Now let’s take a look at how powerful this mobile phone in it’s camera department. Despite its Full HD+ resolution - it's therefore not as crisp as a QuadHD display be - we have no complaints over its portrayal of details. For a 5G phone with top-notch internals, it's affordable too. The Pro variant also gets horizontal linear motors for better tactile feedback during gameplay. Black Shark 3 Camera Review –. The Black Shark 3 uses the Samsung GW1 sensor. Even by modern standards set by the likes of the Galaxy S20 Ultra or OnePlus 8 Pro, it's big. Despite being 90Hz, we didn't find the smoothness and speed of any animations to be as smooth and stutter-free as what you'd get on the OnePlus 8. As for the display, both devices get a massive upgrade. Cooling is essential in a powerful phone, and Black Shark has used a sandwich cooling system which places a liquid cooling pip inside a copper alloy shelter on both sides of the printed circuit board, and then has a thermal graphite sheet above the top one. It has been complemented to a certain extent by the high pixels, especially the pixel shift technology. It's a similar story on left side with the volume rocker switch. The company continues to opt for a symmetrical design philosophy, so we get a matching triangle-shaped design at the bottom half of the back as well. So you can charge the two models up to 100% in just 38 minutes. In fact, the company says that the distance between the two units on the motherboard is nearly 39mm. According to the laboratory data, except for the blue color, the overall saturation is not high. But even if you're going to be pushing this handset to its limits and gaming for a good chunk of the day, you'll still struggle to drain a fully charged battery in a single workday. The Black Shark 3 series can also charge at 18W through the magnetic charging port on the back. The major difference between the two devices in terms of design is the presence of two tactile physical buttons on the right side of the Pro variant, which the standard version lacks. When you need extra components for cooling, a big flat screen and stereo speakers on the front, all those bits have to go somewhere. It doesn't have a battery inside, and that can obstruct a little. Turn the phone over and things get a little more exciting, although by gaming phone standards the Black Shark 3 is quite restrained here. England and Wales company registration number 5237480. (Pocket-lint) - We're now up to the third-generation Black Shark phone. Although the 64 megapixels also recognize the handwriting, the strokes have been blurred. From the proofs, this is verified, and the colors are more realistic. Taking this photo as an example, most of the scale details of the statue have been preserved, and the texture on the head is clearly visible. Both the models have a dedicated 3.5mm headphone jack and feature special magnetic pins (capable of 18W charging). However, we also noticed that the resolution of the edge area decreased significantly. However, today, the company disrupted its release cycle by unveiling a regular version as well as a Pro version in its Black Shark gaming lineup. The touch panel refreshes at 90Hz, ensuring smooth scrolling and animations. Although there is no OIS optical image stabilization, it supports 4K60fps and H.265 encoding, and the hand held gimbal is also a good video shooting device. Which is entirely its raison d'etre: it means you can hold your phone as normal, without a USB cable sticking out of the bottom edge of the phone. With a completely depleted battery, you can charge almost the whole battery in about half an hour. Unfortunately, the standard variant - Black Shark 3 skips on these buttons. The video shooting is also unambiguous. The 'S' logo on the back can be programmed to illuminate in different colours and pulse in different patterns, including gradients shifting from one colour to another. First, there's the Gamepad 3 - which is essentially a clip-on joystick and d-pad combination, along with some additional trigger and shoulder buttons. With any so-called 'gamer phone' there has to be some form of additional hardware you can buy, whether it be a physical controller or additional performance booster. When we zoom in on the distant building, we can clearly see that 256 megapixel camera sample are clearer, and the strokes of the words are easier to identify. As we have mentioned above, the Black Shark 3 Pro has two mechanical gaming buttons on its right side. 2003 - 2020 © Pocket-lint Limited PO Box 4770, Ascot, SL5 5DP. This review of the Xiaomi Shark 3 Pro will show what the … The Black Shark 3 packs a 4720mAh battery with 65W fast charging while the Pro version increases the battery size to 5000mAh with the same fast charging tech. The display is bright and vibrant. One of the physical switches on the side of the phone launches Shark Mode which is a dedicated space for loading purely games. Still, wired headphone lovers will be glad to know there's a 3.5mm input port at the top. It's safe to say the Red Magic 5G is the direct counterpart to the Black Shark 3. The biggest change in the Black Shark 3 lineup is the redesigned triangle camera housing.

From another proof, we pay attention to the signs under the bridge. The latest launched Cell Phones are priced on the basis of international offerings without including shipment costs and taxes. Shares. At times, animations seemed to stutter a tiny bit - like those times when you let go after scrolling through a list. Note that the setup is identical on both the models. If you're after a phone that's always fast and responsive, this is definitely that. The normal and Pro versions come standard with a 64 megapixel’s main camera + 13 megapixel’s wide-angle + 5 megapixel’s depth of field lens, and the algorithm supports shooting of 256 megapixels output, which is not bad in terms of hard quality. This big, powerful gaming phone has stupendously fast-charging to ensure you'll never go short. In our standard laboratory test, the D65 light source 600 Lux illumination environment, the Black Shark 3 has exceeded the value at which the Nyquist frequency is located, which is the analytical power; reached the maximum limit of the image sensor. If you switch to night scene mode, the effect will be significantly better. All rights reserved. It's nowhere near as eye-catching as the Mantis Shrimp colour option on the Red Magic 5G. On the software side, Black Shark has moved away from that stock Android-like interface in favour of JoyUI - which seems very much like a fork of Xiaomi's MIUI, but with an additional layer of gaming-focused options. The resolution is up to 18432×13824, but the process of taking photos and processing will take up to 15 seconds. It connects via Bluetooth, and requires you to map the desired onscreen controls within compatible games. It's chunky, heavy and isn't all that comfortable in one hand for those reasons. As for the display, both devices get a massive upgrade.

The triple camera system has a primary camera and ultra-wide camera alongside an additional camera for better close-up macro shots. Yep, 30 minutes. And so you can plug it into your laptop/MacBook charger and get fast charging speeds. There is no doubt that higher pixels can improve the resolution of the picture. We'll bring you all the Black Friday US deals right here, Big and vibrant display with no distracting curves, Magnetic charging port is a useful addition, Additional accessories don't add much to improve the experience, Dimensions: 168.72 x 77.33 x 10.42mm / Weight: 222g, 6.67-inch AMOLED panel, 1080 x 2400 resolution, Main: 64-megapixel sensor, f/1.8 aperture. It also means you'll never really have to plug your phone in overnight (which potentially causes the battery to degrade quicker anyway). This includes managing any of the connected gaming add-on accessories. So it's no surprise that the camera system on the back isn't exactly market leading. With that cooling, plus a powerful processor, and the speedy LPPDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0 solid state storage, there's more than enough in the phone to ensure it's quick and snappy. The file also rose to about 70 to 120mb. Our Verdict. There's a triangular protrusion on the top and bottom, with the camera system sitting in one, and a magnetic charging contact point in the other. In this street with relatively large light, in the normal camera mode, the shop signs and indoor environment are overexposed to a certain extent, and the darker leaf areas have not retained enough detail. It's a great panel for gaming, because everything pops on screen. The display of the phone combined with a 24ms touch response time and a 28ms multi-finger touch response time ensures that you face minimal touch lags during gameplay. It arrives with a tablet-sized 7.1-inch AMOLED panel with a Quad HD+ 3120 x 1440p resolution display. Talking about the processor, both the models have the new Snapdragon 865 flagship processor with up to 12GB of LPDDR5 and 256GB of UFS 3.0 storage. For general gaming phones, camera are often often out of subject or compromised, regardless of cost or internal structure. However, having it only on one side does make it feel a bit unbalanced. The Xiaomi Black Shark 3 and Shark 3 Pro house Adreno 650 GPU. But of course, there is a lack of detail, especially in the bush area after zooming in, because the camera shoots with 16 megapixel by default, which can increase the unit pixel area and increase the amount of light. Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Review Performance. A big part of that is down to the internal power on offer from the Snapdragon 865 processor, but there are other elements at play too. Performance. all information's are 100% correct.