Completely mature coconuts of around 12 months are considered perfect to prepare the desiccated coconut. 3 lakhs. Based on what you've seen so far, would YOU do business with @cocotapsforyou? Coconut production plays an important role in Indian economy. Helping people by providing ideas about earning money from businesses, investments, and other areas. Here are the top four profitable coconut-based business ideas, which can help you to progress in this business. The Coconut current account is an e-money account provided by Prepay Solutions (PPS), a trading name of Prepay Technologies Ltd, which is an electronic money institution authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (FRN 900010) for the issuing of electronic money. In addition to that, you must remove the brown part of nuts through scrapping. Coconut honey is made from coconut water by evaporating the water with addition of golden syrup to produce honey. Additionally, check the tax liabilities of this business. This includes raw materials, staff payment, utility bills, transportation, and marketing expenses. Restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, clubs are major buyers of this product. Sample drip irrigation requirement for different conditions is: region with normal condition February to May (65 l/day), January, August and September (55 l/day) and June-July, October-December (45 l/day): region with moderate scarcity February to May (45 l/day), January, August and September (35 l/day) and June-July, October-December (30 l/day) and for region with severe water scarcity February to May (22 l/day), January, August and September (18 l/day) and June-July, October-December (15 l/day). The nuts are de-husked using an iron rod, but since it is a strenuous task, mechanical devices are now being used for this process. Coconut water consists of glucose, fructose, and levulose. The sale price of Coconut: Rs 25 per piece (may vary for different regions). wire mesh and 2 H.P motor. Coconut is one of the greatest gifts of nature to man because it produces a wide range of products. These requisites are mainly based on the location where you are planning to initiate the unit. It is considered that 11 months old nuts have a good fiber quality and are used for coir making. Mound planting is taken up if the groundwater level in the area is high. You must pack the finished item in oil proof and moisture-proof polyethylene. Coconut cultivation is found in more than 90 countries producing 59 million tonnes annually, of which India alone produces 12 million tonnes on an average every year.

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