It is 16x10cm (6. There is a legend that St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland was crucified on an x-shaped cross - hence the flag. The national flag of the Isle of Man (Manx: Brattagh Vannin).

The Tri-color of Ireland (Bratach na hÉireann) is Green, White and Orange (early on it was often yellow): The green for the country itself and the Irish people - the Orange standing for the Protestant followers of William of Orange, whose military forces defeated those of the Catholic Stuart Monarch James II - the white stands for the hope of conciliatory relations between both sides. The triskele symbol (as found on the Manx flag) is very characteristic of the three interlocked and conjoined spirals found in Celtic art throughout Celtic north western Europe. The striking Welsh flag consists of the Red Dragon of Cadwaladr, and the Tudor colors - green and white (the Tudors were the Welsh descendant kings of England).

The Tri-color of Ireland (Bratach na hÉireann) is Green, White and Orange (early on it was … Small Flags of Ireland / Scotland / Wales / Brittany / Galicia / Cornwall / Isle of Man (45x30cm / 18''x12''), Flag of the Celtic Nations (150x90cm / 5x3ft), Scottish National Flag (150x90cm / 5x3ft), Galician National Flag (150x90cm / 5x3ft), Scotland in Europe, Scottish-EU Flag (150x90cm / 5x3ft), Erin Go Bragh Flag - Ireland Forever (150x90cm / 5x3ft), Connacht Flag, Irish Province (150x90cm / 5x3ft), Leinster Flag, Irish Province (150x90cm / 5x3ft), Munster Flag, Irish Province (150x90cm / 5x3ft), Four Provinces of Ireland Flag (150x90cm / 5x3ft), Ulster Flag, Irish Province (150x90cm / 5x3ft), Irish Republic - 1916 Easter Rising Flag (150x90cm / 5x3ft), The Soldier’s Song - Irish Flag with Ireland's National Anthem (150x90cm / 5x3ft), Owain Glyndwr Flag, Prince of Wales (150x90cm / 5x3ft), St David's Flag, Wales' Patron Saint (150x90cm / 5x3ft), Royal Standard of Scotland, Lion Rampant Flag (150x90cm / 5x3ft), Kingdom of Galicia Flag, Holy Grail (150x90cm / 5x3ft), Duchy of Brittany Flag, Kroaz Du (150x90cm / 5x3ft), PROMOTION: Seven Celtic Nations Flag Kit (150 x 90 cm / 5 x 3 ft), Outfits / Promotions - Tartan Accessories.

The flag is a triskelion (common in other countries as well, it consists of three interlocking spirals or other images - interlocking spirals are an oft used motif in Celtic art) and as can be seen it features three armored legs with golden spurs over a deep red background.

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There's a problem loading this menu right now. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Seven Celtic Nations Flags » Union Jack Flag » Brittany Flag » Cornwall Flag » England St George » Galicia Flag » Ireland Flag » Ireland Green Flag » Northern Ireland » St Patricks Cross » Isle of Man Flag » Scotland St Andrews Flag » Scotland Lion Rampant » Wales Flag » Wales St David » Gadsden Flag » First Navy Jack » darachweb The dragon has long been a symbol of the Welsh, and has been both associated with Arthurian Legend and perhaps Roman-Britain unity. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Another legend refers to a 9th century battle between a combined force of Picts and Scots, led by the Pictish king Óengus, against invading Angles.