###67 – Switch off and deactivate About Coolpad Phone: Coolpad Group Limited formerly known as China Wireless Technologies Limited is a Caymans-incorporated holding company. *#353# – Check the condition, Barring of all outgoing calls So you will be able to use different SIM cards from all the carriers that have mobile phone networks in your country.

I expected there’d at least be something. *#30# – Check the condition. Just tested and it refuses to turn on while plugged in without a battery installed. What plans can you use this with? **330password# – Activate This web page can help you when it comes to receiving unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 20 codes! #43# – Deactivate Unlock SIM-card (PIN) – ** 05 * then enter the PUK and new PIN twice *#67# – Check the condition, Call Barring (you have to order the service from the operator) *77# – Allow

Reception: The reception on this thing is actually pretty impressive. Most just result in a vague "Failure" message, requiring a device reboot to actually be able to change, and even when they do work it's still horrible. *#330# – Check the condition, Barring of all outgoing international calls Using following code, will master reset your CoolPad device when your sim card is inserted. Then install the CoolPad Unlock on your computer device.

Here you can get all dialing Secret codes of any …, Here you can get all hidden Secret codes of any …, Here you can get all dialing hidden Secret codes of …, Here you can get all USSD dialing secret codes of …. ##0588## – Proximity sensor test SMS: Yes this thing has an interface to send and receive SMS (and yes it can actually send SMS, it's not just for receiving service messages). Change PIN2 – ** 042 *, then enter the old The PIN2, and twice the new PIN2. Shows complete information about the Device camera, The displays touch-screen version of Android device, Android Device Ram version*#06# Displays IMEI number, Displays Build time and change list number. After a few days of testing this thing managed to hold onto a signal where my Galaxy S9 lost signal. ##0842## – Device test (Vibration test and BackLight test) ##49862650468##* – PDA, Phone, H/W, RFCallDate ##0283## – Packet Loopback **62*phone number# – Enable and Activate ##44336## – PDA, Phone, CSCThe Customer Service Code (CSC) plays an important role in the operation of your mobile device.

and that is it! You will be able to download all sorts of software applications, games, ringtones, videos and music and most of those can be downloaded for free if you remove the SIM lock off your CoolPad. #77# – Block Will, without doubt, identify your own unlock key when the time comes to that. Perhaps with an option to lock out specific bands or at least prioritize bands.

*43# – Activate ##232339## OR ##526## OR ##528## – WLAN test (Use “Menu” button to start various tests) Overall, not a bad device for what it is, a cheap $70 hotspot, but there are many many downsides so I would really only recommend if it you have a grandfathered Simple Choice MI plan with Music Freedom + BingeOn. The unlocking software application tool will use nothing more than the IMEI number of your CoolPad. *67# – Activate

##0673## OR ##0289## – Melody test *#61# – Check the condition, Unconditional call forwarding (Call Forward All) It calculates in a way the unlock code or the unlock key for your CoolPad. Yeah, that firmware is annoying and Coolpad's customer support is useless. Remove the old SIM card and replace it with a new one. **61* phone number# – Enable and Activate
##8255## – This code can be used to launch GTalk Service Monitor. ##232331## – Bluetooth test Bluetooth, the wireless radio technology for short distance mobile communiCoolpadions, has become pervasive in mobile computing, used in laptops and headsets as well as popular smart phones such as the BlackBerry, and even in Radio Frequency identifiCoolpadion (RFID) readers. If you have then we can offer you solutions.... Good day, can you please assist me to unlcky my coolpad 3622A Finally, you have completed the unlocking procedure with success. with constant usage (music streaming to test) I've found that this thing can manage 5-6 hours before finally dying out. Discussion. I am probably one of the first people to get their hands on one of these things, and I have a few things to say about it. A few years ago, before this tool was known to the majority of CoolPad users, all the software application tools which promoted SIM unlocking operations were far less flawless than the CoolPad Unlock Software Application Tool we have here today. Please unlock Coolpad Canvas 3636a on Cricket Mobile with IMEI 863515032277603 Thank you. *#333# – Check the condition, Barring all incoming calls when roaming All about your CoolPad in particular. The Ivvi K1 Mini, manufactured by Chinese company 'Coolpad', is now officially the slimmest smartphone in the … Thank you for reassuring me it was well spent. The new online generator made by our team for unlock CoolPad device for free in the next ten minutes whit your internet-connected device.

This tool you will find very as a result of a search on Google. Pros: There are a couple of pros here and this can't be all negative. Codes to get Firmware version information: Is there a code to bypass the fpr on a coolpad3310a, Yes, You can try https://codeexercise.com/how-to-bypass-google-verify-account-frp-lock/. SMS: Yes, this is a con too because it barely works. You will be able to use the services of the carrier you like best. if you are truly fed up with all the restrictions of the SIM lock you can read this article anytime you want and you can discover all about the best SIM unlock solution in ages.
#330password# – Deactivate The default is the last 8 digits of IMEI.

PUK stands for Personal Unblocking Key. The second 3-bytes are serial number assigned by the manufacturer. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. At least replace your keyboard banging monkeys with keyboard banging crackheads. Then you receive the notification. It was a large smartphone company in China (as of 2012) and the largest Chinese domestic brand by sales outside of China (as of 2014).

Its major subsidiary Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., is a Chinese telecommunications equipment company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. USB-C? It can be any computer device which runs on any operative system from the download button below: Then connect your CoolPad to the computer/ laptop or tablet. For example the MAC whitelist seems to only let you whitelist one device, period. That is my use for it. *62# – Activate If you have entered your PIN code incorrectly 3 times your sim card will be blocked and you will be unable to make and receive calls/texts. thank you. A detailed network menu: I would like to be able to see what band I am connected to along with various other data points. Does it have to be attached to one? Also, are you sure there’s no CA? The ability to disable WPS pin: The WPS pin method is insecure as hell, at least give us the option to have button-only or to disable WPS completely. Learn how to use the Mobile Device Unlock code of the Coolpad Surf. #62# – Deactivate *#33# – Check the condition, Barring of all calls *#21# – Check the condition, Setting the call time until the call forwarding option “no answer” The satellites are equipped with atomic clocks that are precise to within a billionth of a second. When installing forwarding on “no answer” you can set the time in seconds that the system allows you to hook. From January to June 2012, the company had a market share of 10.4% phones of shipments of China. There never seemed to be something balancing the two extremes, well, at least not until the tool came along. ###21 – Switch off and deactivate Some thoughts on the Coolpad Surf. Reset Android device. No real reviews onit yet so your feedback is great. How to enter hidden mode and use advanced options of Android.You can reset, test hardware and know software info with these codes. **353password# – Activate 802.11n is fine for a device like this. Here you can get all hidden Secret codes of any Coolpad Mobile. It's CAT4 which I believe means no CA. Example: – **61* + **709576617601234#30 – set the waiting time of 30 seconds You will cut down your roaming costs every time you visit a foreign country because you will be able to tousle the SIM card from foreign mobile phone carriers. #12580369# – Software and hardware info Granted the speed tests I've done aren't bad, but those in more congested areas will probably suffer. The default is "Coolpad Surf + the last 4 digits of IMEI". Codes to launch various Factory Tests: Octoplus Pro Box is a multibrand tool that allows you to perform Flash/Decode/Repair operations with various cell phones. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Getting it out of that mode withe a combination of reboots and resets is a pain. ##1234## OR #1234# – PDA and Phone firmware information This post you will find android hidden codes for Coolpad phone. There never seemed to be something balancing the two extremes, well, at least not until the tool came along.

##2663## – Touch screen version Coolpad Mobile Let’s get access to secret info about Coolpad Mobile phone. You are probably wondering how to get the carrier code... One of the most used methods to Generate Unlock code for LG Cell Phone is Octoplus Box Tool. *#43# – Check the condition, Show phone number of the caller you (ANI) ", New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

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