the hearty filling is sure to make for a family favorite. Full disclosure: We could eat this every night for the rest of our lives. Here's a hearty entree salad that won't leave anyone at the table hungry. A freelance journalist and avid home cook, Cathy Jacobs has more than 10 years of food writing experience, with a focus on curating approachable menus and recipe collections. Classic sloppy joes get a healthy makeover. Caramelized onions are combined with beef broth, butter, olive oil, and a few seasonings to create a filling crock of soup.
Pork chops and apples complement each other beautifully and this fall dinner adds raisins and a tasty tangy brown sugar sauce to the mix.