it probably only costs a few cents to stamp out the coin. Yup covid-19 crisis everywhere. the Mint’s online catalog for American Eagle products, NGC Announces V-Day Labels for End of WWII 75th Anniversary American Eagle Coins, NGC Labels for Circulating 2020-W Quarters with WWII Privy Mark, Circulating 2020-W Quarters Carry ‘V75’ Privy Mark for End of WWII, US Mint Sales: WWII American Eagles and Set of Tallgrass Prairie Quarters Debut, Tallgrass Prairie Quarters for Kansas in Three-Coin Set, 2020-W 24-Karat Gold Coin and 2020-P Silver Medal for End of WWII, Precious Metals Rally on Week; Gold and Silver Notch 7-Week Highs, SBG October Sale of World and Ancient Coins and Paper Money Tops $1.22 Million, CCG Promotes Browne to COO and Spiegel to President.
I wonder who we have that we can turn to in the Government to complain about this?

However, the 2019-S was released on August 6, 2019, and sold for $55.95. I bought 5 rolls in January for less than $20.

Struck at the San Francisco Mint, the 2020-S Proof Silver Eagle will mark the second of the conventional Proof American Silver Eagles for the year 2020, alongside those struck at the West Point Mint. However, it turns out that this is not the case.

It shows it not available at 12:01. 18 comments, The U.S. Mint will offer bullion American Silver Eagles produced in San Francisco with San Francisco Mint identifiable labels. Any use outside the given permissions constitutes copyright violation.

FREE U.S. Who got the the Bulk packs (17,600 units (440 trays of 40 coins)? I dont want mine anymore either. I’m thinking about writing another complaint letter to the Director about these latest mistakes. It also has access if needed to “deep storage” silver bought at below $5 per ounce many years ago. NGC went along with the scheme to certify these as “emergency production coins”. Disappointment always can wane the next fling to a fizzle. The single-coin option is currently listed by the Mint as unavailable while the bureau reconciles orders for cancellations and possible availability of additional coins. This article educated me. All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. We have corrected the Mintage Limit to list as None.". What A TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT. The corresponding proof American Silver Eagle, meanwhile, is capped at a mintage of 75,000. Mistakes happen . However, many in the numismatic community saw this as fixing something that wasn’t broken, with coin commentator and former American Numismatic Association (ANA) Governor Thomas Uram then asking the rhetorical question, “Why mess with the best bullion coin in the world?” The idea of a reverse change was largely quelled, though the security enhancements slated for 2021 necessitated a major design overhaul and offered an opportunity for the redesign to coincide with the coin’s 35th anniversary. Gold Eagle Limited Mintage”. So, what’s the problem? so the seller is banking on getting one from the mint, or more likely they have contracted with people to buy it at a fixed premium (say 50%) and thus can still make easy money with low risk.

Learn from what happened this year and don’t jump till you find someone to answer the questions that should have been asked this year. These are the only companies that can purchase these bullion version coins directly from the U.S. Mint at a very favorable fee of $2.35 over silver spot price, up 35-cents from the past few years fee of $2 over silver spot. Nope. Yes. YIKES!!!………LOL. Thank You President Trump ! net demand = 440….Search Results – Products Found (0).

Authorized by the Liberty Coin Act signed by President Ronald Reagan on July 9, 1985, the first American Silver Eagle was released on November 24, 1986, and became an overnight sensation. Released Oct. 13 for $73, the Silver Eagle’s online product page and press announcement had incorrectly stated its mintage limit (the maximum number of coins produced) at 200,000 units. All News, Articles, Commentary and Opinions are contributed by the author(s), with or without compensation, who are solely responsible for the content, and do not represent CoinWeek Management. White explained: “The mintage limit for the American Eagle 2020 One Ounce Silver Proof Coin (S) is typically listed as ‘None’, which allows us to build to demand based on the Master production schedule. And the “set” is always overpriced, in my view.

Why did the price go up for the 2020 American silver proof eagle compared to the price on the 2019 American silver eagle? Plus the 17K “flat packs” (whatever that is), plus the 50K that will later go in the silver proof set.
Not the last design , incentive has been taken away. With the ongoing American Silver Eagle series getting a numismatic bookend of sorts, we now have the chance to look back at the Mercanti Heraldic Eagle Reverse of 1986-2020 with a retrospective eye. The APs have to… Read more ». BUY AND SELL COINS SAFELY AND WITH CONFIDENCE. Other “lasts” coming to the American Eagle series in 2020 include the release of the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence 2020 Platinum Proof Coin – Pursuit of Happiness.

(3) 2020-(P) 1 oz Silver American Eagle Struck at Philadelphia $1 Coin NGC MS69 First Release Black Core Holder Exclusive Heraldic Eagle Label +-Price: $ 79.00. How can we now. That’s unheard of… lol.

Maybethe last collector to buy from the mint turns off the lights…. Did the public get access to these $22 bullion coins? Collector could get…….and then 200,000 was a mistake. However, for the 2020-S American Eagle, a mintage limit of 200,000 was listed. Chinese company selling a product for half its Spot metal price, and they show it in an NGC holder to boot…….Yeah I am pretty sure that this is a scam. Where is the damage control on… Read more ». The Pursuit of Happiness One-Ounce Platinum Proof Coin will be released on January 30, 2020, and has a mintage limit of 13,000 pieces with a household ordering limit of one coin. The 2020-W Proof Silver Eagle will be released on January 9, 2020, at 12 noon Eastern Time for the issue price of $64.95 USD. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. No, if you make a mistake on your taxes you pay a penalty , so this mistake cost a lot of good people money. Here we go again, Whining “OLD LADIES” get a grip and move on!!!

The original, first issued in 1986, was designed by sculptor Miley Tucker-Frost (née Miley Busiek. I know it’s illegal – fu(k it. Mint officials have acknowledged that the announced 200,000-coin mintage figure was an information error. Not only did they revive Weinman’s exquisite Walking Liberty half dollar motif, retired 39 years earlier in 1947, but the one-ounce coins were also the first silver bullion coins ever released by the United States. Learn how your comment data is processed. The USA no longer has its strategic silver stockpile that it sold off in the 1980s. While the series is unquestionably a success, it has had its highs and lows. I think we should be vocal about this and complain… Read more ». Any fools that pay a premium for this stunt are going to regret it- it’s a bullion coin, no MM no S, so you slab & sell to the chump$ NGC/PCGS are aiders & abetters to the USM total screwing of any & all coin collectors. The United States Mint announced that they will offer one million San Francisco produced 2020 American Silver Eagle bullion coins to their network of …


Some of the confusion arose because of the differences between mintage limits and product limits, and the lack of published details about the contents of this year’s Limited Edition Silver Proof set. How can sell 2020 eagles for $9.98 each…scam? I think we are in agreement though that a 9,000 mintage coin at $600 over spot (2020) may likely not perform equally as well as the near spot cost of the 2006-W coin (gold at $600 or $700/oz as I recall in 2006) or even the $220 premium of the sub-6,000 mintage 2012 coin.