A major emphasis of our collections is Austrian art; we have extensive and important holdings of artworks by Arnulf Rainer, Maria Lassnig, Franz West, Erwin Wurm, and Valie Export. The Albertina Modern shares its home with the artists' society, whose roots date back to the building’s original 19th-century occupants. Barbara Buchbauer - Head of Department+43 1 534 83 125, Mag. Over the next few years, we will increasingly be staging exhibitions from our own holdings. The Albertina Modern is a satellite of the Albertina Museum, one of Austria’s great art institutions, which was running out of room to display its growing collection of modern and … G6 and G7 jobs are typically recruited from within, but those who begin at lower GS levels can over time compete for higher-level vacancies that become available. Now, thanks to a public-private partnership between the Austrian state and the art collector and industrialist Hans Peter Haselsteine, the Künstlerhaus has been fully renovated and modernised. The Albertina…

It often seems impossible for an outsider to get a job at the UN. Die ALBERTINA ist eines der führenden Kunstmuseen Österreichs, das 365 Tage im Jahr geöffnet ist. Julia Dostal - Publication Exchange+43 1 534 83 465, Mag. COVID-19 is shaping our daily lives. Some of its departments, such as events and hire, have not recovered yet. Klaus Mohideen-Rubitzko+43 1 534 83 611, Dipl. Dr. Sandra Maria Rust+43 1 534 83 120, Mag. While there is no guarantee – or indeed intention – of employment, if you stay in touch you may hear about suitable consultancies and temporary positions. Alexis Eremia and Karin Granner have marshaled the Impact Hubs in Vienna and Amsterdam to focus on local, sustainable fashion brands.

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I have myself experienced life-changing events and coaching helped me. The government’s rules for museum visits are: 10 square meters per person; visitors need to wear a mask and need to keep at least one metre distance from people who don’t live with them; 550 visitors are allowed in the Albertina and 265 in Albertina Modern at a time, which has worked out very well. Sarah Wulbrandt - Leitung Presse+43 1 534 83 512, Mag. In the short term, museums will receive a lot of attention because they are currently the only cultural offering that is not digital.

Even at a junior level, they usually require a BA if not a Masters, plus several years of relevant professional experience, preferably international in nature. Superior craftsmanship and the willingness to pivot have ensured the

It is our desire and aim to be current, relevant, and attractive to the public in all of our endeavors.

Many workers, companies, and small business... Job interview by their very nature can be rather stressful, so it’s natural if you find it hard to keep calm and collected. The ALBERTINA museum numbers among Austria’s leading art museums and is open to the public 365 days a year. Restauratorin Ute Kannengießer+43 1 534 83 492, Dipl.

ALBERTINADaily | 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesdays & Fridays | 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. ALBERTINA MODERNDaily | 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. On public holidays, the opening hours of the respective weekday apply. Fiona Sara Schmidt - Press Officer+43 1 534 83 511, Mag. In the long run, we have to wait and see whether the trend towards local offerings will be a short-term one.

Elisabeth Wolfik - Exhibition Management+43 1 534 83 128, Dr. Christiane Steinbichler-Schranz - Exhibition Management+43 1 534 83 127, Jasha Greenberg - Exhibition & Loan Management+43 1 534 83 124, Mag. Some outstanding features in our international collections are the large bodies of works by the German artists Georg Baselitz, Anselm Kiefer, Markus Lüpertz, Jörg Immendorff, and Günther Förg.

This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. Each UN organisation has its own application procedures, and may also have separate requirements for P-level jobs. An Islamist terrorist attack took place in Vienna's inner city, with 4 civilians confirmed dead, 1 assailant dead and 17 injured. What was it like to open a new museum in the midst of a pandemic? Verena Dahlitz - Head of Communications & Marketing+43 1 534 83 510, Mag. In general though, GS jobs involve support work in administration, finance, programming, security or conferences. An independent fantasy western

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The benefit is work experience within the UN (valuable on a CV), and networking. The ALBERTINA Museum and the ALBERTINA MODERN are closed until 30 November 2020. Hanna Schneck, M.A.

But is it really? Es ist unser Anspruch und Ziel, mit all unseren Aktivitäten für das Publikum aktuell, relevant und attraktiv zu sein.

We are now facing major financial losses and, without tourism, we will also have to accept major visitor losses in the coming months and even years, as around 60% of our visitors are foreign, and even more in the summer. Do you think the pandemic will change public attitudes to museums? Plans that had been years in the planning were shelved overnight and the new museum went into a two-month hibernation. GS jobs are meant to be filled locally, but don’t absolutely require an Austrian work permit as the organization may be able to arrange this once a job offer is firm. typing, numeracy, IT skills). To disable all Cookies please visit our Settings-page. We are looking forward to receive your CV's and applications!For any questions or inquiries please contact our HR department:Sabine SaniE T +43 1 534 83 332, Discover Vienna's new Museum of modern Art. We are looking forward to receive your CV's and applications!For any questions or inquiries please contact our HR department:Sabine SaniE T +43 1 534 83 332, Discover Vienna's new Museum of modern Art. Metropole is here for you and we are proud to be your news source during this crisis. Some Viennese may play down any special relationship with death. But just as the coronavirus has increased the need for independent journalism, it has also undercut a major revenue source of media companies, ours included – advertising. Visit our, 20 Tips to Increase Productivity While Working Remotely, 4 Reasons Why Joining a Startup Can Accelerate Your Career, 10 Steps Guide To Working With Recruiters, 9 Common Things Employers Look For in Modern Day Candidates, Tips For Getting a New Job While You Are Furloughed, 9 Ways To Welcome New Employee To Your Team, 16 Qualities Employers Look For When They’re Hiring, 20 Most Common Behavioral Interview Questions to Prep For, 7 Best Recruiting Tools Every Hiring Manager Needs, Embedded Application Engineer to Design and Program Firmware using C++ with VHDL, Senior DevOps Engineer with Experience Working in a Windows & Linux Environment, Full Stack Technical Lead With Experience in React, Redux, Ruby, Next.js, Node.js, Shopify, Principal Software Architect With Experience in Kafka, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, AWS Athena, Redshift, DynamoDB, Senior Full Stack Developer with 5+ Years of PHP and Proficiency in PHP 7, Sr. Data Engineer Experience with AWS Tooling (DynamoDB, Athena, Kinesis), Java Spring Boot, ELK Stack, Tech Ops & Solution Engineering Lead for a SaaS Customer Data Platform (strong knowledge in SQL and AWS services), Senior Systems Reliability Engineer (SRE) with Extensive Experience in Python, Bash, Linux, Senior Security Engineer with Deep Enterprise Cybersecurity System Experience, Senior QA Automation Engineer with Experience in C++ or Python Programming Language, How to Streamline Your Hiring Process to Attract Top Talent During COVID-19, IT Cybersecurity Project Manager with Cybersecurity Frameworks Knowledge (ISO, NIST, HiTrust, COBIT, MITRE), Technical Writer to Explain Complex Information in a Clear and Concise Manner for Internal Team, Senior Data Engineer Proficient in Data Operations, AWS Lambda and/or Glue, Amazon Redshift. She is known for non-stop enthusiasm, talking too fast, inhaling coffee and being a board member of AustrianStartups, where she helps entrepreneurs internationalize. The coronavirus outbreak affects and challenges your life in big and small ways. Konservatorin/Restauratorin FH Kristina Liedtke - Head of Department+43 1 534 83 610, Dipl.

Your support means the world to us.“. UNODC unodc.org/unodc/en/ about-unodc/employment.html, “Strong media and independent journalism are built on the shoulders of subscribers.

The new site has more than 2,500m sq of floor space.

The GS category covers levels 1 to 7: G3 is a basic entry-level, G4 an assistant level, G5 and G6 are for higher-level assistants, with G7s performing para-professional work. This person will have hands-on responsibilities in... Seeking a Senior QA Automation Engineer to perform design\code\testing of software that controls components and provides software to automate the... Before new employees report for their first day on the job, you should consider making them feel welcome – and... Modern Jobs is the go-to job destination for the next-gen workforce seeking great opportunities at awesome technology & startup companies around Los Angeles and beyond. We need your support to keep it up – donate or subscribe and #helpushelpyou! Keeping this cookie enabled helps us to improve our website. It has weathered the crisis, but like other museums, it has emerged into a different world. Follow Us.

Restauratorin Karine Bovagnet+43 1 534 83 614, Mag. By Jordi Kuhs Vienna, May 27 (efe-epa).- The Albertina Museum in Vienna reopened on Wednesday after a two-month closure with an exhibition of reactionary postwar pieces in its new modern art department. Trying to find out what employers and hiring managers want isn’t really a big secret. Following three years of intensive restoration and modernization, the historical Vienna Künstlerhaus will soon welcome visitors to it’s new tenant - Albertina Modern.The progeny of Albertina Museum, which …

ALBERTINA Daily | 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesdays & Fridays | 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. ALBERTINA MODERN Daily | 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. On public holidays, the opening hours of the respective weekday apply.

We will work in a safe, confidential space, where you can relax and be creative in exploring your options. The past three years have seen this prestigious historicist building restored to its original appearance both inside and out.

But, then again, it’s probably better not to take any chances... unodc.org/unodc/en/ about-unodc/employment.html, Bringing Life to Our Streets | The Tramway’s Enduring Appeal, Johanna Wiesholzer | Head of Operations, Incident Management, Wiener Linien, Inside FABB – the Impact Hub’s Fashion Accelerator for Better Business, Austrian Giants Like Swarovski and Wolford Promise Eco-Friendly Quality Over Fast Fashion, Post-COVID Work Will Be Flexible, Agile & Adaptive, Coronavirus in Austria & Vienna | Record 9,100 New Infections Reported, METROPOLE Wins the Jean Monnet Prize 2020. The downsizing has taken many forms, too.... Before new employees report for their first day on the job, you should consider making them feel welcome – and with open arms, at that! Here’s all you need to know about current measures, including where to get help, information and tips – updated regularly. Ever since the rise of mega-corporations, generations of workers have generally aspired to work for one of these large companies. Our work is oriented toward our visitors’ needs and expectations, their previous personal experiences, and their sensory and intellectual experience of art. Can you tell us about the architecture of the building?

Cosima Richter - Head of Department+43 1 534 83 460, Mag.