Are you on the search for the best cheap beer out there? One 1.5-ounce shot of a typical hard alcohol contains around the same amount of calories as a typical light beer. I refuse to encourage young people to drink in such an irresponsible manner as I did because that would be morally wrong and totally superfluous; copious anecdotal evidence suggests they need no such encouragement. Although there are many cheap beers out there, there are some that just pop into your head when thinking about the best cheapbeers available. Over the years this lager bandied about the nickname "King of Beers," but our Budweiser review found that the crown has tarnished. “That’s as cheap as I go,” she said. Sometimes, it is the local pride of a traditional favorite—Olympia in the state of Washington, Lone Star in the republic of Texas, resurgent Narragansett in New England. Yes, this was a shameful division. The facts of its commercial life highlight the perversity of the category. Were we suckers for expecting anything different?

Cheapism has consulted online ratings and reviews and conducted two comparative samplings in a continuing quest to identify the best cheap suds, whether old-school American-style lagers or their craftier contemporaries. Cutting your caloric intake when you drink isn’t a matter of just switching to vodka or white wine or whiskey. It would be a travesty for a best cheap beer list to not include Budweiser, one of the cheapest and most famous in the American light beer category. Our final conclusion was not that our tasters were inept, but that — as we had secretly feared all along — you’ll find the same variation of flavors in the light beer aisle as you will the water section.
“Well yes, I can taste that this Bud Light is infinitely drinkable, but I’m more of a Miller man myself”, went the inner monologue. But for the sake of this story, I tried to enjoy a Natural Light responsibly and derived no enjoyment from sitting down and sipping one at a leisurely pace. There was, however, a general consensus that “it tastes familiar, and I think that’s the point,” although Courtney also noted that “it tastes like college.”. We grabbed a six-pack of 16-ounce cans for $6.99 with a supermarket club card, although the pack would have set us back $8.49 at regular price. Brewed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by Miller Brewing Company, Miller High Life is famously known for being the champagne of beers. They preferred it over the four American-produced lagers we sampled in a blind taste-off but ranked it behind the four craft beers tested. A common answer note from our tasters was, “If you told me they were different beers, I guess I’d believe you.”. Question: What happened? There is some standard of comparison. The contenders: Budweiser ($8.50), Miller High Life ($7.50), Modelo Especial ($8), Pabst Blue Ribbon ($7.50), Rolling Rock ($5.50), Full Sail IPA ($7), New Belgium Fat Tire ($10), Samuel Adams Boston Lager ($10), and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale ($10). When we choose our top picks for a popular product online, especially such an important purchase like the best cheap beer, we search for one key factor: transparency. We decided to keep the big three together and add Miller Lite next in line of the list of best cheap beer. It wasn’t negative, it was refreshing, and it tasted the most familiar to all three tasters. The beer was originally called Best Select until the name was changed to Pabst Select, and then to its current name due to the blue ribbons tied around the bottleneckbetween the years 1882 and 1916. Beer, cheap or not, has a long-standing history of quenching human thirst. Sometimes, it is a can of relatively palatable foreign swill marked down for complex cultural reasons; I eagerly await an economic explanation of why Mexico’s crisp Tecate is 20 cents cheaper than Bud at one New York deli and 20 cents more expensive just a few blocks away. All in all, Budweiser seems more a pauper's beer than the American nobility it lays claim to. A twelve-ounce can of Busch beer contains 114 calories, 6.9 grams of carbohydrates, and 4.3% ABV. The brand drifted down the ladder and became associated, in stereotypes, with various undesirable demographic groups, most recently fashionable young white people: Every hip person knows that High Life is the cool kids’ cheap beer of the moment, replacing ….