If not, either widen the hole or sand the skull pin a little bit. 5 years ago

Here you'll need the "locks", the larger rubber band and the previous assembly. In this case, most of them will be too tight, which will generate too much friction for the springs/rubber bands to overcome. its the only part of ammnra's design i dont understand, Pikachu Bedside Table - a Diy Furniture Project Inspired by Pokemon. Because their small size, printing defects will be more noticeable and more problematic. Next check if the "second cover stripes" fit their places in the cover, if not sand them a bit. I’ve been playing the Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, and I thought the hidden blade was perfect for the job!
Aniwaa. Update your browser to view this website correctly. On the sliders you have several cuts to adjust the power according to the spring/rubber band you have. Again, Thank you. The cuts on the "locks" are actually to fit the rubber band. After it dries up, test again to see if everything is good. To achieve a slightly more realistic look, I've mainly opted for Silver and Gold PLA filaments. When it doesn't work, you have to understand what's going on so you can modify it. The inside mechanisms are still the same. The "first cover" doesn't need preparation however, the stripes and logo might. Update my browser now, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Gear_Base.stl, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Cover_Plate.stl, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Blade.stl, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Flapper.stl, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Gear_Cover.stl, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Gear_Cover_Assassin.stl, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Gear_Cover_Templar.stl, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Gear_Deployment_Assembly.pdf, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Gear_Lock.stl, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Gear_Pull.stl, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Gear_Pull_Idle_Ring.stl, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Gear_Ring.stl, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Hidden_Blade_Assassins_Version.pdf, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Hidden_Blade_Plain_Version.pdf, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Hidden_Blade_Templar_Version.pdf, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Main_Housing.stl, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Slide.stl, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Slide_Lock.stl, RackMultipart20160119-574-19t5p2q.zip/Slide_Stop.stl. After searching Thingiverse and Youtube for quite a while, all the models he found were quite large, needing a thick handle to enclose the mechanisms required for the retraction of the blade. “The Assassins Creed Blade is actually my first major 3D print project. For the support I used lines as the structure type, 25% infill, 7 mm X/Y distance and 0.2 mm Z distance. So one way to achieve that is to change a few parts, remove the slider activator and instead use an activation wheel and a wire with some locks to make the wheel rotate when it is pulled. Now test if they rotate by using your finger. Start by checking if the "second cover" needs some cleaning, you'll probably have excess material to remove.