Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we're doing. Mixed Sampler Platter Pick any 4. I loved the way she greeted me and serviced me, Jen was awesome. - 2 for $30 on 100mg packs of Incredibles Gummies & Chocolate Bars Rachel was extremely helpful today. She will be so glad to see this review and you again! Get it together. To be clear, my boyfriend and I were very willing to follow the guidelines, we just also wanted the employees to abide by the same guidelines and not laugh at us for calling them out. She educated me on different CBD's to help me reduce my pain after my most recent knee replacement. So this was my first encounter at essence I come over here looking for some fire I walk in standing in line socially distant from the next person and I'm sending a Snapchat to my girl Telling her how high were about to get and the short security guard with the Tootsie Roll dreads comes up and tells me I can't take photos of anybody in there to delete it or leave all I said it was all right. 0-33% - 10% off. i highly recommend this location !!!!! Soft shell taco served with toppings, sour cream, lettuce and chipotle sauce, Served with cabbage,plantain brown rice or rice and peas, Served in a creamy sauce mingled with broccoli, Served in a creamy sauce mingled with grilled chicken, Served in a creamy sauce mingled with shrimp, Slow cooked oxtails over our creamy pasta sauce, Pan seared salmon served with our rasta pasta and creamy sauce, Six shrimps stuff with fresh crab meat served with any two sides, Steamed just right in our special seasoning served with rice & peas, plantain and cabbage, Essence garlic-grilled shrimp drizzled with a buttery garlic glaze and 2 sides, Essence garlic-grilled shrimp drizzled with a buttery garlic glaze, Sauteed in green and red peppers w/ our special sauce. I will definitely be back to let Jeremy know how I liked my choice. FCK THIS PLACE. As a countless number of people walked in and out of the store car after car with purchases.

Darn! 8/12/2020Thank you for taking time to leave positive feedback about the store and about the wonderful Brianna!I'm glad she was able to inform you on any products you might've been questionable about. How is this business handling reopening? 10/25/2020Hey Dolly! Thank you so much for all the help, Sierra! So I chose one of each. The South Rainbow location is open from 8AM to 1AM 7 days a week is located on the corner of South Rainbow Boulevard and West Warm Springs Road at 7260 South Rainbow Boulevard Suite 104. ID or paperwork required. We'd love to see you again soon! It was my first time and I felt a bit lost with all the selections. Thank you so much Brianna! Local - 10% off. Made with codfish and fresh herbs & spices served with our special cream dip, Steamed in beer, garlic, onions and pepper flakes, Served with carrots,celery & tartar sauce, Hand crafted and home made cooked to a golden brown served with our special sauce, Tender chicken fingers fried to a golden brown served with honey mustered sauce, Filled with cheddar cheese and your choice of bacon or broccoli sour cream on the side, Your chose of toppings ground turkey, or chili. He made my entire experience smooth and I never felt rushed even with all my questions.