“Epidemic” vs. “Pandemic” vs. “Endemic”: What Do These Terms Mean? This site is using cookies under cookie policy. customary synonyms, customary pronunciation, customary translation, English dictionary definition of customary. 1 offense, but he was still filling his, Court cases are heard in magistrates' courts, based on Roman-Dutch law, and in chiefs' courts, based on, This, in my view, would be a distortion of the principles underlying, Knowledge production cannot be departmentalized from other functions, as is, Since Eritrean society is still highly influenced by, Its work figured in the arguments of advocates in this field that were based on the developing, Recent shark attacks in Florida have sparked the now, Mr. Grantley, without any indelicacy or mention of their previous meeting, smiled at her when the, Although one action does not necessarily establish, A definition of terrorism does exist, and the phenomenon also amounts to a, The reality is that there is a huge bevy of precedent and law based on, Of course, the excitement is dependent upon the wind and lately it has been shifting between the, After the business was finished members had nibbles and their, That means that a resource consent is not an enactment or rule of law that would prohibit the exercise of a, In 1995, the government established a legal system based on English common law and, Rather they seek a ruling on a pure point of law in the field of, Last seen, Jerry was celebrating with soda water instead of his, This summons to free enquiry, untrammelled by, As Zambia has a dual legal system, the obligation to maintain comes from both, To use a dictionary in a translation paper is a different kind of test from the, Both men vigorously denied any wrongdoing, staunchly defended their men, and aggressively justified the, In Europe many people drink a cup of this herbal tea as their, For very precise measurements of heat flow, it is, He races out to the front door and opens it with his now, Known for his humble and unassuming style he often wears his, But as Semel listened and took his own counsel, the rest of the company continued to work at its, The silent cop at the corner of the Coast Highway means it's, Most British workers eagerly look forward to their, As a result of missionary influence, it has become, But how were those notions of ownership and property understood in, Several university presidents chaired committees and, following, The only thing it lacked was gremolata, the, Later that evening in the hotel he reflected on his achievement in a more, It specifically prevents the Maori Land Court granting freehold title to Maori tribes that claim, Determined to keep my head and not let my, Until his death, on November 16th, 1272, the King continued to rule and to conduct his, I am sitting right at the back of the room, in my, Change requires the individual or group to unlearn old habits, methods of performing routine tasks, and, The Sanskrit pandits hired to translate and sanction this new interpretation of, In response, Killeavy looked to their county star Steven McDonnell who, in his, When the police lodged a case against him recently, he and his supplicants reacted in the, In fact, schools hog the limelight, by celebrating the festival in a, Both candidates agreed to use the evolving medium of television as a venue for the, Immediately following such an exchange, it is, The Maori elements are to be found in the bands of symmetrically ordered paua shell inlay, a, The same is true of the large clienteles who gathered at the doors of Roman nobles during, It is one of the many places where America's policy elite is working with its, During the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries it was, The right of pre-emption or exclusive purchase in the same article was used by the Crown to lawfully extinguish Maori, Low flows have made it more and more difficult for coarse fish such as chub and dace to make their way to their, At that time, there had been no legislation for, That provision, negotiated by New Zealand First, perverts the international common law doctrine of, Thus, the institution of chieftaincy and its role as established by, And we'll never forget that it was the criminalisation of, Sometimes, co-op members based their arguments on, After a training session on the beach at Filey the players also enjoyed their now, Unlike the routine inaugural functions, where the chief guest makes his, Having left families behind in their native land, it was, Snack-sized examples of the white cheese pastries are eaten in Bulgaria all year round but at new year it is, Apart from the stoic traditional perspective that purists hold, it is the fertile imagination of artistes that brings about a fresh outlook to a, For collective bargaining to have a real point, it must achieve wage rates and non-wage conditions more favourable to the employees than the, The students vary with regard to their levels of enculturation, that is, familiarity with the accepted, The town's acquisition of jurisdictions from its lords would have been a sufficient motivation to compile a written set of, Then the accompanying bouillon, a spicy broth scented with chilli and cumin with the, The movant must plead facts which will support the conclusion that counsel's actions did not measure up to the, Not since the blackouts of 2003 were the sheath-like towers of the city's iconic skyline etched in such deep black, as opposed to their, But while Owen adds little to the genre's, To support instead the gradual evolution of a, Saints, indeed, indulged in a spot of showboating, knocking the ball around their backline repeatedly, drawing the, In a case decided in 1950 the Brussels Court Martial had already ruled that torture in time of armed conflict was prohibited by a, Towering over the viewer, it is an imposing icon, with a size and status which at the time would have been, Instead of being robed in the skin of a lion or a leopard that is, Watson's colleague passed up a glass of champagne, the, It is a life-sized statue of the Pharaoh in the, The female following are also eagerly anticipating the launch of the season, and particularly the production of the, The Act contains a controversial clause which disallows claims from workers in educational establishments who are deemed to be on, Lot welcomes the strangers with open arms, as is, Many minors report that curses, threats, and sometimes even beatings are, When the welkin had ceased to ring with their laughter and screeches, it was, For the queen of fashion herself, I will make sure my party starts early enough so that she can drop by for her, He did recover his composure and went on an hour-long walkabout with the Leicester Square crowds, signing autographs and chatting on mobile phones in, On the surface, the rwandan mode of reconciliation, enacted through, But as the election campaign gains momentum, young Sinn Fein canvassers will be pounding the beat in Northern Ireland, exuding their, When I was a final year medical student at Birmingham University it was, Other categories of refugees were left without international protection, as the principle of non-refoulement was then not yet part of, Many Southern productions have been lost, and the videotapes re-used, as was, Unlike in some noirs, however, much of this drama is played out not in the, They rearranged their estates to create larger tenant farms on rack rents, with a decline in small yeomen farmers with, I am quite sure it is not too late to switch the, This year too, the Holi was celebrated in the city, with the usual splashing of coloured powder and water on one another and, of course, the, Their land is fairly remote, tucked away from, The constitution also provides for the establishment of village or island courts presided over by chiefs to deal with questions of, What this Author has intended is a cursory exanimation of the basic principle of, In civil cases where the Crown is a party, it is a, Captain George Lowthar used deception, pretending to be a friendly merchantman, came aboard a fellow merchant ship to extend, It is probable that the Yasa simply put into written law the principles of, In contrast to the history and tradition which surround the regalia, it is, This agreement reenforces the liquidity position of the company heading into the, Gar den, is Dylan's father, Steve, not playing his, From 1809 to 1811, Byron went on the Grand Tour, then, Street food in Dubai includes shawerma, hommus, falafel and a, The very obscurity of the Latinism should give you a sense of how daunting a task the research into, At some point, for reasons that are unclear, it became, They were going to take the floor for the jump ball, dapping up the Clippers players as is, It is also important to note that the Act makes the payment of lobola one of the requirements of a valid, Any codified constitution will be overlaid with supplementary legislation and, The Roman law underlying civil law developed mainly from, Other legal systems such as Islamic law, socialist legal systems, and, After the exam period, May Week is held and it is, John was incensed about what he perceived as an abrogation of his, The most common claim in recent times, is for, Lesotho has a dual legal system consisting of, The Somali people in the Horn of Africa follow a, There are traces of Scandinavian law in the, Tacitus notes that as each tribe had its own, The Lombard Libri Feudorum and the French Beaumanoir reduced to some sort of order the, There was, however, a great deal of resistance so that civil law rivaled.