Plenty of children are born in the colder months of the year, so why not choose a name for them inspired by that cold? That's how I came up with my name: ControlledChaos1. Was used as a male name in the Old Testament, but in modern Hebrew, mostly a feminine name. When you are dealing with old names such as these they can often be used for a child's name no matter the sex. Wanting to honor your religion doesn’t mean you’re stuck with today’s trendiest biblical monikers. Different names on this list can be combined for an entirely Bible-based name. Shakti: In Hinduism a shakti is the female counterpart of a god. Because of this fact, I will draw inspiration from other books of faith and scatter them throughout the article. Naomi: Originally from the Hebrew name Na’omiy, which means “pleasant”. Do you think Ozias (nickname Oz!) Aaron: Aaron means a ‘Teacher’, ‘Lofty’, or a ‘Mountain of strength’. There are a lot of different religions and beliefs in the world and millions of people with different points of view. There's nothing wrong with coming up with a name inspired by a certain faith, but if we can also teach our children to focus on the core values of the religion (the ones that we all know in our hearts to be just), the name you give them can truly be a source of inspiration and empowerment in difficult times. Atarah: Means "crown" in Hebrew. Choose from these meaningful names from the Bible, the New Testament, and the Old Testament. Zuriel: In Hebrew this name means "my rock is God". These charming names for winter-born babies may inspire you in your quest for a name. Ezra. Here you will find boys, girls, and gender-neutral names inspired by the holidays, such as Christmas, the appreciation for winter weather, and nature. Ithai: A common Hebrew name spelled in various was; means “with me”. Tripping over Noahs and Elijahs? Christian Biblical Names—as Well as Others. Imagine the situation that prompted you to check the selected names for bible study groups. Amir: Very similar meaning in Arabic and Hebrew, “strong, commanding”. There was several people in the Old Testament, both male and female, that had this name, including Kings. We scanned the Bible to bring you these unusual and underused baby boy names. Explore a wide variety of baby name ideas inspired by the stars, skies, moons and all things celestial. Z is an exotic trendy letter to start names with. Inola: In Cherokee the word means “black fox”. It's a lot of fun to think up baby names when you are expecting. I've decided not to put bible names for girls and bible names for boys into two separate groups for this list. Bible baby names are pretty easy to come by. The stories you care about, delivered daily. Humans have so much in common with the oceans—much more than we care to admit at times. One morning, you woke up with a call. Nature names are always in style and are charming for boys and girls. It has gotten much more attention because of the popularity of Aiden names, which has been on the US top 1000 names for eight years. This article is going concentrate mainly on names found in (and inspired by) the Christian Bible because it is the most used bible in the world. Othniel: In Hebrew means “strength of God”. It was a sign from heaven, calling you for leadership. If you want a name that celebrates your religion overtly, look beyond the book titles of the Bible for those who played a smaller part. Eden: Inspired by the garden of God; also known as paradise / pleasure or delight. All pregnancy, parenting, and birth videos >, Baby names inspired by faith and spirituality, Old-fashioned baby names due for a revival, the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information. Darius: Richly or kingly. Problems tend to occur when we branch outwards from those core values. Ezra is a Hebrew name that also happens to be the name of a book in the Bible. Here are some timeless, Disney-inspired name suggestions that your little girl will be proud of her whole life. Read on for a selection of over 100 interesting Biblical baby names, from the standard (John, Mary, Elizabeth) to the unusual (Sapphira, Gideon). If you're looking for water, sea, or beach-related names, here's a list of baby names for boys and girls inspired by the ocean. Adina: Meaning “slender or delicate” in Hebrew. Cyrus: In Persian it means “the sun”; the Hebrew equivalent is Koresh. 100 Biblical Boy Names. Judas: Though not often used as a first name because of the betrayal of Jesus; it would be an uncommon, but well-known name from the bible. It means court or help. Are you inspired by your Christian faith? I find that you can never go wrong by being as respectful as you can, even if your beliefs differ from that of another. Noah now holds the top baby boy name slot, watering down the allusion as parents fall in love with the sound of the name. Here is a complete list of names inspired by nature—from flower names to herb and tree names. There are many different names found in the bible; some well known, some not so well known. From cool to classic, biblical to totally badass, every one of these trending unique boy names is uncommon in its own way and definitely capable of setting new trends in 2020. Abner: father of light (1 Samuel 14:50)Absalom: my father is peace (2 Samuel 3:3)Adriel: the flock of God (1 Samuel 18:19)Ahab: uncle or father’s brother (1 Kings 16:28)Alvah: his rising up, his highness (Genesis 36:40)Amiel: the people of God (2 Samuel 9:4)Amos: strong, carried, brave (Amos 1:1)Asa: physician, cure (1 Kings 15:8)Azariah: he that hears the Lord (1 Kings 4:2)Barnabas: son of the prophet, of consolation (Acts 4:36)Bartholomew: a son that suspends the waters (Matthew 10:3)Clement: mild, good, merciful (Philippians 4:3)Dathan: laws or rites (Numbers 16:1)Edom: red, earthy, of blood (Genesis 25:30)Enos: one vigor (Genesis 4:26)Elnathan: God hath given, the gift of God (2 Kings 24:8)Ephraim: fruitful, increasing (Genesis 41:52)Gilead: the heap or mass of testimony (1 Chronicles 2:21)Gomer: to finish, complete (Genesis 10:2)Hezekiah: strength of the Lord (2 Kings 16:20)Hiram: my brother is exalted (1 Kings 7:13)Ira: watchman, making bare, pouring out (2 Samuel 20:26)Ishmael: God that hears (Genesis 16:11)Jamin: right hand of favor (Genesis 46:10)Jedidiah: beloved of the lord (2 Samuel 12:25)Jericho: city of the moon (Joshua 6)Joram: to cast, elevated (2 Samuel 8:10)Justus: just, upright (Acts 1:23)Kenan: buyer, owner (Genesis 5:9)Lazarus: assistance of God (John 11:1)Lemuel: God with them (Proverbs 31:1)Linus: net (2 Timothy 4:21)Mattan: gifts, rains (2 Kings 11:18)Meshach: that draws with force (Daniel 1:7)Nehemiah: consolation, repentance of the Lord (Ezra 2:2)Obadiah: servant of the Lord (1 Kings 18:3)Ozias: strength from the Lord (Ezra 7:4)Padon: his redemption, ox-yoke (Ezra 2:44)Reuel: the shepherd or friend of God (Genesis 36:4)Rufus: red (Mark 15:21)Shadrach: tender (Daniel 1:7)Simeon: that hears or obeys, that is heard (Genesis 29:33)Timon: honorable, worthy (Acts 6:5)Uriah: the Lord is my light or fire (2 Samuel 11:3)Zenas: living (Titus 3:13)Zion: monument, raised up, sepulcher (2 Samuel 5:7), Noah and Sophia top the popular name listUnusual Irish baby namesClassic baby names with a modern twist.